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in the KLCC listening area

Series airs April 21-27, 2008

KLCC's Special Issues Unit is hard at work on the latest series from the News Department.  The topic is Downtown Profiles. 


Reporters will tell listeners about cities and towns in our listening area.  The main focuses are history, culture and economics.  We will meet the people and stroll the streets of Antelope, Coburg, Corvallis, Cottage Grove, Eugene, Florence and Springfield.


The stories will air April 21-25 at 6:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. on Morning Edition, and between 4:00-4:30 p.m. on the Northwest Passage. The series will conclude April 27 on Sunday at Noon with listener call-in.


The series is edited by KLCC News Director Tripp Sommer.


Audio, photos, resources, and more information will be added to this page throughout the week of the series.

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Downtown Antelope - by Bing Bingham  Listen to story

For more information about Antelope:
More pictures of Antelope
Antelope, once over the top lightly
Where are the Rajneeshees now?
The other side of the Rajneeshee business from a former member
Rajneeshee videos on YouTube

View photos below

Downtown Coburg - by Jes Burns  Listen to story

For more information about Coburg:
City of Coburg
Coburg UGB map
Reflections Salon
Coburg Pizza Company and Family Video
Coburg Map

View photos below

Downtown Corvalllis - by Andrew Bartholomew  Listen to story

For more information about Corvallis:
Downtown Corvallis Association
City of Corvallis

View photos below

Downtown Cottage Grove - by Rachael McDonald Listen to story

For more information about Cottage Grove:
City of Cottage Grove
Cottage Grove 2037
Axe and Fiddle
Green Mountain Bluegrass Band

View photos below

Downtown Eugene - by Brandon Smith  Listen to story

For more information about Eugene:
Downtown Together
The Tango Center
Hartwick's Cooking, Dining, Entertaining
City of Eugene Introduction to Downtown
Lane County Historical Society

View photos below

Downtown Florence - by Mark Immel  Listen to story

For more information about Florence:
Old Town Florence
Virtual Tour of Old Town Florence

View photos below

Downtown Springfield - by Angela Kellner  Listen to story

For more information about Springfield:
City of Springfield
Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Springfield's MySapce Page
Springfield Historic Commission
Springfield Museum

Listen to Interview with Dan Egan of Springfield Chamber
Listen to Interview with Springfield Mayor Sid Leiken

View photos below

The series concludes 4/27/08 on Sunday at Noon, with opportunity for listener call-in.  Listeners can call 463-KLCC or 800-922-3682

Click on images below for information about each photo.

Antelope 1

Antelope 2

Antelope 3

Antelope 4

Springfield 1

Springfield 2

Springfield 3

Springfield 4

Springfield 5

Springfield 6

Springfield 7

Springfield 8

Cottage Grove 1

Cottage Grove 2

Cottage Grove 3

Cottage Grove 4

Cottage Grove 5

Cottage Grove 7

Cottage Grove 8

Coburg 1

Coburg 2

Coburg 3

Coburg 4

Coburg 5

Coburg 6

Coburg 7

Coburg 8

Coburg 9

Coburg 10

Coburg 11

Corvallis 1

Corvallis 2

Corvallis 3

Corvallis 4

Corvallis 5

Corvallis 6

Florence 1

Florence 2

Florence 3

Florence 4

Florence 5

Florence 6

Florence 7

Florence 8

Eugene 1

Eugene 2

Eugene 3

Eugene 4

Eugene 5

Eugene 6


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