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Front Porch

Dan Plaster
Host Dan Plaster

Sunday  2-5 p.m.

Americana music drawing from traditional styles rooted in American culture. The show brings together alternative country, rock 'n' roll, bluegrass, gospel, swing and more, in a celebration of their common heritage.  With a focus on new releases and a healthy dose of "vintage tracks," the Front Porch transcends genres with music that is timeless.


About Your Host Dan Plaster
Dan Plaster has been a volunteer at KLCC since 1990.  He started with a shift as an All Things Considered board operator and then paid his dues with 10 years of fill in hosting for a variety of music programs.  The Back Porch was where Dan found his most comfortable fit.  It was there, with mentoring from Pete LaVelle, that Dan developed his music programming chops.  It was also there that the first concepts for what would become a new program took shape.


About The Front Porch:


The Front Porch's debut in January of 2001 was appropriate for the turning century.  The Americana music featured on the Front Porch is rooted in the musical traditions of the past century, yet looks to the future with resurgent vitality.  While riding a recent wave of popularity, Americana's deep roots give it the staying power of a music that is timeless.  That timeless quality is what Dan loves about this music, that and the genre bending.  Dan mixes up the alt country, rock'n'roll, bluegrass, and swing and plays the "vintage tracks" right alongside the new releases.


"This music shares a common heritage," Dan says, "a common element that runs through it all.  I call it the 'Twang Factor.'  The word 'twang' has strong connotations, some of them negative, but as a sound, it has always been widely accepted.  You hear it everywhere, on movie soundtracks, commercials, children's concerts... It's woven into our cultural fiber."

From the fat chords of a Telecaster to a subtle run on a mandolin, from Old-time Appalachia to urban Thrash'n'Twang, you'll find music that resonates, on the Front Porch!







The Front Porch intro theme is "Ozie & Max" by Sam Bush from "Howlin' At The Moon."

The Front Porch outro theme is "Miami Two-Step" by James Gang from "Miami."




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