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Monday through Friday with hosts Liz Wise, Michael Canning and Eric Alan

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3/1/11 - Joe Craven and David Jacobs-Strain visited with Liz Wise on Fresh Tracks.  (See photos below.)


12/9/10 - John Shipe visited with Liz Wise on Fresh Tracks.  (See photos below.)

11/5/10 - Gypsy Soul was on Fresh Tracks with Michael Canning.

10/29/10 - Nellie McKay stopped by Fresh Tracks to talk with Liz. 

9/27/10 - Canadian musician Sarah Harmer talked with Liz.  This mesmerizing singer songwriter is touring the US with her band in support of her release oh little fire.

9/10/10 - Pia and Jason Robbins are The Comforters. Their CD Two Piece Orchestra has just been released. They joined Eric Alan for an in studio interview and performance.

Eugene native and current New York artist, Tracy Bonham visited the KLCC studio last May for a conversation and music with Fresh Tracks host Liz Wise.   Tracy's new release is called "Masts Of Manhatta," and she is back in town this weekend.

9/1/10 - Laura Kemp, Mare Wakefield & Nomad visited with Liz on Fresh Tracks this afternoon .  Eugene based singer/songwriter Laura Kemp and Nashville Americana duo Mare Wakefield and Nomad are joining forces this summer bringing a mix of rootsy folk and alt-country twang to the West Coast.  Audiences can expect heavenly harmonies and lots of fun collaboration between the two acts.  They were in the KLCC studios before their Cottage Grove and South Beach and Eugene performances this weekend.

8/27/10 - Singer and songwriter Sara Watkins joined Eric Alan for a performance and interview.  She is in town with Garrison Keillor for a Cuthbert performance Friday evening.

8/25/10 - Beth Wood sat in with Liz on Fresh Tracks.  Some call her music folk, pop, folk-pop, country-folk, Americana, etc.  Beth preferes to say it is soulful, organic, free-range, barefoot music delivered through a high energy communicator of joy.  Call it what you will, but listen with mind and heart wide open, and you may just find yourself transformed.  Liz also interviewed Beth last Fall during Radiothon.

8/10/10Brooke Parrot will play in the SELCO Performance Hall at 11 a.m. Brooke is a local singer/songwriter who moved to London England a couple of years ago to pursue a career in music. Michael Canning interviewed her before she left and will be doing a follow up with her today.

8/5/10 - Guy Davis will be at KLCC at 2 p.m.  Mr. Davis is a fine acoustic blues player who we have been spinning on Fresh Tracks and Blues Power for many years. He has guested on A Prairie Home Companion, and Mountain Stage among many others. He is in town to play at Tsunami Books the same night at 8PM. Liz wise will conduct the interview.

7/31/10 - Alex Hargreaves and Grant Gordy.  Alex Hargreaves of Corvallis, Oregon, plays a wide variety of styles including jazz, bluegrass, new acoustic, Texas style, western swing and classical. Denver-based guitarist Grant Gordy received the gift of an A&L acoustic guitar from his blues/R&B guitar-playing, flat-picking composer father, and shares time and technique through Led Zeppelin rock and Grateful Dead roll. His continuous study includes time in bands, mastering improvisation, loving the blues and discovering bebop, modern jazz, straight-ahead bluegrass and the classics of Bach and Beethoven.  They will make an appearance on Saturday Cafe with host Frank Gosar on Saturday morning, before their double CD release party at Cozmic Pizza, 8 p.m. on 7/31/10.
Update 7/28/10:  Grant Gordy will not be appearing at this show due to a serious car accident.  Alex and his mandolin player, Dominick Leslie, will visit with Frank on Saturday Cafe before their performance at Cozmic Pizza.  KLCC wishes Grant a speedy recovery.

7/30/10 - Steve Poltz.  Quirky and very talented singer/songwriter from San Diego. We have played Steve's music on Fresh Tracks and the occasional Folk play for the past 6 or seven years. One of his claims to fame is he co-wrote a tune called "You Were Meant For Me" with Jewell.  That tune (YWMFM) went on to set a record for longest running stay on the Billboard top 100 songs chart. Steve is on his way from Portland to play the Brandborg Winery in Elkton, the same night (7/30/10). Steve Poltz has a new CD called "Dreamhouse." Eric Alan is in for Liz Wise that day, and will conduct the interview during Fresh Tracks.

7/16/10 Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps.  Corinne West is a very good songwriter and singer out of the SF bay area. Kelly Joe Phelps is out of the Pacific Northwest (Sumner Wa) and for many years made Portland his home base. He is a very fine lap guitar player, and has written & sang many original tunes to quite a bit of critical and popular acclaim. The two recently joined forces to tour. They have also released a 6 song CD called "Magnetic Skyline". We are playing it on Fresh Tracks.  Corinne West & Kelly Joe play Tsunami books on 7/16/10 starting at 8PM. Don Hein is sitting in for Liz Wise and will conduct the interview.

6/25/10 - Joanne Rand will visit with Liz Wise on Fresh Tracks at 1pm.  She is performing a solo show at Tsunami books that night, touring behind new record Snake Oil and Hummingbirds

Folk musician Jim Page was a guest on Fresh Tracks on Friday June 18. He shared stories and played songs from his new recording "Ghost Bikes."

6/10/10 - Dangermuffin, the sand-blasted roots rock band with a sweet jam spread from Folly Beach SC, stopped by KLCC on their way to perform at the Kennedy School in Portland.  They will back in Eugene for a show at Luckey's on June 19.

Fresh Tracks favorite Martin Sexton dropped by the KLCC studio to play and talk to Fresh Tracks afternoon host Liz Wise. He was on tour to support his new CD "Sugarcoating".

Musician/Singer Greg Laswell has just released a new CD project called "Take a Bow" on Vanguard records. He stopped by to play three songs from the new recording and talk with KLCC's Michael Canning.  See photo below

Young singer/songwriter Ben Fuller is introduced to the KLCC audience live from the SELCO Perfromance Hall on Earth Day 2010. Music Director Michael Canning hosts.  View video of Ben's trip to Eugene and Portland visiting radio stations and record stores, set to his tune "Ashes."

Promising Eugene based singer/songwriter Tyler Fortier comes to the KLCC studio for an interview and live play with our Ms Liz Wise.

Boston area singer/songwriter Catie Curtis dropped by the KLCC studio for conversation and a live play with Fresh Tracks host Liz Wise. 

Eugene singe/songwriter and Jazz vocalist Halie Loren speaks with Tom Krumm on Fresh Tracks. 

Richard Smith plays live with Sicilian Guitarist Francesco Buzzuro, plus interview on Fresh Tracks.  See photos below. 

Alex Hargreaves
Alex Hargreaves

17 year old virtuoso fiddle player Alex Hargreaves talks about his new recordings on Fresh Tracks 89.7 FM.

Devil Makes Three front man Pete Bernhard has a new solo cd called "Straight Line". He dropped by the KLCC studio for an interview and performance with Fresh Tracks host Liz Wise.

Joe Craven live performance and interview on Fresh Tracks.

Tom Krumm interviewed Chris Kokesh, a member of Misty River. 

Liz Wise interviewed LeRoy Bell and Terry Morgan before their performance at the KLCC Microbrew Festival. 

Boston singer/songwriter Anne Heaton and her trio stopped by the Selco Performance Hall for a Monday AM performance & interview with KLCC Music Director Michael Canning. 


Singer/Songwriter Brian Cutean recently released a new instrumental guitar CD. He talked with KLCC's Tom Krumm in studio A. 

Erin Cole-Baker, Singer/Songwriter from New Zealand, living in Bend for about the past 4 years. Just completed a new CD called "Talon & Spur." She is currently traveling and playing in Europe, but she will be back in Bend to play a CD release party at the Liberty Theatre on Saturday December 12.  Michael Canning will conduct the interview sitting in for Tom Krumm on Fresh Tracks. 

Celebrating 20 years of Fresh Tracks on KLCC mid-day, Liz Wise hosts a performance and conversation with singer and songwriter Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai.  They were in town to perform for KLCC listeners at our celebration party.

Arcata Ca. Singer Songwriter Joanne Rand visits Fresh Tracks with Michael Canning.

Vienna Teng and Alex Wong join host Don Hein in Studio A for a couple songs and some conversation about the world songwriters live in.  

Ani DiFranco joined Liz Wise in the KLCC Studio for a chat before her performance at the McDonald Theater.  

Singer/Songwriter Mason Jennings dropped by the KLCC studio for an interview and performance. KLCC's Michael Canning conducts the interview 

Willy Porter and his trio in the Selco Performance Hall with Michael Canning 

Beth Wood is a special guest on Fresh Tracks with Liz Wise

Michael Canning sits down with M Ward for a couple songs and conversation.

Tom Krumm visits with Prince Edward Island's singer and songwriter Catherine Maclellan.

Michael Canning interviewed Bruce Molsky with Alex & Tatiana Hargreaves before their performance at The Shedd.

Michael Canning interviews Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Schneiderman

Liz Wise Interviews New York Singer/Songwriter Ari Hest

Liz Wise interviews Blues musician Debbie Davies

Blame Sally plays in the Selco Performance Hall

Michael Canning interviews Lindsay Mac 


Liz Wise interviewed Catie Curtis.  

Don Hein hosts Markus James and The Wassonrai on their "Mali to Mississippi" tour in the Selco Performance Hall. 

Willie Porter and Raining Jane talk with KLCC's Tom Krumm. 

Michael Canning interviews Eugene Singer/Songwriter Lisa Forkish.

Michael Canning introduces Eugene Singer/Songwriter Patrick Kavaney and his band.

Liz Wise interviewed Railroad Earth.  They performed 3 songs in the SELCO Performance Hall.

Tom Krumm talks with John Shipe about his new CD "Yellow House".

Jason Spooner and his trio talk with Don Hein about his new CD and upcoming performances.

David Jacobs-Strain talks with KLCC's Tom Krumm about his new CD "Liar's Day" and more.

Singer/Songwriter Mare Wakefield and her husband Nomad visit the KLCC studios during Fresh Tracks with Liz.

Singer/Songwriter Brooke Parrott talked with Tom Krumm before her performance at Cozmic Pizza.

Liz Wise talked with The Love Sisters, Barbara Healy and Deb Cleveland about their new recording Share the Love.

Singer/Songwriter Patty Larkin was in Eugene to play at the WOW. KLCC's Michael Canning interviewed her in The Selco Performance Hall on the Northwest Passage. Listen to the interview and her performance of Hallelujah.

Singer/Songwriter Alice Di Micele talks about her performance tonight at Tsunami Books.  She performs live from her newest release "By Ebb and By Flow" on Fresh Tracks at 1 pm.  Listen to the interview


Singer/Songwriter Laura Kemp talks about some upcoming performances and performs live on Fresh Tracks at 1 pm.

Jonathan Byrd stopped by KLCC for an interview with Liz Wise on Fresh Tracks.  He performed later that night at Cozmic Pizza.  Listen to the interview.

Visit jonathanbyrd.com for more information about this up and coming folk artist from Chapel Hill, NC.  

Curtis Salgado

Interview with Curtis Salgado about the benefit "Concert for Curtis" on April 29.  The Concert helped support his recovery from a recent liver transplant.

A special account has been created for donations and can be made for the "Curtis Salgado fund" at any US Bank or can be mailed to US Bancorp, 2550 NW 188th Avenue, Hillsboro OR 97124.

Anyone wishing to send a card or note to Curtis may do so by writing to Odaglas LLC, 6105 NE Alder St. Ste. L, Hillsboro OR 97124

(Click on a photo to enlarge and to view a slide show)

Jonatha Brooke

Blame Sally

Ari Hest

Molsky and Hargreaves

Anne Heaton

Joe Craven

Pete Bernhard

Pete Bernhard

Ani DiFranco

Smith and Buzzuro

Smith and Buzzuro

Smith and Buzzuro

Greg Laswell


Guy Davis

Sarah Harmer

Nellie McKay

John Shipe

John Shipe

Craven and Jacobs-Strain

Craven and Jacobs-Strain

David Jacobs-Strain



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