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9/21/13 - Looking towards fall.

8/31/13 - Previewing the month of September, with two musical guests: Ray Bonneville, and Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack (Listen to Ray/Rita)

8/24/13 - New releases.

8/17/13 - With musical guest Charlotte Thistle (Listen to interview).

8/10/13 - A flotilla of maritime music, and live musical guest Shani (Listen to interview).

8/3/13 - With guest host David Gizara.

7/13/13 - Talking to Tracy Grammer, and broadcasting live her Oregon Country Fair main stage set (Listen to interview).

7/6/13 - Previewing live music in the month of July, including folks playing at the Oregon Country Fair.

6/29/13 - Guest host Laurell Reynolds.

6/22/13 - Guest host Laurell Reynolds.

6/15/13 - Music for Father's Day.

6/8/13 - With musical guests Misty River (Listen to interview).

6/1/13 - Love songs for a June anniversary, and musical guests Three of Hearts (Listen to interview).

5/25/13 - With musical guests Blaze & Kelly (Listen to interview).

5/11/13 - With musical guest Raina Rose (Listen to interview).

5/4/13 - With musical guests Ellis Paul and Rebecca Loebe (Listen to interview).

4/27/13 - Morgan Smith hosts the Cafe while Frank is away.

4/20/13 - Music for Earth Day.

4/13/13 - With musical guest Colleen Raney (Listen to interview).

4/6/12 - With musical guest Graham Sharp of the Steep Canyon Rangers (Listen to interview).

3/30/13 - The annual All Fool's Eve (eve) salute to silliness with co-host Denise Gosar.

3/16/13 - With musical guest Tylan (Listen to interview).

3/9/13 - Mostly hand-made...

3/2/13 - Previewing live music in the month of March.

2/23/13 - New releases.

2/16/13 - With musical guest David Jacobs-Strain and Cat Koehn of Artists4Action (Listen to interview).

2/9/13 - Getting ready for Valentine's Day, with guest co-host Denise.

2/2/13 - With Chris Strachwitz, founder and president of Arhoolie Records (Listen to interview).

1/19/13 - For Inauguration weekend, we present songs of the Presidents...

1/5/13 - With musical guests Brothers of the Baladi (Listen to interview).

12/29/12 - Denise co-hosts a show with undiscovered gems from 2012, and some music for the New Year.

12/22/12 - Hah!  The world did not end!  We celebrate with music for Solstice and Christmas, and musical guests Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire (Listen to interview).

12/15/12 - With musical guests LJ Booth and Chris Kokesh (Listen to interview).

12/8/12 - Send in the Klezmorim! Music for Hanukkah on the Saturday Cafe.

11/24/12 - Thankful for musical guests Tony Furtado and Stephanie Schneiderman (Listen to interview).

11/17/12 - With guest host Laurell Reynolds.

11/10/12 - Some cold, foggy songs for fall.

11/3/123 - With musical guest David Wilcox (Listen to interview).

10/27/12 - With musical guest Bill Staines (Listen to interview).

10/20/12 - Musical guests the Fiddlin' Big Sue Band previews their new CD (Listen to interview).

10/13/12 - With guest host Laurell Reynolds.

10/6/12 - Fall radiothon, with co-host Laurell Reynolds.

9/29/12 - Previewing the month of October in live music.

9/22/12 - With musical guest Mark Ross, and Jim Evangelista of Reality Kitchen (Listen to interview).

9/15/12 - With musical guest Kim Angelis (Listen to interview).

9/1/12 - Working hard at work songs for Labor Day.

8/25/12 - Raising the Cafe roof in this Eugene Celebration weekend.

8/18/12 - Frank returns, with musical guest Barefoot Leroy (Listen to interview).

8/11/12 - With guest host Laurell Reynolds.

8/4/12 - With guest host Laurell Reynolds.

7/28/12 - With guest host Laurell Reynolds.

7/21/12 - In which Frank unpacks a trunk full of travelling music.

7/14/12 - The shortened-for-the-Country-Fair edition of the Saturday Cafe.

7/7/12 - Celebrating summer...

6/30/12 - With music guests The Gloria Darlings (Listen to interview).

6/23/12 - With guest host David Gizara.

6/16/12 - Some music for Dad's Day and musical guest, political satirist Roy Zimmerman (Listen to interview).

6/9/12 - With musical guests, Balkan women's ensemble Dunava (Listen to interview).

6/2/12 - Some loves songs for the romantic month of June... and Frank and Denise's 21st anniversary.

5/26/12 - Songs for Memorial Day.

5/12/12 - With some music for Mother's Day, and a telephone visit from musical guest Carrie Rodriguez (Listen to interview).

5/5/12 - With guest host Nanci Lavelle.

4/21/12 - With musical guest Bill Bourne (Listen to interview).

4/14/12 - It's a radio-themed Radiothon, with help from Radio Americana host Sean McGowan.

3/31/12 - Celebrating All Fool's Eve with help from Denise...

3/24/12 - With musical guests Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack (Listen to interview).

3/17/12 - It's a ceilidh!  Live Irish music from Ghillie Du and the Don'ts and ManOverBoard (Listen to Ghillie Dhu/ManOverBoard).

3/10/12 - With musical guest Amy Obenski.

3/3/12 - With host Frank Gosar.  Hi!  Remember me?

2/25/12 - With guest host Cina Kraft.

2/18/12 - With guest host Jeff Harrison.

2/11/12 - "You can never really have enough love songs"... Valentine's Day with Frank and Denise.

1/28/12 - Previewing live music in the month of February.

1/21/12 - With musical guests Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (Listen to interview).

1/14/12 - It's a Saturday Cafe of mythic proportions...

1/7/12 - New music for the new year.

12/31/11 - New Years Resolutions in music, with Frank and Denise Gosar.

12/24/11 - Christmas Eve!  We open a big box of original and traditional Christmas songs.

12/17/11 - The week before Christmas eve, we open Pandora's toybox.

11/26/11 -  A cornucopia of thankfulness!  Songs inspired by things I'm thankful for, in a show inspired by my favorite blog, The Whatever.

11/19/11 - With guest host Sean McGowan.

11/5/11 - With musical guest Mary McCaslin (Listen to interview).

10/29/11 - It's a Grisly Cafe Day! Songs for Halloween...

10/22/11 - With live musical guests SONiA and Celtic Conspiracy (Kathryn Claire and Hanz Araki) (Listen to SONiA/Kathryn and Hanz interview).

10/15/11 - Music from the Far West... well, from the FAR West conference happening this coming week.

10/8/11 - Short stories for radiothon, with co-host KJ McCleary.

10/1/11 - It's Oktoberfest!  Beer, brats (well, hotdogs), accordions, polkas--and genuine German folk music.

9/24/11 - Songs for fall.

9/17/11 - Celebrating old friends showing up out of the blue...

9/10/11 - Songs of hope and healing.

9/3/11 - "Doing Our Job": Songs for Labor Day.

8/20/11 - Frank's just back from Whidbey Island, and celebrates with a show of Washington folk musicians.

8/13/11 - With guest host David Gizara.

7/9/11 - Songs for summer, and musical guest Rita Hosking (Listen to interview).

7/2/11 - Previewing July performers.

6/25/11 - With guest host Nanci Lavelle.

6/18/11 - Music for Father's Day, and musical guest Roy Zimmerman (Listen to interview).

6/11/11 - With musical guests Kate Power & Steve Einhorn (Listen to interview).

6/4/11 - Musical snapshots from Frank and Denise's San Francisco trip.

5/28/11 - Okay, we're still here.  So today we go back to the beginning...

5/21/11 - Our Second Millenial, We-Really-Mean-It-This-Time, End-of-the-World edition of the Saturday Cafe.  Or is it Third?

5/14/11 - With musical guest Alice diMicele (Listen to interview).

5/7/11 - Happy Mother's Day!

4/30/11 - Guest host David Gizara

4/23/11 - Music for yesterday (Earth Day) and tomorrow (Easter)

4/9/11 - The radiothon edition, with co-host KJ McCleary and live musical guest Kathryn Claire (Listen to interview).

4/2/11 - With musical guest Dango Rose of Elephant Revival.

3/25/11 - The annual, pre-April Fools salute to silliness show, with guest host Denise and editorial input from Flynn & Tiki.

3/12/11 - An odd point on the calendar, equidistant from Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day;  it's Fat Paddy Day! 

2/26/11 - Snow Day!

2/12/11 - The Valentine's Cafe, with guest co-host Denise Gosar.

2/5/11 - With musical guest David Wilcox (Listen to interview).

1/29/11 - Previewing live music in February, with musical guest Tatiana Hargreaves (Listen to interview).

1/15/11 - With two musical guests:  singer-songwriter LJ Booth and Michael Smith of Weavermania!  (Listen to Michael / LJ interview).

1/1/11 - New releases for a New Year's morning.

12/25/10 - And a Very Merry Christmas to all!  With hosting help from my wife Denise and a couple of teddy bears.

12/18/10 -  Music for the Solstice, and musical guest Charlotte Thistle (Listen to interview).

12/11/10 - With musical guest Lea Jones (Listen to interview).

11/27/10 - Counting our blessings for Thanksgiving.  One, ticket giveaway; two, musical guest Cosy Sheridan... (Listen to interview)

11/20/10 - With guest host Julie Schulte.

11/6/10 - With musical guests Bethany & Rufus (Listen to interview).

10/30/10 - Ghostly songs for Halloween, and a visit from fingerstyle guitarists Brooks Roberston and Taylor Malone (Listen to interview).

10/23/10 - With musical guest Rita Hosking (Listen to interview).

10/9/10 - Great voices of folk... and fundraising.

10/2/10 - Previewing the month of October in music

9/18/10 - It was 20 years ago today...  Frank celebrates his 20th anniversary hosting the Saturday Cafe.

9/11/10 - with guest host David Gizara.

9/4/10 - Labor Day.

8/28/2010 - It's the end of the Summer...

8/21/10 - Kathy Marshall visits the Saturday Cafe to talk about next weekend's Women's Festival 2010 in Veneta.

8/14/10 - With guest host Nancy Lavelle.

7/31/10 - With musical guests Alex Hargreaves and Dominick Leslie (Listen to interview).

7/24/10 - Frank's vacation pictures: The Musical.

7/17/10 - With guest host Nancy Lavelle.

7/10/10 - Cafe closed for the Oregon Country Fair.

7/3/10 - Celebrating the 4th in the great outdoors, and musical guest, The Tones.

6/27/10 - It's the 16th annual Garden Tour tomorrow, an evergreen topic for folk music.

6/19/10 - Music for Father's Day, and musical guests Anne Hills and Michael Smith (Listen to interview).

6/12/10 - With musical guest Eilen Jewell (Listen to interview).

6/5/10 - Christine Lavin has just had her memoirs published.  What's the best part of Cold Pizza For Breakfast: A Mem-Wha?? (hint:  page 34).

5/29/10 - Some music for Memorial Day and musical guests Chico Schwall and Andy Cohen (Listen to interview).

5/22/10 - With musical guests, Celtic Conspiracy (Listen to interview).

5/15/10 - The return of family radio, inspired by Dr. Ralph Stanley's new autobiography.

5/8/10 - Mother's Day music, and a visit from Suzi Prozanski and Wheatfield member Will Hobbs (Listen to interview).

5/1/10 - With guest host Nancy Lavelle.

4/24/10 - Family radio, with Guthrie family member Sarah Lee Guthrie (Listen to interview).

4/17/10 - New releases.

4/10/10 - Radiothon Cafe, with Kobi Lucas and TR Kelley; we talk about hand-made, home-grown, locally owned and operated, community, neighborhood, more about people than numbers radio.

4/3/10 - Happy Easter!

3/27/10 - With musical guest Dango Rose of Elephant Revival (Listen to interview).

3/20/10 - With musical guests Rita Hosking and Rachel Harrington (Listen to interview).

3/13/10 - We celebrate Pi Day tomorrow, and welcome musical guests Laura Kemp and TR Kelley (Listen to interview).

3/6/10 - Pushing spring.  Again...

2/27/10 - With musical guest Dana Hubbard (Listen to interview).

2/20/10 - With musical guest Trina Hamlin (Listen to interview).

2/13/10 - The Valentine's Cafe, with cohost Denise Gosar and musical guest Jamie Laval (Listen to interview)..

1/30/10 - With musical guest Johnsmith (Listen to interview).

1/23/10 - It's Django Reinhardt's 100th birthday.  Light candles!  Eat cake!

1/16/10 - With musical guest Neil Bjorklund (Listen to interview).

1/9/10 - With musical guests Four Shillings Short (Listen to interview).

1/2/10 - With guest host Cina Kraft.

12/26/09 - On Boxing Day we're still playing with the boxes...  children's music, some scraps of Christmas wrap and ribbon, and my guest co-hosts Denise and the teddy bears.

12/19/09 - Merry Christmas!  And a little Solstice...

12/12/09 - Linda Danielson, Chico Schwall and David Stuart Bull bring A Child's Christmas in Wales to the Saturday Cafe (Listen to interview).

12/5/09 - With musical guests Hot Club of Cowtown (Listen to interview).

11/28/09 - With musical guest Uncle Bunkle (Listen to interview).

11/21/09 - With guest host Kobi Lucas.

11/14/09 - No theme, no guests, no plans.  Just music...

11/7/09 - Music of November with musical guest Peter Mulvey (Listen to interview).

10/31/09 - Be afraid.  Be very afraid...

10/24/09 - We see what October winds blow off the music shelves.

10/17/09 - It's the Sarah-day Cafe!  Frank's niece Sarah hosts her first radio show.  With musical guest Tom Rawson (Listen to interview).

10/10/09 - Fall radiothon with Kobi Lucas and special guest, community organizer and humorist Sally Shecklow.

10/3/09 - O Brave New Month, that hath such music in't... are you getting your share of October's live music?

9/26/09 - Songs of the Harvest, with the Green Mountain Bluegrass Band (Listen to interview).

9/19/09 - Upcoming shows and new releases.

9/12/09 - Cina Kraft hosts the Saturday Cafe.

9/5/09 - For Labor Day, we play songs for your job...

8/29/09 - Previewing the Eugene Celebration and a visit from musical guest Liz Rogers (Listen to interview).

8/22/09 - Musical impressions from the Lane County Fair.

8/15/09 - It was 40 years ago today... Remembering Woodstock (which of course means we weren't there), plus a visit from musical guest Mare Wakefield (Listen to interview).

8/8/09 - Farewell to Mike Seeger...

8/1/09 - Cool music for a very hot week.

7/25/09 - Look at all the new releases piling up in here! We go exploring...

7/18/09 - We shoot the moon in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing next Monday, and visit with musical guests Alexa Woodward and Linky Dickson (Listen to interview).

7/11/09 - A quick dip into the Country Fair, and a goodbye to Tom Rohr.

7/4/09- For the Fourth of July this hear, we play with... Fireworks.


6/27/09 - Guest host Kobi Lucas plants some sets for the KLCC Garden Tour.

6/20/09 - Songs of summertime and Fathers' Day, with musical guest Greg Laswell (Listen to interview).

6/13/09 - Music for graduates and teachers, and musical guest Amy Obenski (Listen to interview).

6/6/09 - With musical guests Amanda Holmes and Shani Shousterman (Listen to interview).

5/30/09 - Romantic songs for the start of the summer wedding season, and a visit from musical guests Shotgun Party (Listen to interview).

5/23/09 - We feature swords and plowshares this Memorial Day weekend.

5/16/09 - With musical guest Jenny (Listen to interview).

5/9/09 - Story songs and ballads in honor of StoryCorps' visit to Eugene.

5/2/09 - Whattalotta candles!  We celebrate Pete Seeger's 90th birthday.

4/25/09 - Guest host Kobi Lucas

4/18/09 - Music for Earth Day, and live musical guests George Mann and Mark Ross (Listen to interview).

4/11/09 - With musical guest Chico Schwall (Listen to interview).

4/4/09 - Radiothon time, with co-host Kobi Lucas and musical guests Taarka (Listen to interview).

3/28/09 - A salute to fools, jesters, tricksters and clowns.

3/21/09 - It's officially Spring, with appropriate songs popping up all over the Saturday Cafe...

3/14/09 - Irish-flavored folk for St. Patrick's Day, with a little music for St. Urho at the Finnish...

3/7/09 - With musical guest Casey Connor (Listen to interview).

2/28/09 - With musical guest John McCutcheon (Listen to interview).

2/21/09 - We push Spring in some interesting directions.

2/14/09 - Love songs for Valentine's Day, with special guest host Denise Gosar and musical guests The Wayside Roses (Listen to interview).

2/7/09 - A dual 200th birthday celebration for Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, both born February 12, 1809.

1/31/09 - A preview of music in February, and musical guest Dan Neal (Listen to interview).

1/24/09 - In which Frank bangs his head against the CD shelves to see what falls out. 

1/17/09 - With musical guest Tom Paxton (Listen to interview).

1/10/09 - With musical guest Rita Hosking (Listen to interview).

1/3/09 - New releases for a Happy New Year.

12/20/08 - Three Holidays!  On one Cafe!  We pack in a big bag of songs for Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas.

12/13/08 -  Frank's making a list... of favorite folk releases of 2008.  Hear his favorites and runners-up.

11/29/08 - The leftovers are frozen, but the thanks remain... songs of thanksgiving, counting our blessings, and a visit from Dana Robinson (Listen to interview).

11/22/08 - Favorite female folksingers

11/15/08 - With guest host Nancy Lavelle

11/1/08 - Our second irregularly occurring November Fool's Day Celebration with musical guest Debra Cowan.

10/25/08 - Some random programming ideas, a farwell to Jean Marcotte, and an hour of ghostly music for Halloween.

10/18/08 - We rake up a big pile of Fall songs.

10/11/08 - Kobi Lucas serves up a buffet of Frank's favorite songs.

10/4/08 - New releases.

9/28/08 - So much music, so little month.  We preview live music in the month of October in the KLCC listening area.

9/20/08 - Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which makes today... Sing Like a Pirate Day?  We raise some sunken treasures from the folk library.

9/13/08 - What's that parade doing on the radio?  As the Eugene Celebration marches past our downtown studio, we break out the brass bands on the Saturday Cafe.

9/6/08 - A preview of folk music at next weekend's Eugene Celebration, and a whirlwind visit from Rupa and the April Fishes (Listen to interview).

8/30/08 - Songs of solidarity and struggle for Labor Day.

8/23/08 - It's harvest time on the Saturday Cafe, with apples, tomatoes, feral chickens and blackberry brambles.

8/16/08 - Music to cool down a heat wave.  Then we heat things up again with political satirist/songwriter Roy Zimmerman (Listen to interview).

8/9/08 - Portrait of the host as a not-so-young Space Cadet.

8/2/08 - With guest host Nancy Lavelle.

7/19/08 - We go over the top--and over the Rainbow--with a Wizard of Oz-Cafe.  No monkeys allowed.

7/12/08 - Pete and Nanci LaVelle broadcast a shortened Saturday Cafe LIVE from the Oregon Country Fair. 

7/5/08 - Remembering the summers of childhood.

6/28/08 - The Gold Medal, Olympic Trials edition of the Saturday Cafe.

6/21/08 - Solstice is here!  Can summer songs be far behind?

6/14/08 - Guest host Dan Plaster

6/7/08 - We try sympathetic magic through music--local music update, with scattered sunbreaks.

5/31/08 - It's Frank's 17th wedding anniversary tomorrow, and the music is romantic...

5/24/08 - The many faces of Memorial Day

5/17/08 - From the Willamette Valley Music Festival, with a live stage set from the Moon Mountain Ramblers

5/10/08 - Songs for Mother's Day

5/3/08 - O Brave New Month, That Hath Such Music In It... we preview May performances in our listening area.

4/26/08 - With guest host Kobi Lucas and more folk anthems.

4/19/08 - Music for Earth Day, and two musical guests: Bev Barnet & Greg Newlon, and fingerstyle guitarists Dorian Michael and Larry Pattis. (Listen to Dorian and Larry).

4/12/08 - Kid's stuff with music from Ellis Paul's new album, The Dragonfly Races.

4/5/08 - Folk anthems for Radiothon with co-host Kobi Lucas.

3/29/08 - Musical foolishness for April Fool's eve eve eve...

3/22/08 - Songs for the Spring equinox, with a basket of songs for Easter.

3/15/08 - A hint of Irish flavor...

3/8/08 - Catching up on new releases.

3/1/08 - Previewing March music with Linda Danielson of the Slow Ponies (Listen to interview).

2/23/08 - Frank files a flight plan for songs of flying.

2/16/08 - The Saturday after Valentines... when we really need love songs.

2/9/08 - With live musical guest John Flynn (Listen to interview).

2/2/08 - We launch the Selco Performance Hall with a live broadcast concert by Misty River

1/26/08 - Folk music from A to Z...

1/12/08 - You know how it is when you unpack from moving and find all these things you've never seen before? We go on a voyage of musical discovery...

1/5/08 - New Year, New Studio! and new music...

12/29/07 - A sentimental farewell to the old home place, KLCC's Lane Community College studios.

12/22/07 - At last, I'm ready for Christmas!

12/15/07 - SpunHoney members Hollis Ann Thompson and Rebekah Johnson talk about the 4th Annual Pocketful of Change Benefit Concert  (Listen to interview).

12/8/07 - Music for Christmas and Hanukkah with guest host Kobi Lucas.

12/1/07 - A blizzard of winter songs, and a warm interlude with musical guests Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd  (Listen to interview)

11/24/07 - Thanksgiving leftovers at the Saturday Cafe

11/10/07 - Coming attractions, new releases, and some music for Veterans' Day

11/3/07 - "Manly Songs of the Sea..." or just messing around in boats

10/27/07 - The Halloween edition, with murder ballads from musical guest Debra Cowan  (Listen to interview)

10/20/07 - With music guest George Grove of the Kingston Trio (Listen to interview)

10/6/07 - Fall Radiothon at your home on the radio dial

9/29/07 - With musical guest Brooks Williams  (Listen to interview)

9/15/07 - With musical guest Jack Williams  (Listen to interview)

9/8/07 - A Tale of Two Cities:  music from the Eugene Celebration and the Sisters Folk Festival

9/8/07 - Music for Labor Day, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics 10 most dangerous jobs or professions

8/25/07 - A sampling of Sampler Albums

7/28/07 - Breakfast service at the Saturday Cafe

7/7/07 - With musical guests Red and Ruby (Listen to interview)

5/26/07 - With musical guest Devon Sproule (Listen to interview)

5/19/07 - Broadcasting from the Willamette Valley Folk Festival

5/12/07 - With musical guests Lucy Kaplansky and Antje Duvekot

5/5/07 - With guest host Peter Chapman

4/28/07 - With musical guest Ellis Paul  (Listen to interview)

4/21/07 - Music for Earth Day

4/7/07 - It's Radiothon, with co-host Kobi Lucas and musical guests The Tones  (Listen to interview)

3/31/07 - We celebrate April Fools Eve with guest host Denise Gosar and musical guest Natalia Zukerman  (Listen to interview)

3/24/07 - With musical guest Angelo M.  (Listen to interview)

3/17/07  - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/10/07 - With musical guest Anne Weiss

3/3/07 - With musical guest Laurie Lewis  (Listen to interview)



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