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Our New Web Site!

Yes, we have a new Web site!!  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  It's the all new look of klcc.org 

Welcome to our new world!

Click around and you will find many services not previously available on our site -- NPR and KLCC News on our homepage, Audio Archives of KLCC interviews and features, a complete Calendar of music, community and KLCC events, and much more. 

The entire site is now searchable.  Type in a name or topic of something you heard on a news program and easily find the details.  Type an artist or song title you heard on a music show, and find the details. 

Music Playlists are now easier to find than ever.  Just click on Playlist Search at the top of any page, and search by program, artist, song, album, keyword or date.  The most recent playlists are on display at the bottom of the search page for easy access.

You can view our Calendar by day, week or month, and sort it by Music and Community events.  Add your own event to our calendar by clicking on Post An Event from the Calendar page.

Take advantage of our Listener Resources section to find links to Government agencies, Local & Regional organizations, Venues & Ticket outlets, Weather, and more.

Find details about any KLCC show through our Program Schedule or by clicking on Programs from the Jump Menu.

You can now contact anyone at KLCC by visiting the Staff Directory and clicking on the email link.

Find the businesses that support KLCC by perusing our list of Business Underwriters -- easily accessible from the Jump Menu or from the Support KLCC section.  Soon you will have the ability to shop through our website for a CD or book you heard about on KLCC, and a portion of your purchase will benefit KLCC.

Let us know if there is something else you would like to see on our site.  Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.  Our new site has been six months in the making, and we hope you find it to be a user friendly, valuable addition to your KLCC experience.


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