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New Dreamers (Tuesday Part 2)
9/25/2013 - 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
 12:03 AM   Artist:  Dan Ar Bras
  Song:  Jessy Carpenter 
  Album:  Music for the Silences to Come...
  Record Label: Shanachie
 12:09 AM   Artist:  Peter Gabriel
  Song:  Blood of Eden 
  Album:  US
  Record Label: Geffen
 12:16 AM   Artist:  Ravi Shankar
  Song:  Friar Park/Tana Mana 
  Album:  IN CELEBRATION; Vocal and Experimental
  Record Label: Angel
 12:28 AM   Artist:  Philip Glass
  Song:  Mad Rush 
  Album:  Solo Piano
  Record Label: CBS
 12:42 AM   Artist:  demolition squad
  Song:  Nuclear Winter 
  Album:  hit it
  Record Label: psychotropic
 12:49 AM   Artist:  Deuter
  Song:  Life is Love 
  Album:  Sands of Time
  Record Label: Kuckuck/Celestial Harmonies
 12:58 AM   Artist:  State of Grace
  Song:  ...et lux perpetua 
  Album:  III
  Record Label: Koch International Classics

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