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New Dreamers (Tuesday Part 1)
9/24/2013 - 11:00 PM - 11:59 PM
 11:03 PM   Artist:  King Chubby
  Song:  Primal Chaos 
  Album:  qedeshim
  Record Label: Black Market Productions
 11:08 PM   Artist:  Khenany
  Song:  Cancion Prehispanica 
  Album:  eponymous
  Record Label: Celestial Harmonies
 11:12 PM   Artist:  Osamu Kitajima
  Song:  Eye to I 
  Album:  The Source
  Record Label: CBS
 11:28 PM   Artist:  Al Gromer Khan - Kai Taschner
  Song:  Black Marble and Sweet Fire 
  Album:  same
  Record Label: Hearts of Space
 11:40 PM   Artist:  Patrick Kelly
  Song:  Time to Heal 
  Album:  Kindred Spirit
  Record Label: New World Music
 11:47 PM   Artist:  Robert Karate
  Song:  Hello Steven Please Destroy 
  Album:  Cold Returns
  Record Label: woodson lateral records
 11:52 PM   Artist:  Jeff Kaiser - Ernesto Diaz-Infante
  Song:  She Surreptitiously Introduced Colored Shirts 
  Album:  Pith Balls and Inclined Planes
  Record Label: pfMENTUM

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