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9/22/2013 - 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
 2:02 PM   Artist:  Jonny Fritz
  Song:  Good Bye Summer 
  Album:  Dad Country
  Record Label: ATO Records
 2:06 PM   Artist:  Wild Child
  Song:  Someone Else 
  Album:  Pillow Talk
  Record Label: Wild Child
 2:10 PM   Artist:  Truth & Salvage Co.
  Song:  I'm Not Your Boyfriend 
  Album:  Pick Me Up
  Record Label: Megaforce Records
 2:14 PM   Artist:  Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers
  Song:  Ravenous 
  Album:  Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers
  Record Label: Little Sur Records
 2:18 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles
  Song:  The Right Time 
  Album:  Compilation
  Record Label: Atlantic & Atco Records
 2:24 PM   Artist:  The Mavericks
  Song:  As Long As There's Loving Tonight 
  Album:  In Time
  Record Label: The Valory Music Co
 2:27 PM   Artist:  Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers
  Song:  Let's Just Be Friends For Tonight 
  Album:  Starlight Hotel
  Record Label: Signature Sounds Recordings
 2:31 PM   Artist:  Town Mountain
  Song:  Lookin In The Mirror 
  Album:  Leave The Bottle
  Record Label: Pinecastle Records
 2:34 PM   Artist:  Allison Moorer
  Song:  Ruby Jewel Was Here 
  Album:  Miss Fortune
  Record Label: Universal South
 2:42 PM   Artist:  Steve Earle and the Dukes (and Duchesses)
  Song:  That All You Got? 
  Album:  The Low Highway
  Record Label: New West Records
 2:45 PM   Artist:  Shovels & Rope
  Song:  This Means War 
  Album:  O' Be Joyful
  Record Label: Shrimp Records
 2:50 PM   Artist:  Sara Syms
  Song:  Waves Crashing 
  Album:  Fade To Blue
  Record Label: Sara Syms
 2:54 PM   Artist:  Old Crow Medicine Show w/ Jim Lauderdale
  Song:  Ways Of Man 
  Album:  Carry Me Back
  Record Label: ATO Records
 3:00 PM   Artist:  Neko Case
  Song:  That's Who I Am 
  Album:  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
  Record Label: Concord Music Group
 3:04 PM   Artist:  The Americans
  Song:  Can't Contain Myself 
  Album:  Home Recordings
  Record Label: The Americans
 3:07 PM   Artist:  Laura Cortese
  Song:  Into The Dark 
  Album:  Into The Dark
  Record Label: Laura Cortese
 3:10 PM   Artist:  The Delmore Brothers
  Song:  I've Got The Big River Blues 
  Album:  Compilation
  Record Label: BMG music
 3:13 PM   Artist:  She & Him
  Song:  Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 
  Album:  Volume 3
  Record Label: Merge Records
 3:19 PM   Artist:  The Stray Birds
  Song:  Come Sunday 
  Album:  Borderland
  Record Label: The Stay Birds
 3:22 PM   Artist:  Finnders & Youngberg
  Song:  Hey Ramona / I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until I Cry 
  Album:  I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until I Cry
  Record Label: Swingfingers Records
 3:30 PM   Artist:  Elvis Costello and The Roots
  Song:  Walk Us Uptown 
  Album:  Wise Up Ghost And Other Stories 2013
  Record Label: Blue Note
 3:33 PM   Artist:  Patty Larkin
  Song:  Best Of Intentions 
  Album:  Still Green
  Record Label: Road Narrows Records
 3:39 PM   Artist:  Meg Hutchinson
  Song:  Safe 
  Album:  Beyond That
  Record Label: Red House Records
 3:43 PM   Artist:  Steep Canyon Rangers
  Song:  Tell The Ones I Love 
  Album:  Tell The Ones I Love
  Record Label: Rounder Records
 3:47 PM   Artist:  Red Tail Ring
  Song:  A Clearing In The Wild 
  Album:  The Heart's Swift Foot
  Record Label: Red Tail Ring
 3:52 PM   Artist:  The Blackberry Bushes Stringband
  Song:  Bluegrass In The Backwoods 
  Album:  At The Break
  Record Label: The Blackberry Bushes Stringband
 3:56 PM   Artist:  Missy Raines And The New Hip
  Song:  Nightingale 
  Album:  Missy Raines And The New Hip
  Record Label: Compass Records
 4:03 PM   Artist:  Missy Raines And The New Hip
  Song:  I Learn 
  Album:  Missy Raines And The New Hip
  Record Label: Compass Records
 4:07 PM   Artist:  Fast Rattler
  Song:  Linger On 
  Album:  Hand On The Plow
  Record Label: No Guff Records
 4:12 PM   Artist:  The Boxcar Lilies
  Song:  Love Comes Back 
  Album:  Sugar Shack
  Record Label: The Boxcar Lilies
 4:16 PM   Artist:  The Steel Wheels
  Song:  Story About Love 
  Album:  No More Rain
  Record Label: The Steel Wheels
 4:20 PM   Artist:  Dusty Springfield
  Song:  Son Of A Preacher Man 
  Album:  Compilation
  Record Label: BMG
 4:33 PM   Artist:  Over The Rhine
  Song:  Cuyahoga / Baby If This Is Nowhere 
  Album:  Meet Me At The Edge Of The World
  Record Label: Over The Rhine
 4:40 PM   Artist:  The Barn Birds
  Song:  One Night At A Time 
  Album:  The Barn Birds
  Record Label: Waterbug
 4:43 PM   Artist:  The Grahams
  Song:  Carrying The Torch 
  Album:  Riverman's Daughter
  Record Label: Walrus Records
 4:46 PM   Artist:  Roy Book Binder
  Song:  Crazy About You 
  Album:  The Good Book
  Record Label: Peg Leg Records
 4:49 PM   Artist:  Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
  Song:  Party Kids 
  Album:  Untamed Beast
  Record Label: Partisan Records
 4:51 PM   Artist:  Robert Bobby
  Song:  Dance 
  Album:  Today!
  Record Label: I Like Mike Records
 4:57 PM   Artist:  Jonny Fritz
  Song:  Instrumental 
  Album:  Dad Country
  Record Label: ATO Records

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