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9/9/2007 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:06 PM   Artist:  Jeff Hamilton Trio
  Song:  Yano, So Many Stars 2006 
  Album:  From Studio 4 Cologne
  Record Label: Azica
 6:15 PM   Artist:  Mike Wofford
  Song:  Nica's Tempo 1989 
  Album:  All Alone
  Record Label: Americana (Japanese)
 6:23 PM   Artist:  Chuck Redd
  Song:  They say It's Wonderful/Speaking of Sounds 2002 
  Album:  All this and Heaven Too
  Record Label: Arbors
 6:34 PM   Artist:  Holly Hofmann
  Song:  Flutopia 1999 
  Album:  Flutopia
  Record Label: Azica
 6:43 PM   Artist:  David "Fathead" Newman
  Song:  Girl Talk 2007 
  Album:  Life
  Record Label: HighNote
 6:48 PM   Artist:  Ernie Andrews
  Song:  Girl Talk 2001 
  Album:  Girl Talk
  Record Label: HighNote
 6:53 PM   Artist:  Sonny Rollins
  Song:  On Green Dolphin Street 1965 
  Album:  Sonny rollins on Impulse
  Record Label: Impulse
 7:08 PM   Artist:  Bill Holman Band
  Song:  Hommage a Woody: A Man of Few Herds;Milwaukee Nights/The Chopper 2007 
  Album:  Hommage
  Record Label: Jazzed Media
 7:30 PM   Artist:  Chuck Redd
  Song:  Li'l Darlin'/SlowBurn 2006 
  Album:  Chuck Redd Remembers Barney Kessel: Happy All the Time
  Record Label: Arbors
 7:48 PM   Artist:  Barney Kessel
  Song:  On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 1968 Honeysuckle Rose 1969 
  Album:  It's a Blue World
  Record Label: Jazz Hour
 7:59 PM   Artist:  Joe Sackenheim
  Song:  You Are the Sunshine of My Life 2005 
  Album:  Outside of Swing
  Record Label: Sackenheim

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