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9/4/2011 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:02 PM   Artist:  Abdullah Ibrahim
  Song:  African river 
  Album:  African river
  Record Label: Enja
  Notes: Guest host Larry Koenigsberg
 6:12 PM   Artist:  Paul Bley
  Song:  Juanita 
  Album:  Changing hands
  Record Label: Justin Time
 6:20 PM   Artist:  Ella Fitzgerald
  Song:  How long has this been going on 
  Album:  Pure Ella
  Record Label: MCA
 6:25 PM   Artist:  Don Byas
  Song:  Lullaby of the leaves 
  Album:  Jazz legacy
  Record Label: Inner city
 6:30 PM   Artist:  Thad Jones
  Song:  Empty Street 
  Album:  After hours
  Record Label: Prestige
 6:43 PM   Artist:  Larry Young
  Song:  Love drops 
  Album:  Complete Blue Note recordings
  Record Label: Mosaic
 6:52 PM   Artist:  Randy Weston
  Song:  Star crossed lovers 
  Album:  Mosaic select, disc one
  Record Label: Mosaic
 6:57 PM   Artist:  Jack Teagarden
  Song:  Music to love by 
  Album:  Meet me where they play the blues
  Record Label: Bethlehem
 7:01 PM   Artist:  Freddie Hubbard
  Song:  Bolivia 
  Album:  Bolivia
  Record Label: Musicmasters
 7:07 PM   Artist:  Cassandra Wilson
  Song:  Sleepin' Bee 
  Album:  Loverly
  Record Label: Blue note
 7:12 PM   Artist:  Lou Donaldson
  Song:  Please 
  Album:  A man with a horn
  Record Label: Blue note
 7:21 PM   Artist:  Corea, Clarke & White
  Song:  500 Miles High 
  Album:  Forever
  Record Label: Concord
 7:33 PM   Artist:  Avishai Cohen
  Song:  Dror 
  Album:  Adama
  Record Label: Concord
 7:42 PM   Artist:  Johnny Griffin
  Song:  I remember you 
  Album:  Congregation
  Record Label: Blue note
 7:50 PM   Artist:  Irene Kral
  Song:  Sometime ago 
  Album:  Second chance
  Record Label: Jazzed media
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Hank Jones
  Song:  A child is born 
  Album:  Live at Maybeck
  Record Label: Concord

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