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9/22/2013 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:02 PM   Artist:  Joe Manis Trio
  Song:  There Will Never Be Another You 2013 
  Album:  North by Northwest
  Record Label: SteepleChase
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Dave Brubeck/Tony Bennett
  Song:  There Will Never Be Another You 1962 
  Album:  The White House Sessions, Live 1962
  Record Label: Columbia
 6:09 PM   Artist:  Chico Hamilton Quintet
  Song:  The Sage 1957 
  Album:  Delightfully Modern
  Record Label: Jazztone
 6:13 PM   Artist:  Elvin Jones
  Song:  Angel Eyes 1992 
  Album:  Youngblood
  Record Label: Enja
 6:25 PM   Artist:  Lorez Alexandria
  Song:  Angel Eyes 1964 
  Album:  Alexandria the Great
  Record Label: Impulse
 6:30 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus/Max Roach
  Song:  Fleurette Africaine 1962 
  Album:  Money Jungle
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:33 PM   Artist:  Louis Armstrong & his Hot 5
  Song:  Sugar Foot Strut 1928 
  Album:  Hot Fives and Sevens (Vol 3)
  Record Label: JSP
 6:37 PM   Artist:  Mike Wofford Trio
  Song:  Dipper 1998 
  Album:  Synergy
  Record Label: Heavywood
 6:48 PM   Artist:  Van Morrison
  Song:  Close Enough for Jazz 2012 
  Album:  Born To Sing: No Plan B
  Record Label: Exile
 6:54 PM   Artist:  Eliane Elias
  Song:  That's All 2004 
  Album:  Dreamer
  Record Label: Bluebird
 6:58 PM   Artist:  Eliane Elias/Marc Johnson
  Song:  Inside Her Old Music Box 2012 
  Album:  Swept Away
  Record Label: ECM
 7:09 PM   Artist:  Bill Evans Trio
  Song:  My Romance 1980 
  Album:  Turn Out the Stars
  Record Label: Dreyfus
 7:18 PM   Artist:  Sarah Vaughan w Ernie Wilkins Orch
  Song:  Shulie a Bop 1954 
  Album:  Swingin' Easy
  Record Label: EmArcy
 7:20 PM   Artist:  Count Basie
  Song:  Dance of the Gremlins 1943 
  Album:  V-discs volume 2 1943-1945
  Record Label: Official
 7:32 PM   Artist:  Curtis Amy
  Song:  Annsome 1960 
  Album:  Groovin' Blue
  Record Label: Fresh Sound (Pacific Jazz)
 7:40 PM   Artist:  Curtis Amy
  Song:  Way Down 1962 
  Album:  Way Down
  Record Label: Fresh Sound (Pacific Jazz)
 7:40 PM   Artist:  Curtis Amy
  Song:  Tippin' On Through 1962 
  Album:  Tippin' On through
  Record Label: Fresh Sound (Pacific Jazz)

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