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9/19/2010 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:07 PM   Artist:  Count Basie Orchestra
  Song:  Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, James Bond Theme 1965 
  Album:  Basie Meets Bond
  Record Label: Capitol
 6:15 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson Trio
  Song:  Give Me the Simple Life 1970 
  Album:  Tracks
  Record Label: MPS
 6:21 PM   Artist:  Lorez Alexandria
  Song:  Give Me the Simple Life 1964 
  Album:  Alexandria The Great
  Record Label: Impulse
 6:26 PM   Artist:  McCoy Tyner
  Song:  Mr Gentle & Mr Cool 1964 
  Album:  Mccoy Tyner Plays Duke Ellington
  Record Label: Impulse
 6:32 PM   Artist:  Rahsaan Roland Kirk
  Song:  Lush Life 1972 
  Album:  Brotherman in the Fatherland
  Record Label: Hyena
 6:37 PM   Artist:  John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
  Song:  Lush Life 1963 
  Album:  John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
  Record Label: Impulse
 6:47 PM   Artist:  Vince Guaraldi Trio
  Song:  Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Samba de Orpheus 1965 
  Album:  Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus
  Record Label: Fantasy
 6:57 PM   Artist:  Kenny Drew
  Song:  Bluesville 1953 
  Album:  Kenny Drew & his Progressive Piano
  Record Label: Verve
 7:05 PM   Artist:  Kenny Drew
  Song:  I Can't Get Started 1973 
  Album:  Everything I Love
  Record Label: Steeplechase
 7:09 PM   Artist:  Kenny Drew, Jr.
  Song:  When You Wish Upon a Star 1998 
  Album:  Passionata
  Record Label: Arkadia
 7:16 PM   Artist:  Houston Person
  Song:  Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 1999 
  Album:  Soft Lights
  Record Label: High Note
 7:24 PM   Artist:  Roseanna Vitro
  Song:  Pasion Dance 1996 
  Album:  Passion Dance
  Record Label: Telarc
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Randy Porter
  Song:  Body And Soul 1994 
  Album:  Forest 4 the Trees
  Record Label: Heavy Wood
 7:38 PM   Artist:  Coleman Hawkins
  Song:  Body & Soul 1958 
  Album:  Body & Soul Revisited
  Record Label: GRP (Decca)
 7:47 PM   Artist:  Billie Holiday & her Orchestra
  Song:  Body & Soul 1940 
  Album:  billie Holiday Collection 4
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:49 PM   Artist:  Stanley Turrentine
  Song:  Walk On By 1966 
  Album:  Rough 'n' Tumble
  Record Label: Blue Note
 8:03 PM   Artist:  Steve Kuhn
  Song:  Lotus Blossom 1989 
  Album:  Oceans In the Sky
  Record Label: Sunnyside

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