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9/14/2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:03 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson
  Song:  You Make Me Feel So Young 1959 
  Album:  a Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra
  Record Label: Verve
 6:06 PM   Artist:  Frank Sinatra
  Song:  You Make Me Feel So Young 1955 
  Album:  Songs for Swingin' Lovers!
  Record Label: Capitol
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Tommy Flanagan
  Song:  Syeeda's Song flute 1988 
  Album:  Giant Steps in memory of John Coltrane
  Record Label: Enja
 6:15 PM   Artist:  John Coltrane
  Song:  Lazy Bird 1957 
  Album:  Blue Train
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:25 PM   Artist:  Arturo Sandoval
  Song:  Dippermouth Blues 2003 
  Album:  Trumpet Evolution
  Record Label: Columbia
 6:28 PM   Artist:  King Oliver & His Dixie Synchopators
  Song:  Showboat Shuffle 1927 
  Album:  Sugar Foot Stomp
  Record Label: GRP
 6:34 PM   Artist:  Sackville All Stars
  Song:  I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues 1988 
  Album:  A Tribute to Louis Armstrong
  Record Label: Sackville
 6:39 PM   Artist:  Louis Armstrong
  Song:  I've Got a Right to Sing the blues 1933 
  Album:  Young Louis Armstrong
  Record Label: French RCA
 6:48 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Ray Brown
  Song:  Pitter Panther Patter 1972 
  Album:  This One's for Blanton
  Record Label: Pablo
 6:50 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Jimmy Blanton
  Song:  Plucked Again 1939 
  Album:  Complete 1936-1940 Variety, Vocalion and Okeh Small Group Sessions
  Record Label: Mosaic
 6:52 PM   Artist:  Eddie Jefferson
  Song:  Ornithology 1976 
  Album:  Godfather of Vocalese
  Record Label: Muse
 7:00 PM   Artist:  Charlie Parker
  Song:  Ornithology 1946 
  Album:  Complete Dial Recordings
  Record Label: Stash
 7:11 PM   Artist:  Steve Turre
  Song:  One 4 J 2003 
  Album:  One4J Paying Homage to J.J. Johnson
  Record Label: Telarc
 7:17 PM   Artist:  J.J. Johnson
  Song:  Minor Blues 1964 
  Album:  Proof Positive
  Record Label: Impulse
 7:26 PM   Artist:  Lorez Alexandria
  Song:  There Will Never Be Another You 1957 
  Album:  Lorez sings Prez-a tribute to Lester Young
  Record Label: BGP
 7:32 PM   Artist:  Lester Young
  Song:  There Will Never Be Another You 1956 
  Album:  Pres in Europe
  Record Label: HighNote
 7:34 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson
  Song:  When My Sugar Walks Down the Street 1965 
  Album:  With Respect to Nat
  Record Label: Verve
 7:37 PM   Artist:  Nat King Cole w/Count Basie
  Song:  Avalon  
  Album:  Big Band Cole 1958
  Record Label: Capitol
 7:43 PM   Artist:  Labarbara/Swainson/Thompson
  Song:  Elvin's Share 1992 
  Album:  JMOG
  Record Label: Sackville
 7:43 PM   Artist:  Elvin Jones/Art Pepper, Roland Hanna
  Song:  Passion Flower 1979 
  Album:  Very Rare
  Record Label: Evidence
 7:54 PM   Artist:  Boulou & Elios Ferre'
  Song:  Pour Django 1979  
  Album:  pour Django
  Record Label: Steeplechase

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