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8/24/2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:00 PM   Artist:  Michel Petrucciani
  Song:  Looking Up 1998 
  Album:  Solo Live in Germany
  Record Label: Dreyfus
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Ron Carter/Houston Person
  Song:  Mack the Knife 1989 
  Album:  Complete Muse Sessions
  Record Label: 32Jazz
 6:12 PM   Artist:  Sean Jones w/Obed Calvaire
  Song:  God's Gift 2006 
  Album:  Roots
  Record Label: Mack Avenue
 6:27 PM   Artist:  the Clayton Brothers
  Song:  Touch and Go 1992 
  Album:  the Music
  Record Label: Capri
 6:36 PM   Artist:  Bob Dorough/Dave Frishberg
  Song:  I'm Hip 2000 
  Album:  Who's On First
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:45 PM   Artist:  Dave Frishberg
  Song:  Billy Strayhorn Medley 1990 
  Album:  Let's Eat Home
  Record Label: Concord
 6:52 PM   Artist:  Clayton Brothers
  Song:  Entrez Vous 2000 
  Album:  Siblingity
  Record Label: Warner Bros
 6:58 PM   Artist:  Dee Daniels
  Song:  Love Is Here to Stay 1995 
  Album:  Wish Me Love
  Record Label: Mons
 7:11 PM   Artist:  Mike Wofford
  Song:  Little Girl Blue 1992 
  Album:  at Maybeck
  Record Label: Concord
 7:15 PM   Artist:  Kevin Mahogany
  Song:  All Blues 1993 
  Album:  Double Rainbow
  Record Label: Enja
 7:23 PM   Artist:  Tall Jazz
  Song:  A Sound for Sore Ears 1991 
  Album:  Tall Jazz Plays Tall Jazz
  Record Label: PHD
 7:30 PM   Artist:  Kevin Mahogany
  Song:  Dat Dere 1992 
  Album:  Double Rainbow
  Record Label: Enja
 7:34 PM   Artist:  Mimi Fox
  Song:  Kicks 1999 
  Album:  Kicks
  Record Label: Monarch
 7:43 PM   Artist:  Houston Person/Bill Charlap
  Song:  You Taught My Heart to Sing 2006 
  Album:  You Taught My Heart to Sing
  Record Label: HighNote
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Terell Stafford
  Song:  Soft Winds 2003 
  Album:  New Beginnings
  Record Label: MaxJazz
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Jeff Hamilton
  Song:  Whisper Not 1996 
  Album:  Hands On
  Record Label: Mons

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