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7/7/2013 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:02 PM   Artist:  Dan Faehnle
  Song:  Caminhos Cruzados 2003 
  Album:  Ohio Lunch
  Record Label: Heavywood
 6:07 PM   Artist:  Wendy Fopeano
  Song:  Caminhos Cruzados 2007 
  Album:  Raining on the Roses
  Record Label: Outside Shore
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Bud Freeman/David Frishberg
  Song:  Sweet Sue,Just You 1962 
  Album:  Something to Remember You By
  Record Label: Black Lion
 6:16 PM   Artist:  Clare Fischer w Gil Falco
  Song:  The Duke 1969 
  Album:  Thesaurus
  Record Label: Atlantic
 6:22 PM   Artist:  George Freeman/Von Freeman
  Song:  My Scenery 1969 
  Album:  Birth Sign
  Record Label: Delmark
 6:28 PM   Artist:  Curtis Fuller/Tommy flanagan
  Song:  Upper Berth (Frank Foster) 1957 
  Album:  Jazz...It's Magic
  Record Label: Savoy
 6:37 PM   Artist:  Victor Feldman
  Song:  Fidelius 1957 
  Album:  Mallets a Fore Thought
  Record Label: VSOP
 6:43 PM   Artist:  Nnenna Freelon
  Song:  Maiden Voyage 1998 
  Album:  Maiden Voyage
  Record Label: Concord Jazz
 6:51 PM   Artist:  Mitchell Forman
  Song:  Waltz For Debby 1992 
  Album:  Now and Then a tribute to Bill Evans
  Record Label: Novus
 6:57 PM   Artist:  Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau
  Song:  Milestones 1996 
  Album:  One More Trip to Birdland
  Record Label: Concord Jazz
 7:10 PM   Artist:  Ella Fitzgerald w Paul Smith
  Song:  Misty/The Lady is a Tramp 1960 
  Album:  Ella In Berlin
  Record Label: Verve
 7:15 PM   Artist:  Johnny Frigo w/ Bucky and John Pizzarelli
  Song:  Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 1988 
  Album:  Live from Studio A in NYC
  Record Label: Chesky
 7:24 PM   Artist:  Aretha Franklin
  Song:  Trouble In Mind 1965 
  Album:  Yeah!!!
  Record Label: Sony
 7:30 PM   Artist:  Buddy Fite
  Song:  The Shadow of Your Smile 1969 
  Album:  Buddy Fite!
  Record Label: Bell
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Don Friedman
  Song:  It Could Happen to You 2003 
  Album:  My Favorite Things
  Record Label: 441
 7:38 PM   Artist:  Rachelle Ferrell
  Song:  Bye bye Blackbird 1990 
  Album:  Rachelle Ferrell
  Record Label: Something Else
 7:43 PM   Artist:  Frank Foster
  Song:  Little Miss No Nose 1968 
  Album:  Manhattan Fever
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:54 PM   Artist:  Tony Fruscella
  Song:  Tony's Blues 1955 
  Album:  Tony's Blues
  Record Label: Cool Blue

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