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7/22/2007 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:00 PM   Artist:  Abdullah Ibrahim
  Song:  The Mountain of the Night 
  Album:  African River
  Record Label: Enja
  Notes: 1989 RVG
 6:04 PM   Artist:  Dorothy Ashby
  Song:  Yesterdays 
  Album:  In A Minor Groove
  Record Label: Prestige
  Notes: Frank Wess (fl) Herman Wright (b) Roy Haynes (d) 9/19/58 RVG
 6:08 PM   Artist:  Ray Bryant
  Song:  Django 
  Album:  Somwhere In France
  Record Label: Label M
  Notes: 1993
 6:15 PM   Artist:  Dorothy Ashby
  Song:  Essence of Sapphire 
  Album:  Fantastic Jazz Harp of Dorothy Ashby
  Record Label: Atlantic
  Notes: Richard Davis (b) Grady Tate (d) Willie Bobo (perc) 1965
 6:21 PM   Artist:  Stan Getz
  Song:  People Time 
  Album:  People Time
  Record Label: Gitanes-Verve
  Notes: Kenny Barron (p) 3/3-6/91 Cafe Montmartre, Copenhagen
 6:28 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson
  Song:  Down Here On The Ground 
  Album:  Tristeza On Piano
  Record Label: MPS
  Notes: Sam Jones (b) Bobby Durham (d) 1/70
 6:37 PM   Artist:  Chicago Jazz Ensemble
  Song:  Loverman 
  Album:  Kenton a la Russo
  Record Label: Hallway Records
  Notes: Pat Mallinger (as) 2/00
 6:41 PM   Artist:  Betty Carter
  Song:  Make It Last 
  Album:  I Can't Help It
  Record Label: Impulse
  Notes: 2/58
 6:47 PM   Artist:  Freddie Hubbard
  Song:  Gypsy Blue 
  Album:  Open Sesame
  Record Label: Blue Note
  Notes: Tina Brooks (ts) McCoy Tyner (p) Sam Jones (b) Clifford Jarvis (d) 6/19/60 RVG
 6:56 PM   Artist:  Barry Harris
  Song:  Just As Though You Were Here 
  Album:  Chasin' The Bird
  Record Label: Riverside/OJC
  Notes: 5/62
 7:05 PM   Artist:  Kenny Barron
  Song:  Marie Laveau 
  Album:  Things Unseen
  Record Label: Verve
  Notes: Eddie Henderson (tp) John Stubblefield (ts) David Williams (b) Victor Lewis (d) Mino Cinelu (perc) 3/95
 7:15 PM   Artist:  Billy Childs
  Song:  Maiden Voyage 
  Album:  bedtime Stories
  Record Label: 32 Jazz
  Notes: George Mraz (b) Billy Hart (d) 3/31/00
 7:25 PM   Artist:  Vienna Art Orchestra
  Song:  Blood Count 
  Album:  Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
  Record Label: TCB
  Notes: Anna Lauvergnac (vo) Andy Scherrer (reeds) European tour 1999
 7:33 PM   Artist:  Los Angeles Jazz Ensemble
  Song:  Whatever Possessed Me (T. Dameron) 
  Album:  Expectation
  Record Label: Kind of Blue
  Notes: Janis Siegel (vo) Larry Koonse (g) 1/07
 7:38 PM   Artist:  Joan Stiles
  Song:  Pannonica 
  Album:  Hurly-Burly
  Record Label: Oo-Bla-Dee
  Notes: Jeremy Pelt (flh) Lewis Nash (d) 3/05
 7:44 PM   Artist:  Joel Frahm
  Song:  Song For Abdullah 
  Album:  We Used To Dance
  Record Label: Anzic Records
  Notes: Kenny Barron (p) Rufus Reid (b) Victor Lewis (d) 9/28/06
 7:50 PM   Artist:  Stan Kenton
  Song:  The Fair One Dances 
  Album:  Cuban Fire!
  Record Label: Capitol
  Notes: 5/56
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Betty Carter
  Song:  But Beautiful 
  Album:  I Can't Help It
  Record Label: Impulse
  Notes: Melba Liston (tb/arr) Ray Copeland (tp) Jerome Richardson (reeds) Wynton Kelly (p) Peck Morrison (b) Specs Wright (d) 2/58

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