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7/21/2013 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:04 PM   Artist:  Bill O'Connell
  Song:  RHAPSODY IN BLUE 2010 
  Record Label: Challenge
 6:09 PM   Artist:  Marcus Roberts
  Song:  the Entertainer 1998 
  Album:  Joy of Joplin
  Record Label: Sony
 6:14 PM   Artist:  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  Song:  Nomad 1962 
  Album:  The White House Sessions, Live 1962
  Record Label: Columbia
 6:28 PM   Artist:  Herbie Hancock
  Song:  Watermelon Man 1962 
  Album:  Takin' Off
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:36 PM   Artist:  Mario Bauza & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra
  Song:  Carnegie Hall 100 1991 
  Album:  Tanga
  Record Label: Messidor
 6:44 PM   Artist:  Ahmad Jamal
  Song:  New Rumba 1955 
  Album:  Chamber Music of the New Jazz
  Record Label: Verve (Argo)
 6:49 PM   Artist:  Tony Bennett & Dave Brubeck
  Song:  There Will Never Be Another You 1962 
  Album:  The White House Sessions, Live 1962
  Record Label: Sony
 6:53 PM   Artist:  Erroll Garner
  Song:  Indiana 1966 
  Album:  Campus concert/Feeling Is Believing
  Record Label: Telarc
 6:56 PM   Artist:  John Kirby & his Onyx Club Boys
  Song:  Rehearsin' For a Nervous Breakdown/From A Flat to C 1938 
  Album:  52nd Street Swing
  Record Label: GRP
 7:09 PM   Artist:  Duke Pearson Quintet
  Song:  Child's Play 1962 
  Album:  Hush
  Record Label: Lonehill Jazz
 7:12 PM   Artist:  Nina Simone
  Song:  Mood Indigo 1959 
  Album:  Little Girl Blue
  Record Label: Bethlehem
 7:16 PM   Artist:  Jimmy Heath
  Song:  Smilin' Billy 1973 
  Album:  The Gap Sealer (Love and Understanding)
  Record Label: Jazz Beat
 7:25 PM   Artist:  Walter Norris/Billy Bean/Hal Gaylor
  Song:  Scramble/Have You Met Miss Jones 1961 
  Album:  The Trio
  Record Label: Fresh Sound
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Marcus Roberts
  Song:  E. Dankworth 1990 
  Album:  Deep In the Shed
  Record Label: Novus
 7:38 PM   Artist:  Joe Williams
  Song:  Good Morning Heartache 1964 
  Album:  Me and the Blues
  Record Label: RCA
 7:53 PM   Artist:  Billie Holiday
  Song:  Don't Explain 1946 
  Album:  Lady's Decca Years
  Record Label: Decca
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Dakota Staton
  Song:  When Lights Are Low 1959 
  Album:  Time to Swing
  Record Label: Capitol
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Hal McKusick
  Song:  Alone Together 1958 
  Album:  Now's The Time
  Record Label: GRP

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