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6/24/2012 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:02 PM   Artist:  Eric Alexander
  Song:  Here's That Rainy Day 
  Album:  Friendly Fire
  Record Label: Highnote
 6:10 PM   Artist:   Giacomo Gates
  Song:  This Is A Prayer For Everybody to Be Free 
  Album:  The Revelkution Will Be Jazz
  Record Label: Savant
 6:16 PM   Artist:  Curtis Fuller
  Song:  C Hip's Blues 
  Album:  Down Home
  Record Label: Capri
 6:22 PM   Artist:  Stacey Kent
  Song:  Postcard Lovers 
  Album:  Dreamer In Cocert
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:28 PM   Artist:  The Cookers
  Song:  But He Knows 
  Album:  Believers
  Record Label: Motema
 6:34 PM   Artist:  Javon Jackson
  Song:  Sun Up 
  Album:  Lucky 13
  Record Label: Solid Jackson
 6:42 PM   Artist:  Amina Figarova
  Song:  Shut Eyes, Sea Waves 
  Album:  Twelve
  Record Label: In + Out Records
 6:50 PM   Artist:  Bruce Forman
  Song:  Blue Jake 
  Album:  Formanism
  Record Label: B4man Music
 6:57 PM   Artist:  Robert Glasper
  Song:  Butterfly 
  Album:  Double Booked
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:03 PM   Artist:  Bob Mintzer Big Band
  Song:  Corcovado 
  Album:  For The Moment
  Record Label: MCG Jazz
 7:11 PM   Artist:  Carmen Lundy
  Song:  When Your Love Has Gone 
  Album:  Old Devil Moon
  Record Label: JVC
 7:15 PM   Artist:  Lynne Arriale
  Song:  Bye-ya 
  Album:  Solo
  Record Label: Motema
 7:27 PM   Artist:  Joe Powers
  Song:  Se Dice De mi 
  Album:  Amor de Tango
  Record Label: independent
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Ahmad Jamal
  Song:  Morning Mist 
  Album:  Blue Moon
  Record Label: Jazz Village
 7:35 PM   Artist:  Reuben Wilson
  Song:  Misty 
  Album:  Revisited
  Record Label: American Showplace
 7:46 PM   Artist:  Bill Evans
  Song:  Gone With The Wind 
  Album:  Top of The Gate
  Record Label: Resonance Records
 7:53 PM   Artist:  Sara Gazarek
  Song:  You'll See You 
  Album:  Where Time Stands Still
  Record Label: Charleston Square, 2012.

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