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5/4/2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:10 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Diminuendo & Crescendo In Blue, Single Petal of a Rose, Kinda Dukish & Rockin in Rhythm 1963 
  Album:  Great London Concerts
  Record Label: Musicmasters
 6:29 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Ray Brown
  Song:  Pitter Panther Patter 1972 
  Album:  This One's for Blanton
  Record Label: Pablo
 6:32 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Jimmy Blanton
  Song:  Mr. J.B. Blues 1940 
  Album:  Solos, duets and trios
  Record Label: Bluebird
 6:35 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Black & Tan Fantasy, Creole Love call, the Mooche 1959 
  Album:  Live in Paris 1959
  Record Label: Affinity
 6:49 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Bojangles 1940 
  Album:  Fargo North Dakota November 7, 1940
  Record Label: Natasha
 6:53 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Melletoba Spank 1959 
  Album:  Jazz Party
  Record Label: Columbia
 6:56 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington,Joe Pass,Ray Brown,Louis Bellson
  Song:  Cottontail 1973 
  Album:  Duke's Big 4
  Record Label: Pablo
 7:06 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Hy'a Sue 1948 
  Album:  Cornell University: Second Set
  Record Label: Musicmasters
 7:11 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington/Rosemary Clooney
  Song:  Sophisticated Lady 1956 
  Album:  Blue Rose
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:16 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington w/Anita Moore
  Song:  New York, New York 1973 
  Album:  Eastbourne Performance
  Record Label: RCA
 7:18 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra w Betty Roche
  Song:  Take the A Train 1951 
  Album:  Ellington Uptown
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:32 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington w Johnny Hodges
  Song:  Warm Valley, Drag 1968 
  Album:  Yale Concert
  Record Label: Fantasy
 7:40 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington
  Song:  Monologue: Pretty & the Wolf 1951 
  Album:  Monologue
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:48 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  One O'clock Jump 1958 
  Album:  Private Collection Dance Concerts
  Record Label: LMR
 7:49 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington
  Song:  Alice Blue Gown 1958 
  Album:  at the Bal Masque
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:53 PM   Artist:  Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington
  Song:  Imagine My Frustration 1966 
  Album:  Stockholm Concert
  Record Label: Jazz World

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