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3/20/2011 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:01 PM   Artist:  Ben Webster
  Song:  For heavens sake 
  Album:  Plays ballads
  Record Label: Storyville
  Notes: Guest host Larry Koenigsberg
 6:10 PM   Artist:  Jimmy Smith
  Song:  The organ grinder's swing 
  Album:  Organ grinder swing
  Record Label: Verve
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Tomasz Stanko
  Song:  Suspended variation VII 
  Album:  Suspended night
  Record Label: ECM
 6:20 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington
  Song:  Lotus blossom 
  Album:  And his mother called him Bill
  Record Label: RCA Victor
 6:28 PM   Artist:  Chuck Wayne
  Song:  The summer knows 
  Album:  Traveling
  Record Label: Progressive records
 6:33 PM   Artist:  Johnny Coles
  Song:  Pretty strange 
  Album:  The warm sound
  Record Label: Koch jazz
 6:40 PM   Artist:  Alvin Batiste, John Carter, Jimmy Hamilton, David Murray
  Song:  The jeep's blues / mood indigo / night mist blue / waltz a minute / Creole love call 
  Album:  Clarinet summit
  Record Label: India navigation
 6:54 PM   Artist:  Fats Waller
  Song:  You've been reading my mail 
  Album:  It's a sin to tell a lie
  Record Label: Jazztory
 7:00 PM   Artist:  Bud Powell
  Song:  Deep night 
  Album:  Strictly confidential
  Record Label: Black Lion
 7:05 PM   Artist:  Howard McGhee
  Song:  You're something else 
  Album:  Just be there
  Record Label: SteepleChase
 7:13 PM   Artist:  Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan
  Song:  Call me 
  Album:  Duo reunion
  Record Label: Optimism
 7:20 PM   Artist:  Mal Waldron
  Song:  Chazz jazz 
  Album:  One entrance, many exits
  Record Label: Palo Alto
 7:25 PM   Artist:  Hugh Masekela
  Song:  Maesha 
  Album:  Home is where the music is
  Record Label: Verve
 7:37 PM   Artist:  John Carter
  Song:  The fallen prince 
  Album:  Castles of Ghana
  Record Label: Gramavision
 7:47 PM   Artist:  Lennie Tristano
  Song:  You go to my head 
  Album:  Lennie Tristano / The new Tristano
  Record Label: Rhino
 7:52 PM   Artist:  Roy Haynes
  Song:  Sketch of Melba 
  Album:  Cracklin'
  Record Label: OJC

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