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2/5/2012 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Bill Mays Trio
  Song:  Judy 2003 (BM) 
  Album:  Going Home
  Record Label: Palmetto
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Bill Mays solo
  Song:  Boardwalk Blues (BM)/Jitterbug Waltz 1993 
  Album:  At Maybeck vol 26
  Record Label: Concord Jazz
 6:26 PM   Artist:  Bob Kindred w/Bill Mays
  Song:  Heart and Soul 1994 
  Album:  Hidden Treasures
  Record Label: Milan
 6:34 PM   Artist:  Bobby Shew w/Bill Mays
  Song:  Play Song 1980 (BM) 
  Album:  Play Song
  Record Label: Jazz Hounds
 6:41 PM   Artist:  Trudy Desmond
  Song:  Fascinatin' Rhythm 1998 
  Album:  My One And Only
  Record Label: Justin Time
 6:49 PM   Artist:  Bruce Eskovitz
  Song:  Moving Out 1993 
  Album:  One for Newk
  Record Label: Koch Jazz
 6:53 PM   Artist:  Bobby Shew w/Bill Mays
  Song:  Surprise Samba 1980 (BM) 
  Album:  Play Song
  Record Label: Jazz Hounds
 6:59 PM   Artist:  Ray Drummond/Bill Mays
  Song:  Peace Waltz (BM) 1991 
  Album:  One to One 2
  Record Label: DMP
 7:08 PM   Artist:  Bobby Shew w/Bill Mays
  Song:  Take Some Time to Walk With the One You Love 1980 
  Album:  Outstanding In His Field
  Record Label: Inner City
 7:22 PM   Artist:  Ron MCroby w/Bill Mays
  Song:  Joy Spring/If You Could See Me Now 1982 
  Album:  Plays Puccolo
  Record Label: Concord Jazz
 7:35 PM   Artist:  Bob Magnusson Quintet
  Song:  Dark Moment (BM) 1979 
  Album:  Revelation
  Record Label: Discovery
 7:48 PM   Artist:  John Goldsby Quartet
  Song:  3 Short Stories for Contrabass & Piano (BM) 1994 
  Album:  Tale of the Fingers
  Record Label: Concord Jazz
 7:56 PM   Artist:  Marvin Stamm Quartet
  Song:  Fun House 2007 (BM) 
  Album:  Alone Together
  Record Label: Jazzed Media

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