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2/1/2009 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:04 PM   Artist:  David "Fathead" Newman
  Song:  Mr Gentle & Mr Cool 1994 
  Album:  Mr. Gentle, Mr. Cool
  Record Label: Kokopelli
 6:09 PM   Artist:  Lou Rawls w/ Ray Charles, David Newman
  Song:  That's Where It's At 1989 
  Album:  At Last
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:13 PM   Artist:  James Clay w/David Newman
  Song:  Sister Sadie 1992 
  Album:  Cookin at the Continental
  Record Label: Antilles
 6:22 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles
  Song:   I Gotta Woman 1955 
  Album:  (orig a single) The Birth of Soul
  Record Label: Atlantic
 6:27 PM   Artist:  David Fathead Newman (flute)
  Song:  the Thirteenth Floor 1968 
  Album:  Bigger & Better/Many Facets of David Newman
  Record Label: Atlantic
 6:31 PM   Artist:  Eddie Harris/David Newman
  Song:  Sham Time 1967 
  Album:  Electifying Eddie Harris
  Record Label: Atlantic
 6:39 PM   Artist:  Charles Earland w/David Newman (soprano)
  Song:  That's a Good Question 1989 
  Album:  Third Degree Burn
  Record Label: Milestone
 6:48 PM   Artist:  Bluesiana Triangle (Dr John/Art Blakey/David Newman)
  Song:  Heads Up 1990 
  Album:  Bluesiana Triangle
  Record Label: Windham Hill
 6:56 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles w/David Newman
  Song:  Doodlin' 1956 
  Album:  Great Ray Charles
  Record Label: 
 7:03 PM   Artist:  Roseanna Vitro w/David Newman
  Song:  Night Time Is the Right Time/But On the Other Hand 
  Album:  Catchin' Some Rays
  Record Label: Telarc
 7:11 PM   Artist:  David Fathead Newman
  Song:  Girl Talk 2007 
  Album:  Life
  Record Label: HighNote
 7:16 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles/David Newman (flute)
  Song:  Come Rain or Come Shine 1962 
  Album:  Ray Charles-Berlin, 1962
  Record Label: Pablo
 7:27 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles w/David Newman
  Song:  Hard Times 1959 
  Album:  Ray Charles Presents David Newman
  Record Label: Blues + Jazz
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Chryl Bentyne w/David Newman
  Song:  Everything Happens to Me 2004 
  Album:  Talk of the Town
  Record Label: Telarc
 7:40 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles Orchestra
  Song:  I Got a Woman 1958 
  Album:  Ray Charles at Newport
  Record Label: Atlantic
 7:46 PM   Artist:  Aretha Franklin w/David Newman
  Song:  Crazy He Calls Me 1969 
  Album:  Aretha Franklin Soul '69 (Aretha's Jazz)
  Record Label: Atlantic
 7:54 PM   Artist:  Johnny Griffin
  Song:  The Cat 1991 
  Album:  The Cat
  Record Label: Antilles

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