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12/12/2010 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Nat "King" Cole Trio
  Song:  Tea For Two/Lush Life 1949 
  Album:  Forgotten 1949 Carnegie Hall Concert
  Record Label: Hep
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Vince Guaraldi Trio
  Song:  Samba de Orfeo 1962 
  Album:  Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus
  Record Label: Fantasy
 6:23 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson Trio
  Song:  You Make Me Feel So Young 1959 
  Album:  8 Classic Albums (Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra)
  Record Label: Real Gone Jazz
 6:28 PM   Artist:  Frank Sinatra
  Song:  You Make Me Feel So Young 1955 
  Album:  Songs for Swingin' Lovers
  Record Label: Capitol
 6:29 PM   Artist:  Red Garland Trio
  Song:  Satin Doll 1959 
  Album:  At the Prelude
  Record Label: Prestige
 6:43 PM   Artist:  Dave Brubeck/Gerry Mullican/Cincinnati Symphony
  Song:  Elementals 1971 
  Album:  Brubeck/Mulligan/Cincinnati
  Record Label: Decca
 7:07 PM   Artist:  James Moody
  Song:  I Can't Get Started 1991 
  Album:  Honey
  Record Label: Novus
 7:12 PM   Artist:  Carmen McRae w/Dave Brubeck
  Song:  In the Lurch  
  Album:  Real Ambassadors
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:15 PM   Artist:  Buddy Collette Quintet
  Song:  the Cute Monster 1958 
  Album:  Soft Touch
  Record Label: Fresh Sound
 7:23 PM   Artist:  LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & ROSS w/Brubeck
  Song:  Swing Bells, Blow Satchmo 
  Album:  Real Ambassadors
  Record Label: COLUMBIA
 7:33 PM   Artist:  Teddy Wilson Trio
  Song:  How High the Moon 1957 
  Album:  Complete Verve Recordings Teddy Wilson Trio
  Record Label: Mosaic
 7:35 PM   Artist:  Teddy Wilson Trio
  Song:  Limehouse Blues 1956 
  Album:  Complete Verve Recordings Teddy Wilson Trio
  Record Label: 
 7:41 PM   Artist:  Dave Brubeck
  Song:  Bru's Boogie Woogie/Blue Shadows in the Street 1961 
  Album:  Time Further Out
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:53 PM   Artist:  James Moody
  Song:  Wave 1973 
  Album:  Feelin' It Together
  Record Label: Muse

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