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11/2/2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:04 PM   Artist:  Ken Nordine
  Song:  What Time Is It? 1967 
  Album:  Word Jazz
  Record Label: MCA
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Nat King Cole Trio
  Song:  Come In Out of the Rain 1946 
  Album:  Complete Capitol Recordings of the Nat King Cole Trio
  Record Label: Mosaic
 6:08 PM   Artist:  Alan Broadbent Trio
  Song:  With the Wind and the Rain In Her Hair 2003 
  Album:  You and the Night and the Music
  Record Label: A440
 6:15 PM   Artist:  Sonny Stitt and Bennie Green
  Song:  Night Has a Thousand Eyes 1964 
  Album:  My Main Man
  Record Label: Cadet
 6:24 PM   Artist:  Nat King Cole Trio
  Song:  But She's My Buddy's Chick 1946 
  Album:  Complete Capitol Recordings of the Nat King Cole Trio
  Record Label: Mosaic
 6:27 PM   Artist:  Diana Krall
  Song:  Frim Fram Sauce 1996 
  Album:  All For You: a dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio
  Record Label: Impulse
 6:33 PM   Artist:  Oscar Peterson Trio (Thigpen, Brown)
  Song:  Roundalay, Mumbles 1964 
  Album:  Oscar Peterson + One
  Record Label: Mercury
 6:42 PM   Artist:  Count Basie Orchestra
  Song:  Li'l Ol' Groovemaker...Basie 1963 
  Album:  Li'l Ol' Groovemaker...Basie
  Record Label: Verve
 6:45 PM   Artist:  Count Basie/Joe Williams
  Song:  In the Evening (when the sun goes down) 1955 
  Album:  Count Basie Swings/Joe Williams Sings
  Record Label: Verve
 6:48 PM   Artist:  Count Basie Orchestra
  Song:  Dance of the Gremlins 1943 
  Album:  V-disc 1943-1945
  Record Label: Official
 6:51 PM   Artist:  Billy Taylor w/ Oliver Nelson Orchestra
  Song:  It's a Grand Night for Swinging 1963? 
  Album:  Up Tempo Taylor
  Record Label: Tower
 6:57 PM   Artist:  Stanley Turrentine w/ Oliver Nelson
  Song:  River's Invitation 1965 
  Album:  Joyride
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:05 PM   Artist:  Grant Green
  Song:  Creature 1976 
  Album:  Main Attraction
  Record Label: KUDU
 7:17 PM   Artist:  Grant Green
  Song:  It ain't Necessarily So 1962 
  Album:  Complete Blue Note Recordings of Grant Green w/Sonny Clark (Nigeria)
  Record Label: Mosaic (Blue Note)
 7:31 PM   Artist:  Bill Mays/Ray Drummond
  Song:  Alone Together 1989 
  Album:  One to One
  Record Label: DMP
 7:44 PM   Artist:  The Drummonds-Ray, Billy, Renee Rosnes
  Song:  My Romance 2002 
  Album:  Pas De Trois
  Record Label: True Life
 7:46 PM   Artist:  Johnny Hartman
  Song:  Easy Living 1980 
  Album:  Once In Every Life
  Record Label: Beehive
 7:53 PM   Artist:  Eddie Henderson
  Song:  Surrey with the Fringe On Top 1995 
  Album:  Inspiration
  Record Label: Milestone

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