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10/25/2009 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:08 PM   Artist:  Quincy Jones
  Song:  Walkin' 1970 
  Album:  Gula Matari
  Record Label: A&M
 6:11 PM   Artist:  Miles Davis All-Stars
  Song:  Walkin' 1954 
  Album:  Walkin'
  Record Label: Original Jazz Classics (Prestige)
 6:27 PM   Artist:  Sam Jones
  Song:  In Walked Ray 1976 
  Album:  Cello Again
  Record Label: Xanadu
 6:32 PM   Artist:  Ray Brown Trio
  Song:  How Insensitive 1989 
  Album:  Black Orpheus
  Record Label: Evidence
 6:45 PM   Artist:  Ray Brown Trio with Michael Moore
  Song:  Bye Bye Blackbird 1990 
  Album:  Moore Makes 4
  Record Label: Concord
 6:54 PM   Artist:  John Coltrane
  Song:  Good Bait 1958 
  Album:  Soultrane
  Record Label: Prestige
 7:08 PM   Artist:  Herbie Hancock
  Song:  Speak Like a Child 1968 
  Album:  Speak Like a Child
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:17 PM   Artist:  Heath Brothers
  Song:  We Need Peace And We Need Love 1980 
  Album:  Live at the Public Theater
  Record Label: Columbia
 7:28 PM   Artist:  Vince Guaraldi/Bola Sete
  Song:  Casaba 1963 
  Album:  and Friends
  Record Label: Fantasy
 7:40 PM   Artist:  Billy Taylor
  Song:  Echoes of Ellington 1977 
  Album:  Jazz Alive
  Record Label: Monmouth Evergreen

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