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10/11/2009 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:03 PM   Artist:  Michel Petrucciani
  Song:  Looking Up 1998 
  Album:  Live Solo
  Record Label: Dreyfus
 6:07 PM   Artist:  Andre Previn
  Song:  I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling 1953 
  Album:  Andre Previn Plays Fats Waller
  Record Label: Pinnacle
 6:18 PM   Artist:  Dorothy Ashby
  Song:  Pawky 1958 
  Album:  In a Minor Groove
  Record Label: Prestige
 6:34 PM   Artist:  Eldar
  Song:  Moanin' 2005 
  Album:  Eldar
  Record Label: Sony
 6:43 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington Orchestra
  Song:  Kinda Dukish/Rockin' in Rhythm 1960 
  Album:  Piano in the Background
  Record Label: Sony
 6:55 PM   Artist:  Red Garland
  Song:  'Tis Autumn 1958 
  Album:  All Kinds of Weather
  Record Label: Original Jazz Classics
 7:10 PM   Artist:  Bob Dorough
  Song:  'Tis Autumn 1966 
  Album:  Just About Everything
  Record Label: Evidence
 7:19 PM   Artist:  Gary Bartz
  Song:  By Myself 1994 
  Album:  Red and Orange Poems
  Record Label: Atlantic
 7:27 PM   Artist:  Johnny Hartman
  Song:  By Myself 1980 
  Album:  Once In Every Life
  Record Label: Beehive
 7:36 PM   Artist:  Heath Brothers
  Song:  A Sound for Sore Ears 1982 
  Album:  Brotherly Love
  Record Label: Antilles
 7:43 PM   Artist:  Heath Brothers
  Song:  Two Tees 2009 
  Album:  Endurance
  Record Label: Jazz Legacy Productions
 7:53 PM   Artist:  Roger Kellaway Trio
  Song:  Meditation 2005 
  Album:  Remembering Bobby Darin
  Record Label: IPO
 7:54 PM   Artist:  Benny Carter
  Song:  Blue Star 1966 
  Album:  Further Definitions
  Record Label: Impulse
 7:55 PM   Artist:  Ray Charles
  Song:  Deed I Do 1959 
  Album:  Genius of Ray Charles
  Record Label: Atlantic

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