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1/9/2011 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:00 PM   Artist:  Carmen McRae
  Song:  If the moon turns green 
  Album:  The Erteguns' New York
  Record Label: Atlantic
  Notes: Guest host Larry Koenigsberg
 6:05 PM   Artist:  Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan
  Song:  Blues in thirds 
  Album:  Trouble in mind
  Record Label: Steeplechase
 6:12 PM   Artist:  Earl Hines
  Song:  Warm valley 
  Album:  Plays Duke Ellington
  Record Label: New world records
 6:22 PM   Artist:  Lee Morgan
  Song:  God bless the child 
  Album:  Blue Note plays Billie Holiday
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:30 PM   Artist:  Muhal Richard Abrams
  Song:  Afrisong 
  Album:  Afrisong
  Record Label: India navigation
 6:38 PM   Artist:  Grant Green
  Song:  Sweet slumber 
  Album:  Am I blue
  Record Label: Blue Note
 6:47 PM   Artist:  Jack Teagarden
  Song:  A hundred years from today 
  Album:  A hundred years from today
  Record Label: Grudge
 6:50 PM   Artist:  Mal Waldron
  Song:  I should care 
  Album:  Update
  Record Label: Soul Note
 7:00 PM   Artist:  Charlie Christian
  Song:  Topsy ("Swing to bop") 
  Album:  A history of the jazz guitar - the Charlie Christian revolution
  Record Label: Proper
 7:10 PM   Artist:  Bud Powell
  Song:  Sometimes I'm happy 
  Album:  Complete 1947-1951 Blue Note, Verve & Roost sessions
  Record Label: Jazz factory
 7:14 PM   Artist:  Charlie Parker
  Song:  Dewey Square 
  Album:  Complete Dial sessions
  Record Label: Stash
 7:17 PM   Artist:  Thelonious Monk
  Song:  Little Rootie Tootie 
  Album:  Complete Black Lion and Vogue recordings
  Record Label: Mosaic
 7:22 PM   Artist:  Charles Tolliver
  Song:  Truth 
  Album:  Live at the Loodrecht Jazz Festival
  Record Label: Strata-East
 7:37 PM   Artist:  Duke Ellington
  Song:  Just A-Settin' and A-Rockin' 
  Album:  The Blanton-Webster band
  Record Label: RCA
 7:42 PM   Artist:  Jane Bunnett
  Song:  Nkosi sikel'i Africa 
  Album:  Red dragonfly
  Record Label: EMI
 7:50 PM   Artist:  David Murray
  Song:  Flor na Paul 
  Album:  Creole
  Record Label: Justin Time
 7:58 PM   Artist:  Paul Bley
  Song:  And now the Queen 
  Album:  Closer
  Record Label: ESP

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