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1/27/2013 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 6:00 PM   Artist:  Doug Anders
  Song:  Guest Host 
  Album:  This Evening.
  Record Label: sub
 6:01 PM   Artist:  Michel Petrucciani
  Song:  Looking Up 
  Album:  Live
  Record Label: Dreyfus
 6:04 PM   Artist:  Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet
  Song:  Blues on Down 
  Album:  Blues on Down
  Record Label: Chess MCA
 6:10 PM   Artist:  Benny Golson
  Song:  The Stroller 
  Album:  Groovin' With Golson (LP)
  Record Label: New Jazz
 6:22 PM   Artist:  Keely Smith
  Song:  More Than You Know 
  Album:  Vegas '58 - Today
  Record Label: Concord
  Notes: ftmlmw
 6:27 PM   Artist:  Randy Porter Trio
  Song:  On Green Dolphin Street 
  Album:  Brio
  Record Label: Heavywood
 6:33 PM   Artist:  Roberta Gambarini & Hank Jones
  Song:  When Lights Are Low 
  Album:  You Are There
  Record Label: Emarcy
 6:41 PM   Artist:  Nordic Connect
  Song:  Travel Fever 
  Album:  Spirals
  Record Label: ArtistShare
 6:47 PM   Artist:  Sunna Gunnlaugs Quartet
  Song:  Shifting Seasons 
  Album:  Live in Europe
  Record Label: Sunny Sky Records
 6:56 PM   Artist:  Benny Golson
  Song:  Little Karin 
  Album:  Free
  Record Label: Universal
 7:02 PM   Artist:  David Friesen
  Song:  Dedicated to You 
  Album:  Connection
  Record Label: ITM Archives
  Notes: ftmlmw
 7:09 PM   Artist:  John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
  Song:  Dedicated to You 
  Album:  John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
  Record Label: MCA/Impulse!
  Notes: ftmlmw
 7:16 PM   Artist:  Bobby Hutcherson
  Song:  'Til Then 
  Album:  Oblique
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:22 PM   Artist:  Bobby Hutcherson
  Song:  Short Stuff 
  Album:  Farewell Keystone
  Record Label: Evidence
 7:29 PM   Artist:  Tony Williams
  Song:  title track 
  Album:  Foreign Intrigue
  Record Label: Blue Note
  Notes: Wazzup Craig!
 7:34 PM   Artist:  Wayne Shorter
  Song:  title track 
  Album:  Speak No Evil
  Record Label: Blue Note
 7:44 PM   Artist:  Alan Pasqua
  Song:  You Must Believe in Spring 
  Album:  My New Old Friend
  Record Label: Cryptogramophone, 2005.
 7:49 PM   Artist:  Sarah Vaughan
  Song:  Send in the Clowns 
  Album:  In the City of Lights
  Record Label: Justin Time
  Notes: In memory of Terry Ogburn
 7:57 PM   Artist:  Bobo Stenson
  Song:  Send in the Clowns 
  Album:  Goodbye
  Record Label: ECM
  Notes: In honor of Terry Ogburn

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