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Saturday Cafe

Frank Gosar
Host Frank Gosar

Saturday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Hosted by Frank Gosar

Mostly acoustic, folk and singer songwriter music, with a preference for songs that tell a story, or introduce listeners to people or places they may never have been before.


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About the Host:

 Potter, sculptor, teddy-bear maker. Cartoonist, silkscreener, rubber stamp designer, graphic artist and desktop publisher. Singer, songwriter, and children's storyteller... These are among the skills and occupations Frank Gosar can include on his resume. But to KLCC listeners, he's best known as the knowledgeable and entertaining host of one of the best crafted folk programs on the air: The Saturday Cafe.

Frank has hosted the Saturday Cafe since 1990. He programs a broad palette of music, from traditional and ethnic tunes to singer/songwriter selections, favoring songs that tell a story, paint a picture, or take the listener some place s/he's never been. The late morning timing of the program makes it ideal for touring musicians to drop by; nearly half of his programs feature a live or recorded interview set. Frank can be silly as well as serious, not surprising from someone who collaborated on two children's albums, "My Brother Eats Bugs" and "When I'm Feeling Silly."

Growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin, Frank listened to his father play Slovenian polkas and waltzes on the button accordion. From his grandmother he got a love of stories which translated into adult interests in folklore and storytelling. His love of folk music continued to develop in college, listening to bluegrass and tuning in regularly to hear "Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio, as well as attending live touring shows of "A Prairie Home Companion." His radio career began in La Crosse, Wisconsin, as a storyteller for "Earticklers," a local children's show on WLSU.

Frank holds a B.A. in Art and Math from Viterbo University in La Crosse, and an M.F.A. in Ceramics from the U of O. He currently produces his work at Club Mud Clay Co-op (Maude Kerns Art Center), and sells pottery at his Saturday Market booth, Off Center Ceramics, and sculpture at the Alder Gallery in Coburg. His wife Denise, a reformed microbiologist and paper-maker, shares his love of music and his Saturday Market booth, making it possible for him to continue to program radio on Saturday mornings. They are jointly owned and exacerbated by far too many cats.




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