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Continental Drift

Kyle Christopher
Host Kyle Christopher

Friday 11 p.m. - 1 a.m.

Host:  Kyle Christopher

Progressive Rock and Jazz-Rock Fusion.

What does "progressive" mean, anyway? We think, in terms of music, that it means putting a new and vibrant and often elaborate twist on something tried and true. Which is what some of the best musicians of the past fifty years have been doing with rock and roll - frequently adding a jazz syncopation, or an avant-garde innovation, or drawing upon the deep well of Classical and Baroque forms to produce some of the world's most engaging and stimulating, creative and surprising, thoughtful and at the same time passionate, melodic and yet rock-driven, in a word: beautiful contemporary music.


About your host Kyle Christopher:
A poet-entrepeneur of the worst stripe. Raised all over the world, settled, mostly more than less, in Eugene for quite some time now. Degree in English Lit from the Honors College at the U of Oregon (thesis: Irish Rocker Rory Gallagher as a Petrarchist poet, plus poems) and some post-graduate work in Linguistics. Works at canning & selling pure grape juice, rescuing books and lumber and firewood, and occasionally constructs. Built his own (fully permitted!) small home from rescued materials. Last year filmed and produced a full-length movie (available on DVD...) entitled Zepparella Play the Axe and Fiddle - and Eugene Celebration! [Zepparella being a dynamic all-female Led Zeppelin cover band out of the bay area.] Currently creating (with Chris Owen) a two-cd recording - working title: "Space Poems" - combining electronicised guitar and other instruments with the narrative/speculative poetry of his book Heart in My Mouth. His full name is Kyle Christopher DeBord; he just goes by the first two for music and writing and art and radio.

Kyle also hosts New Dreamers at 11 p.m. on Tuesdays.




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