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Airs Sunday Noon-1 p.m.

Food For Thought is designed to entertain and educate the public about food issues and news, both locally and on a global scale. Listeners can call 800-922-3682 or 541-463-KLCC during the show with comments and questions, or email food@klcc.org

Hosted by Ryan Dawe-Stotz, Boris Wiedenfeld, Laura McCandlish, Anni Katz & Jennifer Levin


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6/30/2013  -  Marie Simmons: Cooking with Honey
-Brandon and Anni peruse the latest food news:
Downton Abbey now has its own wine.
The government lowers the boom on unhealthy snacks in school.
Taco Bell in Ohio is pushing power protein.
The mob in Europe is getting into counterfeit paprika.
In Snohomish County, Washington, coffee stands have been shut down for selling a lot more than coffee.
The Huffington Post rates the snobbiest cities in the US.
-Cookbook author Marie Simmons joins us to talk about her latest book, A Taste of Honey.
-One Northwest entrepreneur is on a mason bee campaign. Martha Baskin reports.

6/23/2013  -  Amy McCann: Eugene Local Foods
-Ryan and Brandon review the latest food news:
          Paula Dean is in trouble for using the N word, amongst other things.
          A study says plants have circadian rhythms.
          Monsanto blames sabotage for the GMO wheat found in Oregon.
          This years World Food Prize goes to Monsantos Chief Technology Officer.
          The USDA approved a label for non-GMO meat.
-Amy McCann joins us to talk about Eugene Local Foods, local food news, and local food technology.
-The new farm bill could result in fewer acres of farm land set aside for conservation. Amy Mayer of Harvest Public Media reports.
-Producer Jake Warga takes us on an audio tour of Seattles Pike Place Market.

6/16/2013  -  Heather Arndt Anderson: History of Breakfast

-Boris and Anni read the latest food news:
       A Cheerio add is causing a sensation.
       Charlie Trotter is being sued for selling counterfeit wine.
       Sucralose has a safety downgrade.
       The potato cartel comes under fire.
       Your favorite organic brands are probably owned by big business.
       Beyond Eggs is coming.
       A Kobe beef jerky scheme on Kickstarter turns out to be a scam.
       Pabst Blue Ribbon in China celebrates the US Army.
       A woman in Seattle plans to live mostly on light.
-A Native-owned seafood shop opens in Cascade Locks. Anna King reports.
-A group in Seattle is removing hundred of abandoned fishing nets from the bottom on Puget Sound. Ashley Ahearn reports.
-We speak with author Heather Arndt Anderson about the wonders of breakfast and her new book, Breakfast: A History.

6/09/2013  -  Corey Wisun
-Jennifer and Ryan read the latest food news:
       Congress is considering allowing meat processors to speed up slaughtering lines.
       A restaurant in New York does away with tipping.
       Whiskey makers are increasingly marketing to the Jewish population.
       Monsanto is being sued by northwest wheat growers.
-We speak with Chef Corey Wisun, of Falling Sky Brewery, about his plans for a Jewish deli in Eugene.
-Nancy Greenleese examines olive oil tasting.
-Ryan and Jennifer taste some obscure potato chips.

6/02/2013  -  Clive Wanstall
-Ryan and Brandon read the latest food news.
       Healthy snacks in vending machines could lead to less business for the blind citizens who stock the machines.
       The hands-free Whopper holder comes to Puerto Rico.
       Alcoholic beverages can now have nutrition labels.
       Greek yogurt leads to an excess of acidic whey.
       GMO wheat shows up in Oregon.
-Clive Wanstall stops by to talk about the LCC Culinary Program and their upcoming Classical Cuisine Dinner.

5/26/2013  -  Summer Grilling
-Ryan and Anni deliver the latest food news:
       Buffalo Trace Distillery is facing a bourbon shortage.
       A woman in Charlotte had her son arrested for stealing her pop tarts.
       Chez Panisse is reopening after a large fire.
       Marijuana-fed pork is now for sell in Seattle.
       New labeling laws are giving shoppers more info about where their meat was raised.
-Ryan and Anni solicit grilling questions, recommendations, and survivor stories.
-OPB's David Nogueras reports on what it takes to brand beer.

5/19/2013  --  Party Downtown/Hank Shaw
-Boris and Jennifer peruse the latest food news:
       Bees and are dying and it could get very bad.
       The federal government wants to lower the legal blood-alcohol level fro driving.
       The Four Seasons could get a huge increase in their rent.
       The CEO of Monsanto cries "elitism."
       Jamie Oliver's restaurant is in trouble for selling regular pasta as gluten free.
       The FDA is holding up a study that would lower the recommended levels of certain mercury laden sea foods.
-We speak with the owners of Party Cart and Red Wagon Creamery to talk about their new location, Party Downtown.
-We call hunter, gatherer, and award winning author Hank Shaw to talk about his new book, "Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild.

5/05/2013  -  Eugene Beer Week/James West Party Downtown

-Boris and Ryan deliver the latest food news:
                California is suing Whole Foods and Trader Joes for selling lead-tainted ginger candies.
                Makers Mark sees a boost in sales after a dilution scare.
                The USDA plans to lift the ban on certain Italian cured meats.
                The US is hesitant to blame pesticides for honey bee die offs.
                The president of France plans to sell some off some of his wine cellar.
-The first ever gelato museum opens in Italy. Nancy Greesleese reports.
-Oakshire Brewing’s Matt Van Wyk stops by to talk about Eugene Beer Week.
-Quickie whiskey is quickly gaining traction in the US. Ideastream’s Brian Bull reports.
-Bartender James West stops by to talk about the new Party Downtown.

4/28/2013  -  Camas Davis and the Portland Meat Collective
-Ryan and Jennifer peruse the latest food news:
       Eugene's Soubise now has an opening date.
       Twinkies are back.
       Peter Defazio has sponsored a GMO labeling bill.
-We call Camas Davis to talk about meat, butchering meat, and the Portland Meat Collective.

4/21/2013  -  Listener Recommendations
-Ryan and Anni solicit restaurant recommendations from listeners.
-Wine writer Paul Gregutt stirs some passions in the industry by starting his own winery. Anna King reports.

4/14/2013  -  Paul Atkinson/Charlotte Biltekoff
-Ryan and Jennifer review Chef's Night Out.
-The food news is delivered:
       Listeria leads to a recall in Louisiana
       Somebody approved tetracycline as organic
-Paul Atkinson of Laughing Stock Farm stops by to talk about whey-fed pork and the That's My Farmer event.
-We call Dr. Charlotte Biltekoff to talk about her book Eating right in  America: The cultural politics of food and health.

4/07/2013  -  Terry Theise
-Boris and Ryan check in with Jennifer Burns Levin at the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference.
-The latest food news is read:
       A new beer can top is coming our way.
       The US eats way too much sodium.
       Sorghum is safe for people with celiac disease.
       Fish consumption is good for you.
-We call wine importer, author, filmmaker and raconteur Terry Theise to talk about interesting wines.

3/24/2013  -  Drunken Botanist/Log House Plants
-Ryan and Jennifer read the latest food news:
       Passover ice cream has come to Portland
       Chefs' Night Out is coming to the Hult Center
-Monsanto's patent for Roundup-Ready soybeans expires next year. Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media reports.
-We speak with author Amy Stewart about her latest book, The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World's Greatest Books.
-We call Alice Doyle of Log House Plants to talk about their Drunken Botanist collection.

3/17/2013  -  Sake/Propagation Fair
-Boris and Ryan look through the latest food news:
       Dead pigs keep showing up in a Chinese river.
       Scientists are finding more fish affected by the leaking radiation near the Fukushima power plant.
       A man in Russia took several people hostage and demanded a pizza.
       A California wine company buys 400 acres in the Willamette Valley.
       Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban is blocked.
       Kinder Surprise might be coming to the US.
-We call Marcus Pakiser to talk about the wide world of sake.
-We speak with Nick Routledge about the spring propagation fair at LCC.

3/10/2013  -  Claim 52 Brewing
-Ryan and Anni read the latest food news:
       The best restaurant in the world has norovirus.
       LED lights are coming to beer cooler near you.
       The Chez Panisse restaurant caught on fire.
       Whole Foods is planning to label GMO foods.
-Trevor Ross and Mercy McDonald of Claim 52 Brewing stop by to talk about beer.
-Safety concerns threaten the US raw milk cheese market. Abbie Fentress Swanson of Harvest Public Media reports.
-The mafia in Sicily is making life hard for bakeries. Nancy Greenleese reports.

3/03/2013  -  Joshua James/Huerto de la Familia
-Boris and Jennifer read the latest food news:
       Yes, the horse meat scandal continues.
       KFC is cleaning up its act in China.
       China really needs to stop eating tigers.
       It is now time to plant peas.
       The FDA is soliciting feedback about some new food safety laws.
-We speak with musician and farmer Joshua James about living off the land an on the road.
-Sarah Cantrill, executive director of Huerto de la Familia, stops by to talk about organic gardening education and micro-business farms.

2/24/2012  -  Terry Dawson of Coburg Pizza Company
-Ryan and Brandon read the latest food news:
       The CEO of Peanut Corp. of America is indicted in a salmonella cover up.
       The Wendy's chili finger lady is back in the news.
       The fish mislabeling problem in the US is worse than we thought.
-The USDA is trying to modernize the poultry inspection process and it has plenty of detractors. Amy Mayer of Harvest Public Media reports.
-Terry Dawson of the Coburg Pizza Company stops by to talk about pizza greatness.
-Washington law makers are deciding whether to label GMOs. Steve Jackson of Spokane Public Radio reports.
-Biologists in Washington are scrambling to move a small population of white-tailed deer before a local dike fails. Courtney Flatt of Earthfix reports.

2/17/2013  -  Alice Feiring
-Ryan and Anni share their meals of the week and read the latest food news:
       Lays Potato chips have announced the finalists for their new flavor.
       Anni finds kindred spirits online who have an irrational fear of holes in food.
       Salmonella cases are linked to Foster Farms chicken.
       Makers Mark Bourbon now says they are not going to lower their alcohol content.
       Nine students in Georgia were suspended for a pre-planned food fight.
-Tobi Sovak, of Noisette Pastry Kitchen, stops by to talk about Brides on Broadway.
-We call author and wine critic Alice Feiring about the adventure of drinking natural wine.

2/10/2013  -  Food for Lane County
-Boris and Jennifer take a look at the latest food news:
       Folks in Singapore are ringing in the new year with communally-tossed salad.
       The horse meat scandal in Europe is galloping out of control.
       A study finds a ban on plastic bags leads to more e. coli infections.
       The fiscal cliff is going to put a damper on the USDA and meat sales.
       GMO proponents are getting cozy with the Obama administration.
-Idaho is looking to defend the Idaho brand from growers in Turkey. Jessica Robinson reports.
-We speak with Beverlee Hughes the Executive Director of Food for Lane County about feeding the hungry.

2/03/2012  -  Microbrew Festival Homebrew Competition
-Ryan and Brandon peruse the latest food news:
       Doritos is pleased to announce a Taco Bell-flavored chip.
       Burger King accidentally sold hamburgers laced with horse meat in the UK.
       The Department of Agriculture plans on limiting calorie counts in school vending machines.
       German beer drinking is down.
       Budweiser aims to buy the Corona brand.
-Jason Carriere, of Falling Sky Brewing, stops by to talk about the KLCC Microbrew Festival and the homebrew competition.
-The new farm bill cut funding for organic agriculture programs. Abbie Fentress Swanson, of Harvest Public Media, reports.
-Northwest Winemakers are trying to whet the whistle of China's emerging middle class. Anna King reports.

1/27/2013  -  Hanne Blank
-Jared Pruch calls in to talk about the upcoming Local Food Connection Conference.
-Ryan and Jennifer read the latest food news:
       Mac Donald's is now going start serving certified sustainable seafood.
       Wal-Mart is no longer opposing GMO labeling on food.
-We talk sandwiches, coffee and libations with the men from The Barn Light.
-We call author Hanne Blank to talk about her book, The Unapologetic Fat Girl's Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts.

1/20/2013  -  Anthony Boutard
-Boris and Brandon read the latest food news:
       RadioLab explains why pig rectum is being served at some restaurants.
       The star of Ace of Cakes is cooking the official cake for the President Obama's inauguration.
       Flying Fish Brewery introduces the FU Sandy beer.
       Subway comes under fire for selling 11-inch-long subs.
       Yelp is going to include health inspection grades in its reviews.
       Mario Batali says kohlrabi and beet greens will be big in 2013.
       The Super Deli Mart in Seattle is offering tastes of the world's most expensive beer this week.
-Scientists are working to stabilize populations of Pacific lamprey. Courtney Flatt of Earthfix reports.
-Wal-Mart says 11% of its produce is local. Abbie Fentress Swanson looks into those numbers.
-We call farmer, author and, local food activist Anthony Boutard to talk about corn and growing organic on the 45th parallel.

1/13/2013  -  Vitaly Paley
-Ryan and Anni discuss the latest food news:
     Restaurateur April Boomfield is coming to San Francisco.
     Bluefin Tuna is even more overfished than we thought.
- We call Portland Restaurant legend Vitaly Paley to talk about his career, Portland food, and his two new restaurants.

1/06/2013  -  Sprout Food Hub
-Ryan and Jennifer speak with Kristie Steele about the upcoming Fun with Fermentation event.
-Laurie Trieger stops by to talk about the Sprout Food Hub.
-Ryan and Jennifer taste strange licorice from Holland.
-Martha Baskin reports on efforts to help the oyster in Puget Sound.

12/23/2012  -  Naomi Duguid
-Ryan and Anni sort through the latest food news:
       A new e-cookbook to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy relief is now on sale.
       The USDA says genetically modified salmon is ok.
       Starbucks is opening a nonStarbucks coffee shop in NY.
       A famous oyster farm in California gets a stay of execution.
       Poison centers are imploring kids not to take the cinnamon challenge.
-We call author Naomi Duguid to talk about her book Burma: Rivers of Flavor.

12/16/2012  -  Jeffrey Morgenthaler/Tom Fitzmorris
-Ryan and Jennifer enjoy some “Cool American” Doritos from Amsterdam.
-We speak with legendary Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler about aging eggnog.
-We call radio personality Tom Fitzmorris to talk about the food of New Orleans.

12/09/2012  - Ed Behr- The Art of Eating

-Ryan and Boris review the latest food new:
       Vandals dumped vats full of Italy's prized brunello di montalcino.
       A handgun was found in case of frozen meat at an Albertson's in Roswell, New Mexico.
       The Department of Justice has decided to no longer investigate Monsanto for anticompetitive practices.
       Researchers find about half of all beef, pork, and chicken, in the US is infected with the bacteria that leads to staff infections.
       Martha Stewart came down with Salmonella after a busy Thanksgiving season.
       Food critic Jonathan Gold is going to star in a new documentary.
-Oregon's Abacela Winery and Vineyard is finding success in using exotic animal manure. Amelia Templeton reports.
-We speak with Ed Behr, founder of The Art of Eating magazine.

12/02/2012  -  Barley's Angels/Chestnuts

-Ryan and Anni deliver the latest food news:
       The patent office says Dunkin Donuts can not be the "best coffee in America."
       Bartenders rally to help pay the Murray Stenson's medical bills.
       Sixty-nine percent of pork tested has a antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria.
       The Sunland peanut plant has been shut down.
-Professional brewer Christina Canto stops by to talk about Barley's Angels and getting women together to drink beer.
-Scientists are trying to revive the American chestnut, Hal B. Klein reports.

11/18/2012  -  Gastro Nomad/Whiteaker Thanksgiving/Hank Shaw
-Boris and Brandon look through the latest food news:
        The maker of Twinkies in going under.
        Chef Jamie Oliver says he’s never read a book.
        The New York Times gives Guy Fieri’s latest restaurant a horrible review.
        A farmer in China makes better bacon by sending his pigs off a diving board.
        A California slaughter house has reached a symbolic settlement for its mistreatment of animals.
        Cakes in Florida have listeria.
        The WTF restaurant opens in Washington DC.
        Turns out that the winner of Chef Wanted wasn’t wanted after all.
-We speak with Benjamin Maude who is the owner of Eugene’s newest food truck, GastroNomad.
-Beverly Farfan, of Whiteaker Community Dinners, stops by to talk turkey.
-We call hunter, gatherer, author Hank Shaw to talk about wild turkey.

11/11/2012  -  Vanilla Jill's/Kombucha/Turkey Tips
-Megan and Tim Stevens of Vanilla Jill's stop by to talk about their growing frozen yogurt empire.
-We call Larry McGrath of Brew Doctor Kombucha to talk about all things kombucha.
-We talk turkey with Nellie Oehler of the Oregon State University Extension Service.
-Ryan and Jennifer peruse the latest food news:
       An incident of octopus punching near Seattle raises much ire.
       Orders for take-out spiked on election night.
       California's GMO labeling law did not pass and now you can label them yourself.
       Salmonella and bagged spinach are back together again.
       Nestle recalls some Nesquik because of salmonella.

11/04/2012  -  Joy Knudtson/Ken Albala

-Legendary owner of Brail's Resturnt, Joy Knudtson, stops by to talk about hangover breakfasts, Korean Food, and success in the food industry.
-We call author and food historian Ken Albala to talk about his latest book, "The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home: The Happy Luddites' Guide to Domestic Self-Sufficiency."
-Anni and Ryan discuss food news and the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

10/28/2012  - Vintage Report /Noisette Pastry Kitchen/Mom's Pies
Boris and Ryan discuss the latest food news:
       A new report found 48 percent of the fish they tested was mislabeled.
       The approval numbers for California's GMO Labeling bill are slipping.
       A 14 year old girl with a heart arrhythmia has died after drinking energy drinks.
-We call Herb Quady of Quady North and Dai Crisp of Lumos Wine Company and Temperance Hill Vineyard to talk about the 2012 wine season.
-Tobi Sovak stops by to talk about her brand new Noisette Pastry Kitchen.
-Lou Sangermano drops in to discuss the resurrection of the legendary Mom's Pies.

10/21/2012  -  Mushrooms/Norton Wine
Ryan and Brandon sort through the latest food news:
       A California man is fighting global warming by dumping 100 tons of iron dust into the Pacific.
       Schools have begun banning Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
       The Chicago Tribune pits Sirracha against Tabasco.
       The wine harvest in Europe is abysmal.
       Pacific apple growers are short on laborers to harvest apples, Anna King reports.
-Peg Boulay, with the Cascade Mycological Society, stops by to talk about mushrooms and the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival.
- Jessica Naudziunas, with Harvest Public Media, reports on North America's Norton grape and the Missouri wine industry.
-KLCC's Desmond O'Boyle reports on Springfield's year-round farmer's market.

10/14/2012  -  Restaurant Recommendations/Homebrewing

-Boris and Ryan review the latest food news:
       Big Soda is suing New York City over its large beverage ban.
       Frosted Mini Wheats are recalled because of metal mesh.
       The Obama Administration is cutting back on meat inspections.
       Pringles announces some new flavors for the holidays.
       Foie Gras-flavored gum gets sour reviews.
-Reporter Alex Lewis reports on what it's like to work at a brewery in Philadelphia.
-We solicit restaurant recommendations from listeners.
-We call Denny Conn to talk about Learn to Homebrew Day.

10/07/2012  -  Spice Rubs/Cooking for Cirque du Soleil
Ryan and Brandon review the latest food news:
       Bonny Doon Vineyard's transparency on ingredients lists hasn't sparked a revolution yet.
       The salmonella outbreak in peanut butter is bigger than thought.
       A Washington man shot himself in the head while hunting salmon.
       School kids don't like the move toward healthier school lunches.
       The Charlotte Observer declares shrimp and grits the most popular food during the Democratic National Convention.
       Chipotle makes an agreement with tomato harvesters.
-We speak with Kyra Rose about the upcoming The Taste of the Valley at the Wow Hall.
-Professional spice blender Lane Fricke stops by to talk about making spice blends.
-We speak with Brian Strom about what it takes to cook for Cirque du Soleil.

9/23/2012  -  Viva Vegetarian Grill/Pollutants/GMO Allergies

-Ryan and Anni deliver the latest food news:
       Trader Joe's recalls peanut butter.
       A bunch of Canadian ground beef shipped to the US has e. coli.
       US army studies the effects of nuclear fallout on cans of beer.
        The percentage of the average tip is on the rise.
-Dave Wagenheim, of Viva Vegetarian Grill, joins us to talk about food carts, vegan soft serve and vegan reubens.
-Cassandra Profita reports on the everyday pollutants entering our waterways.
-Camille Phillips reports on the efforts to find a connection between GMO foods and allergies.

9/16/2012  -  Mame Sushi/Wine Update

-Ryan and Brandon deliver the latest food news:
       Algona, Iowa celebrates their first Pepperoni Festival.
       Sweet Creek Foods win an Oregon Organic Coalition award.
       A Des Moines man is in jail for stealing walnut trees from federal property.
       New York City is going to go ahead with their ban on large soft drinks.
       An egg farm manager pleads guilty to bribing a USDA inspector.
       The Czech Republic grapples with a wave of methanol poisonings from liquor.
       Real buttermilk is riding a wave of popularity.
-Taro Kobayashi of Eugene's new Mame Sushi stops by to talk about a new era in Eugene's Japanese food scene.
-We call Dai Crisp, of Temperance Hill Vineyard and Lumos Wine Company.

9/09/2012  -  John Mariani/Sequential Biofuel

-Boris and Jennifer peruse the latest food news:
       A chef in Canada avenges a mildly bad Yelp review.
       Hillary Clinton uses culinary diplomacy.
       Yes they're brewing beer in the Whitehouse.
       A study says organic food is not nutritionally superior to conventionally grown food.
       Springfield's own Benedetti's Meat Market & Deli is now serving cocktails.
       A Swedish study says if the world doesn't go vegetarian we will run out of water.
- We call New York food critic and writer John Mariani to talk about American Food.
-Ian Hill of Sequential Biofuels stops by to talk about kombucha on tap and biofuel.

9/02/2012 - Grilling with Brendan/Cage-Free Pigs/Farm Bill

-Ryan and Anni review the latest food news:
        The White House is releasing their home brew recipes.
        More salmonella outbreaks_ this times it's mangoes.
        $30 million of maple syrup was stolen in Montreal.
        Local farmers rally to support Jeff Broadie, of Lonesome Whistle Farm, after a farming accident.
        Campbell's Soup is producing Andy Warhol-style cans.
        Oregon Court of Appeals say's no canola in the Willamette Valley.
        Ryan praises the fried food at the Texas State Fair.
- Brendan Mahaney, of Eugene's Belly restaurant, stops by to talk about Labor Day grilling.
- The food distributor, Sysco, says it will phase out t pork produced with a controversial technology known as gestation crates. Sarah McCammon of Harvest Public Media reports.
- Clay Masters, of Harvest Public Media, asks: what would happen if Congress failed to pass a farm bill?

8/19/2012  -  Impending Canola/Party Cart

-Ryan and Jennifer discuss the latest food news:
       Bon Appetite asks for more scrappy, tattoo-filled restaurants.
       A restaurant in Beverly Hills is offering a five percent discount to patrons who give up their cell phones.
       Big food experiences a rash of recent lawsuits.
       A pork purveyor in Minnesota has discovered success with a gummy bear bratwurst.
       Melons cause another listeria outbreak.
-We call Andrew Still of Oak Farms and Adaptive Seeds to talk about the Department of Agriculture's decision to allow canola to be grown in the Willamette Valley.
-Mark Kosmicki stops by to talk about Eugene's burgeoning boundryless food scene.

8/12/2012  -  Sweet Creek Foods/Ramen/Berkshire Pork
-Ryan and Anni praise fried doughy things and then read the latest food news:
        2,000 year-old wine was discovered off the coast of Genoa.
        Paul Quinn College in Texas bans pork.
        Denny's is set to open a location in Las Vegas complete with wedding chapel.
        Papa John's Pizza will be passing on the added costs of ObamaCare to its customers.
        Hostess and the Teamsters have reached a compromise.
-Paul Fuller of Sweet Creek Foods stops by to talk about canning fruits, veggies, and tuna.
-Ramen is going upscale in Washington DC. Emily Friedman with WAMU reports.
-A family in Pittsburg is making prosciutto out of Berkshire pigs. Hal B. Klein of West Virginia Public Radio reports.

8/05/2012  -  Sandor Katz/Christina Canto
-Boris and Jennifer discuss the latest food news:
       A study find waitresses who wear red receive higher tips.
       A new restaurant in Vancouver BC, is featuring Portland cuisine.
       Portland is number ten in the list of metro areas that go out to eat.
       Wal-Mart announced large donations to local food organizations.
       Death Wish Coffee boasts 200% more caffeine than other dark roasts.
       It was a banner month of food recalls.
       Archeologists discovered ancient chocolate food scraps in Mexico.    
-Julia Flucht reports on the Yelp scene in Seattle.
-We call author Sandor Katz to talk about his book The Art of Fermentation.
-Christina Canto, the new head brewer at Eugene's Rouge Track Town Brewery stops by.

7/29/2012  -  Sweetwater Farm/Chubster

-Ryan and Laura examine the latest food news
       Ryan and Laura fret over the abundance of local food events this week.
       A fire guts New Orleans's Hubig's Pie factory.
-Laura reports on urban farming in Chicago and speaks with Kendra Hardy and Tyrus Wallace of Growing Power Farm.
-Farmer John Karlik of Sweetwater Farm stops by to talk about farmer's markets, CSAs, and farming in the Willamette Valley.
-Author Martin Cizmar calls in to talk about his book Chubster: A hipster's guide to losing weight while staying cool.

7/22/2012  -  Iron Chef/Rouge River Blue
-Ryan and Jennifer bring you the latest food news:
       7-Eleven is using a Slurpee machine to sell mashed potatoes and gravy.
       The drought in the Midwest will bring higher prices and concentrated flavors.
       McDonalds is the exclusive French fry supplier for the London games.
-Ross Penhallegon of the OSU Extension service checks in to give a garden update.
-Bite of Eugene Iron Chef winner Jeff Strom stops by with wife Angela Chan to talk about the battle and their restaurant Coho Bistro.
-We call David Gremmels of Rouge Creamery to talk about Rouge River Blue.

7/08/2012 - Food For Thought is taking a holiday today.  Radiolab will air in its place.  Today's program is called When Brains Attack.

7/01/2012 - Delacata Southern Food/ International Pinot Noir Celebration
-Ryan and Brandon peruse the latest food news:
       Seattle's ban on plastic grocery bags went into effect today.
       California's foie gras ban goes into effect.
       Esquire wants to know what is the most life changing chicken joint in America.
       Scientists have discovered why supermarket tomatoes aren't good.
       Brandon doubts Melissa Clark's assertion that homemade mustard and ketchup are better than store bought.
- Stephen Sheehan, of Delacata food cart, stops by to talk about fried catfish and artfully prepared Southern Cuisine.
-We speak with Amy Wesselman, Executive Director of the International Pinot Noir Celebration.
-Aaron Kunz reports on parceling and gauging water.

6/24/2012 - Olympic Trials
-Ryan and Laura dissect the latest food news:
       First Alternative Co-op makes steps in providing slavery-free chocolate.
       India is now labeling GMO foods.
       A man who's eaten at over 6,000 Chinese restaurants says Hong Kong cuisine is the best.
-Ashley Ahern reports on keeping fecal coliform out of Baker Creek.
-We call Benton County WIC Coordinator, Kelly Volkmann, to talk about breast feeding rates.
-Call Doug Beaird of Agate Alley Bistro to talk about the Olympic Trial's effect on restaurants.
-Angela Kellner tours the food offerings at Hayward Field.
-Washington State is looking into ocean acidification. Ashley Ahearn reports.

6/17/2012 - Cornbread Café/Alternative Grilling

-Boris and Jennifer peruse the latest food news:
       Coca Cola stands two countries away from world domination.
       General Mills supports gay marriage.
       FDA says don't eat fish from South Korea.
       Oregon's gloves-all-the-time for food handlers rule gets poor reviews.
       A catering service is offering you their dirty dishes.
       A man in Spain is making natural goose foie gras.
       Beyond Meat gets a big investment.
-Anna King reports on the shortage of migrant workers for the Northwest cherry harvest.
-Sheree Walters of the Cornbread Café stops in to talk about vegetarian comfort food.
Boris and Jennifer solicit ideas for alternative grilling.

6/03/2012 - Family Dogs/Jeff's Garden of Eaton

-Ryan and Anni discuss the latest food news:
       Dickie Jo's on 13th closes.
       Taco Bell tests Mountain Dew AM.
       Mayor Bloomberg wants to nix large soft drinks.
       Dr. Ruth has her own wine.
       FDA says high fructose corn syrup is not sugar.
-Chris and Cicely Shave of Family Dogs stop by to talk about local, organic blue corn, buffalo meat corn dogs.
- We call Carolyn Hannah, of Jeff's Garden of Eaton, to talk about exotic varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

5/27/2012 - Hard Times Distillery/Organic School Food/Strawberry Jam

-Boris and Jennifer deliver the latest food news:
        Boris refuses to talk about a $300 hamburger.
        Fast food burgers are getting bigger.
        The price of meat is on the rise.
        Boris shares the most disturbing food news ever.
        Pom Wonderful is making dubious health claims again.
        The oldest restaurant in the US just closed.
-Boris recommends some Memorial Day wine tours.
-Laura McCandlish talks with Corvallis artists Julie Green about The Last Supper project. http://oregonstate.edu/terra/2012/05/plates-of-honor/ 
-We talk with Evann Remington of Fresh N Local Foods.
-James Stegall of Hard Times Distillery stops by to talk about Sweet Baby moonshine.
-We call Laura Hinrichs to talk about making strawberry jam.

5/20/2012  - Garden Update

-Ryan and Leslie delve through the latest food news: 
       Researchers decide meat eating is masculine.
       The great Thomas Keller says it's not his job to support local agriculture.
       Researchers say organic eaters may be holier-than-thou.
       Carl"s Jr is testing an Ice Cream Brrrger.     
       Coffee drinkers live longer.
       Red wine may be good for you gut.
-Courtney Flatt reports on balancing water needs in the Yakima Valley.
-Anna King reports on balancing bird watching and cattle grazing in Burns, Oregon.
-Ryan and Leslie chat with Ross Penhallegon about what's happening in the garden.

5/13/2012 - Restaurant Recommendations

-Boris and Ryan delve into the latest food news:
       A group wants to label foie gras a diseased organ.
       Boris recommends Chef Grant Achatz's memoir.
       A GMO bill in Connecticut gets stuck in committee.
       Rivalries between lobstermen in New England heats up.
-Liz Lawrence stops by to talk about Raise a Glass to Mecca
-We call Will Hormann from First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op to talk about slavery and chocolate.
-Boris and Ryan solicit restaurant recommendations from listeners.

5/06/2012 - Beer Week/Renegade Lunch Lady

-Ryan and Anni deliver the latest Food News:
                Only 2 US restaurants make the Top 50 Restaurants in World.
                Raw milk from a farm in Wilsonville has caused illnesses.
                Invasive Asian Tiger Prawns are causing problems in the Gulf of Mexico.
                There may be a bacon gene.
                James Beard awards for food writing were announced.
                Starbucks dumps cochineal food coloring.
-Ashley Ahearn reports on bee borrowing.
-Mike Copland stops by to talk about Eugene Beer Week.
-Tiffany Eckert speaks with Ann Cooper, The Renegade Lunch Lady.
-Stacey Black and Carrie Fraiser talk about the Eugene Coalition for Better School Food.

4/29/2012 - Backyard Chickens/College Food Bank

-Ryan and Jennifer delve into the latest food news:
       Chinese consumption of meat is rapidly increasing.
       Salmonella is showing up in sushi.
       The Korean taco comes to TGI Fridays.
       Monsanto buys the research firm looking into colony collapse.
       The Willamette Valley is expecting more wet weather.
-WNPR's Patrick Skahill reports on Bees without Borders.
-Robin Scott of Eugene Friendly Farmers and Bill Bezuk of the Eugene Backyard Farmer talk about keeping chickens.
-Reverend Marisa Tabizon Thompson talks about a new food panty on the U of O campus.

4/15/2012 - Jeff Passerotti of Rye/Dai Crisp of Lumos Wine

-Boris and Ryan deliver the latest food news:
       Beer may make you more creative.
       A study says half of supermarket chicken is tainted with feces.
       A massive study shows red meat is bad for you.
       A large die off of oysters in Oregon is attributed to ocean acidification.
       A Coke machine in Singapore doesn't take coins but hugs instead.
       Boris and Ryan decide that if you spend $1,040 on a dinner then you're an idiot.
       Boris applauds the highschoolers at Chef's Night Out.
-Whitney Jones checks in on the town of Monmouth, ten years after they ended prohibition.
-Jeff Passerotti stops by to talk about one of Eugene's newest restaurants: Rye.
-Dai Crisp of Lumos Wine Company and Temperance Hill Vineyard calls in to talk about this years vintage.

4/01/2012 - Gabriel Gil/Jonathan Gold

-Ryan and Jennifer report on the latest food news:
            New research is pointing to pesticides as the cause of our bee troubles
            Ryan stands up for Starbucks and their use of cochineal
            A maple syrup apocalypse is in the making
            A lawsuit against Monsanto is thrown out of court
-Rachel MacDonald reports on bycatch reduction devices used in the Oregon shrimp industry.
-Amelia Templeton reports on the growing season in Klamath County.
-Ryan reads from listener mail.
- Gabriel Gil of the Rabbit Bistro in Eugene stops by for a visit.
-LA food critic Jonathan Gold calls in to talk about food journalism and reviewing Olive Garden.

3/18/2012 - Nettles/Japanese Pubs/Oregon Sea Salt

-Ryan and Jennifer deliver the latest food news:
       A new Bar opens up in Eugene: Rye.
       OLCC grants a liquor license to a food cart in Portland.      
       Ferran Adria plans to open a Mexican restaurant in Spain.
       Oregon Chardonnay gets profiled in the New York Times.
-Laura McCandlish talks stinging nettles with botanist and food blogger Heather Arndt Anderson.
-Jennifer and Ryan call Heather up to delve further into the issue.
-Quinn Brown stops by to talk about his Japanese-style pub Izakaya Meiji Company.
-Ryan and Jennifer speak with Ben Jacobsen of Jacobsen Salt about Oregon sea salt.

3/11/2012  - South Eugene Culinary Program

-Ryan and Leslie deliver the latest food news.     
       Whoever bid $8,100 for a George Washington-shaped Chicken McNugget has backed out of the deal.
       Ryan's dream of meat straws are becoming a reality.
       Rob “The Hebrew Hammer” Wizenberg wins the First National Hamantaschen Eating Championship.
       Ryan updates us on pink slime in school food.
       Polish authorities recall bread and pickles accidentally made with industrial salt.
       An ATM in Beverly Hills now has muffins.
-Tom Banse reports on the increasing options for fake meat.
-Instructor Gregory Dunkin and student Duncan Hawkes stop by to talk about South Eugene High School's culinary program.

3/04/2012  -  Blue Dog Mead/J. Scott Cellars

-Boris and Anni delve through the latest food news:
       Schools in Lane County are steadily increasing their use of local foods.
       Oreo celebrates their 100th birthday.
       Nestle has removed all artificial ingredients from their candies sold in the UK.
       Some Nestle Crunch bars will soon include Thin Mints.
       Prepaid restaurant reservations are becoming popular.
       Restaurants are becoming more allergy-friendly.
       USDA rolls out nutritional labels for raw meat products.
       Amazon in Japan sells whale meat.
-Chase Drum of Blue Dog Mead stops by to talk about local mead.
-Jonathan Oberlander visits the studio to talk about his J. Scott Cellars.

12/26/2012  -  BraziBites/GMO Legislation

-Ryan and Laura delve into the latest food news:
       Shrimp might have a bigger carbon footprint than beef
       London chef Heston Blumenthal has agreed to cook test tube meat
       The Northwest James Beard Award nominations look outside Portland and Seattle
-Junea Roche of BrziBites calls into to talk about Brazilian cheese bread.
-Harry McCormick and Sabrina Siegel talk about the drive to get GMOs labeled locally.
-Courtney Flatt reports on the growing number of invasive pike in Washington.
-Ashley Ahearn reports on the effort to predict toxic algae blooms.

2/19/2012 - Brendan Mahaney/Molly O'Neil

-Ryan and Jenifer share the latest food news:     
       Girl Scout cookies are being boycotted after a troop accepts a transgender scout
       Caffeine in an inhaler hits the market
       Wholly Donuts in Eugene is celebrating Mardi Gras
       Whole Foods and Trader Joes agree to pay more for tomatoes grown in Florida
-Jessica Robinson reports on the controversy over updating child labor laws and its impact on farmers.
-Brendan Mahaney of Eugene's own Belly restaurant stops by to talk about moving locations.
-Ryan and Jennifer call New York author Molly O'Neil to talk about her One Big Table project and cookbook.

2/12/2012 - Euphoria Chocolate
-Ryan and Leslie comb through the latest food news:
        Montana Senator Jon Tester often shuttles 40lbs of beef with him to Washington DC
        For $10,000 you can get engaged at Pizza Hut
        Restaurant astrology is rising
        Jack In The Box is offering a bacon milkshake which has no bacon
        It's time to think about Mindful Eating
-Euphoria Chocolate founder Bob Bury stops by to talk chocolate, the food biz, and Valentines day.
-Laura McCandlish visits Two Towns Cider in Corvallis.

2/05/2012  -  Nate Sampson of Rouge Brewery

-Boris and Anni deliver the latest food news:
       PETA's Super Bowl commercial is once again kept off the air
       A man in Chile is arrested for trying to sell cocktails with glacial ice
       Atlantic Sturgeon make it to the endangered species list
       High Times Magazine will be releasing a cookbook
       A man tries to sell wine with Hitler's picture on it
       The Smithsonian receives a cache of historic menus
       Starbuck fires a pregnant woman for stealing $3.75 worth of merchandise
-Rachel McDonald visits Eugene's newest brewpub, Falling Sky Brewery.
- Boris and Anni speak with Nate Sampson, the head brewer at Rouge's Track Town location.

1/29/2012 - Local Food Connection/Truffle Oil

-Ryan and Jenifer deliver the latest food news:
       McDonalds cuts back on "spare beef trimmings"
       Portland Chef John Gorham is releasing cookbook
       OSU develops a purple tomato
       Only three to four percent of people have food allergies
       USDA updates some school lunch standards
-Ashley Ahearn reports on salmon being raised in middle schools.
-Melissa Williams and David Clark stop by to talk about Local Food Connection and pasties.
-Tobriah Orin Moshier talks truffles and truffle oil.

1/22/2012 - Coho Bistro/Vietnamese New Year

-Anni and Ryan deliver the latest food news:
       Paula Deen has been diagnosed with diabetes
       Taco Bell is testing breakfast
       Hawaii Five-O gives a lengthy shout out to Subway
       Pinot Noir fraud is uncovered
-We check in with Kimber Hoang of Magenta Restaurant in Corvallis about Vietnamese New Year.
-Jeff Strom and Ben Maud of Coho Bistro stop by to talk about fine dinning in west Eugene.
-Laura McCandlish visits with Brad Burnheimer about his new meat CSA.
-Laura also visits Philomath area farms to see how they fared through recent floods.

1/15/2011 - Boondockers Farm/Brian Polcyn

-Boris and Ryan sort through the latest food news:
        Sweet Creek receives an award for their Organic Raspberry Spread
        Meat consumption in the US is dropping
        Portland Meat Collective recovered their stolen rabbits.
        Scientist contend that fat is a flavor
        Starbucks warns employees not to make jokes about Blonde Roast
-The guys check in with Mark Edwards about the 2012 Food Security Summit.
-Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein of Boondockers Farm stop by to talk about the ups and downs of local farming.
-Laura McCandlish speaks with charcuterie guru Brian Polcyn.
-Brad Burnheimer calls in to talk about a meat CSA.

1/08/2012 - Chocolate/Fermentation/Vanilla Jill's Frozen Yogurt
-Brandon and Leslie deliver the latest food news:
        Starbucks rolls out "Blond Roast" coffee this week
        A record Bluefin Tuna was sold at auction in Japan.
        The term "Asian Fusion" is out of style
        A man claims he found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew
        A restaurant in Las Vegas is selling a $500,000 dollar hamburger
        Spring Hill Farm and Gathering Together Farm achieve Fair Trade certification
-Lauren Mullen calls in to talk about Chocolate Fest in Portland.
-Yaakov Levine and Kylie Christenson stop by to talk about the Fun With Fermentation Event at the Wow Hall this week.
-OPB's Rob Manning profiles the forgotten Chum Salmon.
-Megan Stevens of Vanilla Jill's  stops by to talk about frozen yogurt.

12/18/2011 - Hanukkah

-Ryan and Anni delve through all the news that's fit to kvetch about.
    Seattle school district misses the revenue from vending machines in schools
    Anni reviews the annual kitchen audit and discovers a dearth of almonds in American kitchens
    Ryan reviews the top ten Googled recipes: chicken wins    
    Anni plugs the cookbook  "Chef Supreme: Martin Ginsburg"
    Ryan gets excited about changes to Oregon liquor law
-Jill Katz of the Humble Bagel stops by to talk about Hanukah food.
-Laura McCandlish is in Newport at the opening of crab season and talks cooking crab with the professionals.

12/11/2011 - Goose/Wild Rice/Quince

-Laura and Ryan deliver the latest food news:
        An OSU art professor wins an award for her work painting death row inmates' last suppers
        Ryan pines for a realist cheeseburger wrapping paper set
        Deborah Kane, Vice President of Ecotrust Food&Farms, resigns
        There's a butter crisis in Norway
-Matt Bennett, chef of Sybaris Bistro in Albany, calls in to talk about serving a Dickensian goose dinner.
-Laura and Ryan swoon over talk about goose fat.
-Laura interviews goose breeder Dave Holderread.
-Guy Hand reports about the nostalgia of quince.
-Laura visits Running Wild Rice in Brownsville and talks wild rice recipes with Joey Running.

12/04/2011 - Composting/Hazelnuts

-Boris and Ryan deliver the latest and most pertinent food news:
        Coke's holiday can strikes out because it's not red
        Oregon commercial crab harvest is delayed
        Boris updates his list of foods containing sawdust
        Arsenic is found in many apple juices
        A family sues American Airlines for having allegedly deadly food
        Horse meat returns to the US
        San Francisco bans Happy Meal toys
-Laura McCandlish speaks with Amanda Valora about Slow Food and the Terra Madre event in Corvallis.
-Mark McCaffery, with the City of Eugene, stops by to talk about commercial composting.
-The guys speak with author Jan Roberts-Dominguez about her book Oregon Hazelnut Country: The Food, The Drink, The Spirit.

11/20/2011- Camas Swale Farm

-Ryan and Anni peruse the latest food news:
       The government declares pizza a vegetable
       Progress is made in understanding the after-asparagus-smell
       Beer may have as many health benefits as wine
       Anni recommends a $95 Stilton with cinnamon schnapps and gold leaf for all the "One Percenters" in the audience
       PETA wants Turkey, Texas to become Tofurkey, Texas
-Laura McCandlish reports on the controversy of GMO beet seeds in the Valley
-Johah Bloch and Amber Lippert of Camas Swale Farm relay the adventures of their first year farming.
-Rachel McDonald looks at the kitchen operations at Occupy Eugene.
-Joshua Nichols reports on the struggle to grow organic cranberries.  
-Tom Banse reports on fish fraud in the Northwest.

11/13/2011 - Hank Shaw

-Ryan and Jenifer deliver the latest food news:
       Mario Batali gets an earful after comparing Wall Street bankers to Hitler and Stalin
       The price of turkeys is up in time for Thanksgiving
       Ryan dreams of pork roast in the shape of a small pig
       Pete Wells is named the NY Times food critic
-Laura McCandlish speaks with food historian Ken Albala.
-Ryan and Jenifer take it outside with hunter/gatherer/author Hank Shaw.

11/6/2011 - Flirting with Veganism

-Ryan and Laura delve through the latest food news:
       Researchers say moderate drinking may lead to breast cancer in women.
       The New Yorker profiles Southern Chef Sean Brock.
       The Portland Feast festival is rescheduled so as not to interfere with NY's Fashion Week.
       Wild food expert Hank Shaw is coming to Eugene.
-Laura interviews vegan Beth Barnett, author of the Rabbit Food Cookbook.
-Laura chats with several Corvallis area residents about their choice to go vegan.
-The ever-productive Laura profiles Food For Lane County's The Dining Room.
-Ryan and Laura speak with Corvallis chef Intaba Liff-Anderson of Fireworks restaurant.

10/30/2011 – Where to Eat/Grape Harvest/Home Brewing

-Boris and Leslie deliver the latest food news:
                Two Domino’s Pizza managers burn a Papa John’s franchise to the ground
                Micro backing appears to be the next food trend
                Boris reveals his love for “Orange Cookies” aka carrots
                 A restaurateur from Monterey and friend of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Ted Balestreri, will honor a pledge to open a $10,000 bottle of wine after the capture of Osama Bin Laden
                The great Jacques Pépin is obsessed with technique
                Michael Pollan clarifies his position on corn syrup and sugar
                Balsamic ketchup may soon be hitting the shelves

-Boris and Leslie solicit restaurant recommendations from listeners.

- Larry Miller of Stangeland Vineyards & Winery in Salem and Stewart Boedecker from Boedecker Cellars in Portland call in to talk about this year’s late grape harvest.

-Denny Conn calls in to talk about home brewing.

10-23-11   Mushroom Festival/Caffe Pacori

-Ryan and Jenifer deliver the latest food news:
          New Orleans' Bret Anderson is rumored to be the new New York Times food critic.
          Two people, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, are occupying a pasture in Nebraska.
          A study says that more than half of Americans did not dine out last year.
-Amelia Templeton reports about a mushroom that grows under water.
-Laura McCandlish reports about a Save Bristol Bay project.
-Peg Boulay stops by to talk about 30th Annual Mt Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival.
-Eric Pierce, from Caffe Pacori explains the virtues of wood roasting coffee beans.

10-9-11  Mushrooms/Food Corps

-Ryan and Anni peruse the latest food news:
       -Ryan pines for the new Taco Bell taco made with a Doritos shell.
       - Manischewitz announced plans to apply gefilte fish technology to Moroccan fish balls.
       -School children in France will only be served ketchup one day a week.
       -A study says men eat more when around women and that women eat less when around men.
       -Cheba Hut in Eugene offers $300 to fastest chugger of 32 ounces of Ranch dressing.

-Laura McCandlish interviews MacArthur Genius Award winning geneticist Wes Jackson about permaculture.
-Angela Andre from Excelsior Farms stops by to talk about mushroom hunting.
-Ryan and Anni speak with Jerusha Klemperer, Communications Director of Food Corps.

10-02-11 - Iraqi Seed Project/La Mancha Farms

-Ryan Stotz and Laura McCandlish bring you the latest food news:
  Ryan stands up for Bob's Red Mill, which has come under fire for donating money to a university that tests on animals.
 The New York Times profiles chicken skin and gets creative with their food photography. PETA is not amused.
 Romaine lettuce from a farm in California has been recalled prompting Ryan to declare that you can't eat anything.
-Laura interviews Scio artist Rebecca Waterhouse about her portraits of women farmers in the Willamette Valley.
-Laura and Ryan speak with Marcola-based filmmaker, Emma Piper-Burket about her Iraqi Seed project.
-It's a pro-pork "Meals of the Week" segment.
-Ryan and Laura check in with Anita Azarenko, of La Mancha Farms, about this year's apple harvest, heirloom apples, and wet weather.

9-25-11 - Ross Penhallegon: Master of the Master Gardeners

-Boris and Ryan reunite to bring you expertly curated food news
     Texas inmates on death row will no longer be able to choose their last meals.
     Eugene's Ninkasi Brewery now ranks #3 in Oregon beer sold to Oregonians.
     A disgruntled Taco Bell customer pulled a shotgun on an employee for forgetting the hot sauce and a Taco Bell employee handcuffed himself to a girl because she refused to date him.
     Pepsi Cola Company is investing in Ethiopian chickpeas.
     A new study says most US farm studies go toward high fructose corn syrup and soy bean oil.
     Panera Cares Café in Portland receives less compensation from pay-as-you-please customers than other cafes in Detroit and St. Louis.
     The government of Bolivia wants people to drink less beer and more milk.
     Portland is launching a giant food and drink festival.
     "Blck Water" is water that is black and for sale in a bottle.
-Deena Prichep reports on African refuges struggling to become urban farmers in Portland.
-Anna King reports about struggling wine sales in the Northwest.
-Boris and Ryan chat with Melanie Biglake and Kylie Christenson of the Willamette Valley Sustainable Food Alliance.
-Ross Penhallegon from the Master Gardner program stops by to talk about gardening in the Willamette Valley.

9-18-11 - Beekeeper Gary Rondeau

-Ryan and Anni deliver the latest food news:
       -NY Times food critic Sam Sifton moves on to greener pastures within the Times.
       -Wine Importer Joe Dressner passed away.
       -A wine from China wins a Decanter Award.
       -The White House is brewing its own beer.
       -Officials in China crack down on the practice of scooping used cooking wine from the sewers and reselling it.
-Aaron Kunz reports on the annual Sockeye Roundup in Idaho.
-Local beekeeper/Squash seed saver/blogger Gary Rondeau stops by to talk bees.

9-11-11 - Cozmic Pizza

-Ryan Stotz and Jenifer Burns Levin deliver the latest food news:
   -Yum Brands (Taco Bell and KFC etc) wants the government to allow use of food stamps for fast food.
  -Marie Calendars attempted to dazzle a group of food bloggers with frozen lasagna and Razzelberry pie.
  -Ben & Jerry's releases Schweddy Balls ice cream.
  -California bans the eating and selling of shark fins.
  -Shmeat (test tube meat grown in sheet form) is quickly becoming a reality.
-Rachel McDonald profiles Camas Country Mill and their local grain operation.
-Gina DeGrassi has some advice on planting a winter garden.
-Kirk Giudici and Kevin Hyland from the new Cozmic Pizza stop by to talk about their food careers and the new gourmet goings-on at Cozmic Pizza.

8-28-11 - Hard Times Distillery

-Laura McCandlish interviews farmer and food writter Joel Salatin
-James Stegall stops by to talk about Hard Times Distillery
- Boris announces life changing news

8-21-11 - Ib Hamide

-Jessica Robinson reports about the battle over how many servings of potatoes children should eat.
-Eugene food legend and restaurateur Ib Hamide (Cafe Soriah, Cafe Zenon, Casablanca) stops by to talk about his life in food and in Eugene.

8-14-11 - Scandinavian Festival/Lance Sparks
-Boris and Ryan speak with Mark Krenshaw aka Viking Rod Skagg, about food at the Scandinavian Festival
-Local wine critic Lance Sparks stops by to talk about wine and writing
-Amelia Templeton profiles a family that is using hoofpower on their farm
-Carol Smith looks at the effort to bring healthier food to Washington's Duwamish River Valley

8/07/11 - Camas Country Mill

-Boris and Ryan speak with Tom and Sue Hunton of Camas Country Mill about milling and growing local grains and beans.
-Joshua McNichols reports about the consequences of this year's wet weather for local farmers.

7/24/11 - Iron Chef Eugene/ Wineries without Borders

-Fresh from judging the Iron Chef Eugene competition, Boris and Ryan speak with the event's MC and winner Jenifer Burns Levin and Heidi Tunnel respectively.
-Wine makers Ray Walsh, Jeff Kandarian and Christian Fox of Winneries without Borders.

7/17/11 - Food Carts/Booze Week

-Boris and Ryand try to clear things up about blue fin tuna.
-Deena Prichep explains the ins and outs of food cart culture.
-Elliot Martinez from Booze Week stops by to talk booze and publishing. 

7/03/11 - Oregon Country Fair

-Boirs and Brian speak with Charlie Ruff about the food at the Oregon Country Fair
-Dai Crisp of Lumos and Temerance Hill Vineyards calls in to give us an update on the wine growing season
-Ashley Ahearn reports on the efforts to breed a bigger oyster.

6/26/11 - Clive Wanstall, LCC Culinary Program

-Ron Leppert from Sundance Natual Foods stops by to talk about doing a GMO audit
-Kathy Heerema calls in to give us on update on the KLCC Garden Tour
-Boris and Ryan speak with Clive Wanstall of the LCC Culinary Program about LCC, British Food, and life.

6/19/11 - Mariposa Cheese/Farm to School

-Mariano Battro from Mariposa Cheese stops by.
-Mark Costigan reports on the lawsuit involving Golden Temple
-Boris and Ryan speak with Megan Kemple of the Farm to School Network and Jared of the Shool Garden Project.

6/12/11 - Joel Peterson/Organic versus Local

-Boris and Ryan moderate a discussion about the merits of Organic Agriculture versus Local Agriculture
-Boris speaks with legendary winemaker Joel Peterson of Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma.

6/5/11 - Autism Rocks/Springfield Farmer's Market/Pietra's Artisan Bakery

-Boris and Ryan speak with Tim Mueller of Kind Tree-Autism Rocks about their Oregon Gour-Made event.
-Amanda Loder reports about the effort to bring White Sturgeon back from the brink.
-Boris and Ryan speak with Lee Warnecke from the Springfield Farmer's Market and with Stan Politi of Pietra's Artisan Bakery.

5/29/11 - Red Wagon Creamery/Solar Farming

- Amelia Templeton reports about farmers in the Northwest using solar panels for everything from wells to refrigeration to conveyor belts.
-Ryan and Leslie speak with Stuart and Emily of Red Wagon Creamery about hand-crafted ice cream.

5/22/11 - Heidi Tunnell
-Boris and Ryan speak with Creswell's Heidi Tunnell of Heidi Tunnell Catering
-Laura McCandlish profiles the rebirth of the cheese program at Oregon State University

5/15/11 - Biodynamics/Urban Gardening

-Boris and Ryan talk with Wali Via of Winter Green Farm -about biodynamic farming
-Laura McCandlish reports on a meeting of the minds between Corvallis and Canadian food activists
-Boris and Ryan speak with author, Jeremy Smith about his book "Growing a Garden City"

5/08/11 - Absinthe

-Boris and Ryan speak with James West, bar director at Eugene's Marche Restaurant, talks about absinthe.
-Laura McCandlish speaks with Frances Moore Lappe, author of the Diet of a Small Planet.
-Rachel McDonald visits the Eugene Farmer's Market

4/24/11 - Wine/Beer

-Boris and Ryan speak with Mark Nicholl of Sweet Cheeks Winery
-Boris and Ryan speak with Mike Coplin of Sixteen Tons Beer and Wine

4/17/11 - Passover/Food Carts

Laura McCandlish interviews Mark Winne, author of “Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners and Smart Sookin’ Mamas: Fighting Back in an Age of Industrial Agriculture”
-Boris and Ryan speak with Jill Katz, co-founder of Eugene's iconic Humble Bagle, and Anni Katz about Passover
-Boris and Ryan talk with Tiffany Norton about Party Cart.

4/10/11 - Pledge-O-Rama/Cooking with the Stars

-Boris and Ryan expound on the benefits of donating to KLCC
-Leslie Hildreth brings us another instalment of Cooking with the Stars, this time with the Register-Guard's Bob Welch.
- Laura McCandlish interviews Spencer Masterson about promoting local food in Linn County.

4/03/11 - Best Burgers/Jenifer Burns-Levin/Wine Update

-Boris and Ryan solicit best burger recomendations from listeners
-Jenifer Burns-Levin gives a gardening update
-The guys check in with winemaker Stewart Boedecker about 2010 wines

3/27/11 - Restaurant Wish List 

-Boris and Ryan take calls from listeners wishing for a broader variety of restaurants.
-Anna King reports on prognostications for next year's wine season.

3/20/11 - Local Veggies in Local Restaurants

-Boris and Ryan speak with Brian Hebb of the Red Agave in Eugene about crafting Mexican cuisine with local ingredients
-Guy Hand reports on small local dairies
-Ryan gives some restaurant recommendations and spells their names

3/13/11 - Thinking About Drinking

-Boris and Ryan speak with Doyle Hinman about his Five H Winery and Riesling
-Guy Hand reports on the Idaho caviar
-Boris and Ryan talk with Matt Van Wyk from Oakshire Brewing about their Irish

3/6/11 - Women and Food

-Leslie and Laura speak with Anni Katz from the Humble Beagle Pub
-Laura speaks with herbalist Susun Weed
-Leslie interviews Connie Sullivan, spokesperson for WIC in Lane County
-Leslie and Laura speak with Deeann Hall, Owner of Eugene City Bakery

2/27/11 - Gluten Free Phonapalooza

-Boris and Ryan field calls about gluten free living
-Boris and Ryan check in with Bruce Hecht about the Food Biz Boot Camp

2/20/11 - Dara Goldstein

-Boris and Ryan speak with Dara Goldstein, founding editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture
OPB's Vince Patton reports on invasive crayfish in Oregon waterways.

2/13/11 - Soup

-Mark Stern of Carte Blanche Catering and soup cart joins Boris and Ryan in the studio to make feta-stuffed lamb meatball soup.
-Guy Hand reports on efforts to make sure the produce at local farmer's Markets is really local.
-The guys check in with Allison Carruth about the upcoming Food Justice Conference at the University of Oregon.
-Boris and Ryan speak with Anthony Boutard of Ayers Creek about the Farm Direct Bill currently in the Oregon House of Representatives.

2/06/11 - Waffles/Vegetables

-Boris and Ryan speak with Dave and Omer Orian of Off the Waffle
-Guy Hand reports on the art of paring beer and cheese
-Rachel McDonald reports on the vegetable efforts at Camas Ridge School
-Boris and Ryan speak with Brendan Mahaney of Belly about cooking vegetables.

1/30/11 - Pizza

Laura McCandlish speaks with Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill
-Leslie Hildreth visits the kitchen of George Braddock in Cooking with the Stars (view recipes).
-Boris and Ryan speak with Gianni Barofsky of Beppe and Gianni's Resturant and La Perla Pizzaria.

1/23/11 - Truffles

-Boris and Ryan speak with Leda Hermecz about the Oregon Truffle Festival
-Jes Burns speaks with Lane County Food Preserver Coordinator Nellie Oehler
- Bryan Buckalew reports on the effort to get the FDA to treat artisan cheese makers differently than they do large producers.

1/16/11 - Restaurant Recommendations

-Boris and Leslie solicit and receive restaurant-recommendations from an inordinate number of callers
-Laura McCandlish visits Matt-Cyn Farms to talk about cold-weather CSA boxes
- Guy Hand takes a hard look at the growing popularity of hard cider

1/09/11 - Fun with Fermentation

-Boris and Ryan return to the much-alluded-to topic of Bluefin Tuna
-Guests Ron Leppert and Christina Sasser talk about the Fun with Fermentation event
-Guy Hand reports how geothermal energy and the local food movement are changing winter farming in Idaho
-Laura McCandlish speaks with Portland author Harriet Fasenfest about her book "A Householders Guide to the Universe."

1/02/11 - New Year's Resolutions

Boris and Ryan lay out their culinary aspirations for 2011
-Tom Banse reports on the growing trend of investing in slow food operations
-John Cooney hunts for truffels
-Deena Prichep reports on Orthodox Christmas and perogies.

12/26/10 - Year in Review

-Boris and Ryan review the year in food news
-Boris and Ryan check in with Dai Crisp of Lumos Wine Company about this year's vintage
-Boris revisits the food themed songs that have featured in show this year

12/19/10 - Baking and The 12 Days of Christmas

-Boris and Ryan speak with Tobi Sovak, pastry chef at King Estate.
-The Eugene Gleemen perform a Northwest food version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
-Tom Banse profiles a forest-to-table grower near Enumclaw, Washinton.
-John Ryan examines frozen seafood.

12/12/10 - Sparkling Wine

-Boris and Ryan speak with Ray Walsh of Capitello and Domaine Meriwether about the art of making sparkling wine.
-Leslie Hildreth profiles food blogger Jenifer Levin.
-Deena Prichep profiles Red Ridge Farms and their Oregon olive oil operation.

12/105/10 - Tea

Boris and Ryan speak with Josh Chamberlain of J Tea International about the wide world of Camellia sinensis.
-Laura McCandlish reports about the tailgating fare at this year's civil war football game.
-Anna King reports about underground and off the books resturants.

11/28/10 - Post Thanksgiving: Leftovers Unleashed

-Boris and Ryan solicit ideas for leftover turkey and many recipes are swapped.
- Katie Kulla of Save Grand Island Oregon talks about their efforts to save some valuable Willamette Valley farmland from a planned mining operation.

11/21/10 - Thanksgiving

-Boris and Ryan field calls about turkey, salad bars in schools, and mushrooms.

-Laura McCandlish interviews author and salt shop owner Mark Bitterman about using gourmet salt.

11/14/10 - Sustainability at Lane Community College

-Boris and Ryan speak with Julie Fether, Lane Community College's Culinary Arts Program Special -Projects Coordinator.

11/07/10 - Cocktails
-Ryan and Boris speak with Richard Geil, bartender at the Rabbit Bistro and Bar.,
-Leslie Hildreth visits 4-Star Meat Company in Eugene,
-And a look at Portland's Soup Swap program.

10/31/10 - Local Food and Local Hunger Relief
John Cooney reports from Excelsior.
-Guy Hand investigates whether "local food" is hype.
-Boris and Ryan speak with Karen Edmonds with Food For Lane County.

10/24/10 - Osteria Sfizio
Boris and Ryan speak with Rocky Maselli about his new resturant in Eugene's Okway Center, Osteria Sfizio.

10/17/10 - A Look at This Year's Wine Harvest
-Boris and Ryan Speak with Dai Crisp of Lumos Wine Company and Temperance Hill Vineyard about what to expect from this year's wine harvest given the erratic weather in Willamette Valley recently.
-Brandon Smith visits Three Cedars Farm to talk to Owner Ralph Zack about raising turkeys.
-And Boris and Ryan check in with Eric Bertrand about his reopening of Ratatouille in Cresent Village.

10/10/10 - Mushrooms and Non GMO Day
- Boris and Ryan speak with Joe Spivak about the Yachats Mushroom Festival
- Boris and Ryan speak with Ron Leppert and David Res-Seguie about Genetically Modified Organisims in our nation's food supply.

10/3/10 - RiverBend Farm
-Boris and Ryan speak with Annette Pershern of RiverBend Farm about farm education and getting young people involved in farming.|-
-Guy Hand reports about freezing food for the Winter.
-Leslie reports on the farming and food operations at RiverBend Farm.

9/26/10 - Maximillian Chocolat
-Ryan and Boris speak with the founders of Maximillian Chocolat and Care Again Farm Santuary.
-Laura reports for the closing of Richey's Market in Corvallis.

9/19/10 - Oktoberfest
-Ryan and Boris speak with Oakshire Brewing's Sam Terrall about Oktoberfest-style beers.
-Leslie reports on the UO's Project Tomato.
-Laura speaks with this year's winners of the Oregon Organic Coalition Awards.

9/12/10 - Charcuterie
-Ryan and Leslie speak with Del Del Guercio about the art of charcuterie  (making tasty pork into tasty pork prducts).
Jes Burns speaks with the creators of a mobile cannery.

8/29/10 - Food Preservation
- Boris and Ryan speak with Master Food Preserver Jennifer Levin.
- Jes Burns Speaks with Kaety Hilderbrand, a Marine Fisheries Expert at the Oregon Sea-grant Extension office in Newport about reports of glowing shrimp showing up in people's refrigerators.

8/22/10 - Pairing Food and Wine
Boris and Ryan speak with somellier Phillip Patti about:
pairing food with wine
discerning the "weight" of food and wine
the foods and wines unique to the Northwest

8/15/10 - Southern Oregon Wine/Willamette Valley Grains
- Laura McCandlish takes the Bean & Grain Tour at Hunton Farm west of Junction City. 
- Laura McCandlish talks with Mary Ann Jasper about the Wheat Fleet event. 
- Boris and Ryan interview Umpqua Valley wine grower Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Winery.

8/08/10 - Northwest Seafood
- Leslie Hildreth profiles Newman's Fish Market in midtown Eugene.
- Boris and Ryan speak with Dwight Collins of Newman's Fish Market.
- Leslie Hildreth profiles the opera and wine parring at MarshAnne Landing Winery.

8/01/10 - Coastal Dinning
Hosts Ryan and Boris speak with:
- Erin Walkenshaw with Slow Food Eugene about the food cart cook-off
- Gregory Flick about the First Western Oregon Solar Cook-Off
- Jenifer Doughty from Feast about fine food in Florence
- Bing Bingham visits Cafe 34-56 at the Bend airport to report on their gardening operation

7/25/10 - Spotlight on Farmer's Markets
- Boris and Ryan speak with Doug Frazier, one of the founders of localfoodmarketplace.com
- Leslie visits the Spencer Creek Farmer's Market
- From this week's Meal of the Week, Boris speaks with chef Sunny Jin about compressed apples

7/18/10 - What Does Sustainable Mean?
- Hosts Boris and Ryan talk with acclaimed Eugene chef Adam Bernstein of Adam's Sustainable Table about what they had to do to gain their green credentials
- And KLCC's Laura McCandlish visits a Eugene farm that is growing blackcap raspberries

7/4/10 - Oregon Goes to the White House   Show Debut!!
- Ryan and Boris speak with chef Stephanie Pearl-Kimmel (Marche) about her recent visit to the White House
- Boris speaks with chef Jason Stoller-Smith (Timberline Lodge) about his salmon bake on the White House lawn
- Leslie Hildreth profiles Cattail Creek Lamb
- Angela Andre profiles AmeriCorps

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