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Fresh Tracks Discoveries

As part of Fresh Track's 20th Anniversary, we are asking listeners to send us the names of artists they discovered on Fresh Tracks, and thoughts about the show.  Here are some of the excellent submissions we've received so far, plus reflections on being a Fresh Tracks listener.

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Greetings from Idaho,
Lately I've enjoyed new music from Joss Stone, in particular "Could Have Been You", I think she has a very dynamic voice.
Also, One Eskimo's "Kandi", I like the lead singer's voice on all their songs.  John Groka was new to me also, I really like his music.  I had heard Marshall Grenshaw before, but not in a while, I really like the songs you're playing now.
One of the things I really enjoy about listing to KLCC is the element of not knowing what's coming next. You could play a new artist one minute and then a Boz Scaggs song from years ago that I hadn't heard in a long while.
Thank you for the great music,
My wife & I really appreciate learning about three fantastic talents on your program.

Madeleine Peyrou, Keb Mo and Brett Dennon.  We have then attented their concerts for even more fun.  Madeleine was heard in Jacksonville, and Keb & Brett at the The Athletic Club of Bend. The Dennon concert was one of the best performances we have even attended.

Thank you for the heads up.

Kendra & Ed,  Bend
Hey folks:

I had just returned from two years of living in the western Pacific
(Republic of Palau) late 2004 and heard a group on Fresh Tracks that I now
love.  The group is Te Vaka out of New Zealand.  I heard them maybe twice
around the end of 04 beginning of 05 and not since then.

I believe one track was off a Putumayo album of SOuth Pacific music,
though much of it was not exactly south Pacific.  Eg. PNG (New Guinea) is
not the south Pacific.

There is lots of great music coming out of that part of the world, but
very little ever makes it to KLCC, even Tropical Beat, which focuses on
Africa and the Caribbean.

Lots of good folk rock from Australia and NZ.  Great hip hop out of
Malaysia and of course other good stuff from the Pacific both south, west
and north.  EG. Telek & OK! Roys.  Unfortunately nothing good out of

A couple of others favs I've heard 1st on Fresh Tracks:

Madeline Peyroux
Angelique Kidjou

You play pretty good music, now expand your horizons and get some more
music from that part of the world.

Hi folks-- I believe I became first acquainted with all of these  
outstanding musicians through your show:
Jonathan Butler
Madeline Peyroux
Angelique Kidjou
Cesaria Evora
Eric Bibb
Greg Adams
Marcia Ball
Bebel Gilberto
Keb' Mo'
Janiva Magnuss

Probably more, but I'm astounded now that I think about it how easily  
the memories come back of those, "Wow, who is that!!!???" moments and  
how much satisfaction has come since then around these gifts.

Dear Fresh Tracks,
First I have to say that this is one of the best shows on the airwaves, period.  I couldn't even start to list all the great people over the years that I heard first on Fresh Tracks.  Instead of a long list, I'll mention a recent discovery that actually got me out of the house and into a local venue.  I heard "Rubber to the Road" by Stagger and The Sway.  It just connected for me so well that I had to see and hear them live.  The result?  I spent some time and money at a local venue that I have never visited, purchased a CD from a local group that now ranks in my personal top ten and I'm a more loyal than ever listener!  Thank you, Fresh Tracks!!

Keep it up,


I discovered Ron Sexsmith on KLCC's Fresh Tracks. I have not heard him anywhere else, except on my iPod now. 



I've been listening to KLCC online from home in Memphis for a couple of years now  since it came to my attention that my music had spun on Fresh Tracks.

I often listen in order to keep up with the new blues that is getting Northwest play, but I especially enjoy the unique way that Fresh Tracks blends them with other genres so I can also learn what is going on outside of what I would hear in my own CD player.  I especial enjoy the Levon Helm, Dylan, Wilco, Neil Young- mostly the old cats that are still pumping out some of their best stuff!

I look forward to tuning in many times again!



Kelly Joe Phelps
Jessica Lea Mayfield
Harry Manx
Disco Organica
Love your show! 


I've had so many good memories listening to Fresh Tracks with my family. KLCC is the go-to radio station at my house, and in my youth I've grown to appreciate how dynamic it is. Living in Portland now, I miss Fresh Tracks and the awesome music selection every day. There is really nothing like it!
Some of our personal favorites are Ray LaMontagne, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, Idan Raichel, Blitzen Trapper (such nice guys!), Citizen Cope and many more!



I called today and spoke with Liz about personal Fresh Tracks discoveries and Liz was so kind as to play my request for a song by the Duhks, one of my KLCC discoveries. As others have said, the list is long and there are so many good ones it’s difficult to know where to begin. But I will submit the following:


 The Duhks—man I love that group. What talent and inventiveness combined with roots from many genres.

 Home boy David Jacobs Strain.

 I would like to say Tom Waits, New Riders, Dylan and many more, but they came to me long before I first heard them on Fresh Tracks.

  The list goes on but the aforementioned musicians stand out. Your program is great Liz and it’s so funny…….your picture looks nothing like I pictured you to look like. I’m pushing 60 (I am sure you are hoping for a younger demographic—oh well) and have listened to and enjoyed the radio since I was a small kid. While listening I would always form a mental picture of the “DJ” and then down the road, finally see a photo of him/her. It never came out looking like the mental image I had conjured up. Funny how that works.

Keep up the good work and I too am hoping for at least another 20—in more ways than one.



While I did I did first hear this artist on KLCC it was not on Fresh Tracks because the show did not exist back in the late 70's, but I am sure if it did Fresh Tracks is where I would have first heard Flora Purim.  I even got to see her in concert here in Eugene, all thanks to KLCC.
So, even though Flora's time on KLCC predates Fresh Tracks by about a decade would you be so kind as to play something for me by her from her late 70's period?
Thanking you!
I recently had the good fortune to take a long road trip all around the country.  I went prepared with a list of NPR stations to tune in while I was gone.  Believe me we are very fortunate to have Fresh Tracks on KLCC. Thanks Liz, Tom, Michael and the entire music department at KLCC. You are part of what makes Eugene a wonderful place to live.
Discoveries .... oh my!
Susan Tedeschi, Chris Smithers, Eric Bibb, Susan Werner, Jack Johnson, Steve Earle and many others. 


Liz and Tom,  thanks so much for the last 20 yrs.   We listened in Eugene before we headed east to Central Ore. in '92, so glad KLCC came along for the ride with the broadcasts over the mts. I also appreciate the live internet streaming which allows me to listen here at work as i write reports and stuff as Assessment Specialist at Crook County School District.

I met one of your favorites, Keith Greeninger, two years back here at the district when we did a concert series in conjunction with the Americana Project that Brad Tisdel brought from Sisters to our district.  Keith was one of our first artists to do workshops with the kids all day and then do a show at night in the high school auditorium.  I was the on the ground liason for the concert series and so got to pick him up at the airport in Redmond, taxi him around, to meals, performances, and workshops.  We became fast friends and soon after i began to hear his music on KLCC.  I came to Eugene a couple times to see him with Dayan at the old Cafe Luna and then hooked up with him at shows in Sisters and the Folk Festival.  It has been my great pleasure to sit in with him several times now on harmonica and singing back-up.  thank you for playing Keith and Dayan's music. 

As far as true Fresh Tracks discoveries, the Subdudes are at the top of the list.  I heard about them being at the Sisters Folk Festival from friends a couple yrs. back and then there they were on KLCC.  Willie Porter, Tommy Castro, Amos Lee, and the Swell Season duo are among those that i had never heard before until i caught them on Fresh Tracks.  Chris Smithers is a new voice just lately.  I really like that you have lots of these folks in studio or on the phone as they pass thru the area.  It makes them more accessible as human beings as well as artists. 

I also appreciate that you keep my old friend Laura Kemp in the Fresh Tracks mix.  What about a Walker T. Ryan tune once in awhile.  He is on the folk shows and sometimes Blues Power so i guess i should be happy.   I am glad that i hear David Wilcox once in awhile on your show these days, and thanks for keeping my all-time heroes Bruce Cockburn and Jackson Browne on the menu.   

So sad to miss the big party with Keith and friends but i am on grandkids duty lately evenings. 

many blessings upon you for another 20 years.  


... My favorite turn-ons from your show have been The Waifs, Girlyman and most recently Melody Gardot.  Keep 'em coming!        
Peace.  -Doug
Hi Liz (and T.K.)
I think I first heard the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Americastan, and Dirty Martini on Fresh Tracks.
Dear Fresh Tracks,

I've found a lot of great people while listening to you.

Ari Hest
Maia Sharp
Carbon Leaf
Karine Polwart
Jonatha Brooke
Cam Ly -- tracking down the album her song "Em Gai Que" came from was a whole other interesting Internet experience!

And many others.  Thanks for broadening my musical horizons!  Please keep them coming!


I've owed you this thank you note for years; thank you for prompting me to put it in writing. I've you to thank for Tracy Chapman, for Gilberto Gil, for the Kings of Convenience. I would not have found Norah Jones, Dar Williams, Eva Cassidy, Patty Larkin, Shawn Colvin abd Victor Mecyssne without your help. Thanks for enriching the playlist of my life!!
Laura Hamilton
hi, i listen and support klcc and have for many years. my radio is always on in my pottery studio and i feel like liz and tom are family. a few years ago you played a group called guanari underground (sp?) and i loved them. do you still have anything by them? i also learned about a group who did a song called "just another bird in the house" but forgot the name.

have a great party tonight. i can't make it as i am working in my pottery in roseburg, but i will be with you in my thoughts!
carry on and on and on!

regards, peppi

Aloha Liz!
Great to hear a local  Maui Boy on KLCC!
Love the station!

Amos Lee
Cris Smithers
Dave Alvin (and those guilty women, bless them)
Ana Egge
Southern Culture on the Skids
Jay Summerous and Warner Williams
John Jorgenson
Los Lonely Boys
Steve James
Susan Tedeschi
Tuck & Patti


I discovered Eilen via KLCC... request you play more.  


Hello All! 

Not often do I desire to live in Eugene instead of Bend.....but oh, how I would love to be able to attend the party tonight!!!  Can't do it, but I can send my many thanks for the music and the live commentary I find on KLCC when I listen to Fresh Tracks....saved this radio junkie!!  Thank you, I really need the fix I receive from you all!! 
I have discovered so many new to me artists and have been so thrilled to hear ones that I love and that are not played on mainstream stations.  Go 'Dudes!  Love Delbert!  Brandi Carlisle, Caty Curtis, Rodney Crowell and the occasional Boz (my all time favorite) Skaggs.................way too many more to mention!
Thank you...and I was impressed by how many Bendites responded......I tell everyone I see about 88.1 and proudly display my KLCC sticker on my car!
Have fun at the party and have one for me! 

Thanks for all the GREAT music you play; the new artists I've heard about through you are too numerous to mention, but the ones I love the most have been Angelique Kidjo, Amadou and Mariam, lots of world beat, and PHish.  Thanks so much for keeping it lively during the day and always surprising me with your choices.
I've been listening to Tom since he was on KZEL in the '70's; it's great to have you on KLCC now.  And thanks Liz for your devotion to your listeners for so many years...
Happy Birthday!
Robin Winfree-Andrew
Too many discoveries to recall at at once, but one of my favs is (was) Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer.  Not long after I left Oregon to move to Cape Cod Dave Carter died - yipes, what a loss.  A few years after that Tracy G (now in western Mass) came through to play, and she's damn fine on her own as well.  I made a bunch of CC friends who had never heard of her or Dave Carter go and they became groupies too.  And . . . .she was being accompanied by a versatile and great musician named Jim Henry.  So a Freshtracks discovery begat discovery begat rediscovery begat a new discovery.  Now that I'm back in OR, I'm enjoying the hell out of KLCC and all the great new and old music.  20 more years is not enough!
C Phillips
Hi Liz,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful musicians you have turned me on to.  If I wrote them all out, the list would be so long, you wouldn't have time to read it. But, some of the artists I have enjoyed that you have played are Keith Greeninger, Sonya Kitchell, Amos Lee, LeRoy Bell, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Brett Dennen, Chuck Prophet, Damien Rice, Michael Franti, Mark Olson & Gary Louris...on and on and on.  
And, thanks for playing our old favorite artists when they come out with new CDs.  And, it is true, it is high time we had a Fresh Tracks Celebration.  Thanks again for all the great music.



I've been listening to KLCC and Freshtracks for about 5 years now since I've moved to Oregon from Nebraska. I didn't realize how good public radio could be. Back in Nebraska the public radio is all news and classical music, which is nice, but very limiting, and I believe severely cuts down on the audience. Then when I heard fresh tracks my eyes were opened.
So here's three groups that I've been introduced to:
Brett Dennin---just wow. I love his music.
Amos Lee---again wow. And I was lucky enough to see him in concert through a pair of tickets that a buddy off mine won off your radio show.
and lastly Railroad Earth---I'd heard a sampling of them years ago, but was reintroduced and reinforced through Fresh Tracks.
Congrats on 20 years and bring on 100 more!
Thankfully yours,

Where to begin?
I have been a listener for umpteen years, more than 20 that's for sure!
And I have seen/heard the great changes that have developed along those years.
When Liz started it was a nice change.  Its seems like an amazing feat to try to remember  back to all the new artisits she has brought to us for our listening  pleasure. And then the addition of Tom to the mix... WOW! Now that makes for a great day!
From your old antiquated digs in the country to your new city location, things have just gotten better on Fresh Tracks. ( and all of KLCC I must say) vinyl ,tapes and CD'S and into to the future of music , we are so  lucky to have you playing the best of the best and the newest.

Congratulations on 20 years of a great program!!!  And thanks for all you do for our community. KLCC is one of the Best things about Eugene, Lane County,Oregon
and now streaming everywhere !
Music that I have been inspired to purchase after your show:
Pink Martini
The Sugarbeets
Curtis Selgado
Michael Franti and Spearhead
Ashleigh Flynn
Lyle Lovett
Dar Williams
Jack Johnson
Ben Harper
Mason Jennings
The Nevilles
The list goes on and on, it makes me feel old! But its a fun list!
Have fun!

Moved to OR from FL in 1990....it was actually Rooster's Blues Power I can thank for turning me on to Fresh Tracks.  I discovered Blues Power while looking for a place to live in Corvallis, decided I liked it so much I left the radio on that station and to my delight, heard Fresh Tracks on the Monday after Blues Power.  The setting has never been changed in my car radio!!!!  After years of canned radio I discovered Widespread Panic, Cesaria Evora, Cowboy Junkies, Olu Dara, Bruce Cockburn, Curtis Salgado, John Hiatt and a million others.  Thanks to everyone on Fresh Tracks!  May it never end!!

Neskowin OR


Song I heard on Fresh Tracks years ago:  Nikka Costa - Everybody's Got Their Something!



These are some of my favorite artists that I discovered on Fresh Tracks over the past 18 years. I've purchased a lot of their music and have seen many of them in concert. 

Martin Sexton
Jonatha Brooke 
Christine Lavin
Vienna Teng
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Pink Martini
James McMurtry
Luka Bloom
Zero 7
The Bird and the Bee
Susan Werner
Lucy Kaplansky
Dar Williams
Imogene Heap
Vance Gilbert
Poi Dog Pondering
Fareed Haque
Regina Spector
Johnny Clegg

Thanks for all of the great tracks. Keep up the good work.

Bend, OR


 Want to thank Liz and everyone in the Fresh Tracks Family for the
great music. Live in the San Joaquin Valley in Califonia where I own a
small Home Improvement store that streams KLCC's Fresh Tracks show
during business hours. Have a small abode in Depoe Bay, Oregon where
our only outlet to the world is KLCC. When there - we have no phone/TV
etc. and listen 24/7 to KLCC. Biggest discoveries in the last month
have been:

Willy Porter-How to Rob a Bank
David Mead-Almost and Always
Izabella and Delbert McClinton-Acquired Taste

Best to all and thank you.



 Hi Fresh Tracks,

Although I do work here (which may explain some of my listening habits), I listen to Fresh Tracks everyday - sometimes for six hours and other times even more when I am listening to Michael Canning (KLCC's Music Director) review new music for Fresh Tracks.  Here are some of the best "discoveries" that I have made on Fresh Tracks:
Bebel Gilberto  - Aganju
Tab Benoit - Power of the Pontchartrain
Jackie Green - Like a Ball and Chain
Rodney Crowell - Don't get me started, Dancin Circles 'round the Sun, Obscenity Prayer, Glasgow Girl, The Outsider (anyone that loves Fresh Tracks should get this album)
Ben Lee - I love Pop Music
Chuck Prophet - Summertime Thing
Curtis Selgado - Summertime Life
Tift Merit - U Turn
Ellis Paul - Blacktop Train, Alice's Champagne Palace
Steve Forbert - Stolen Identity
Catie Curtis
Leroy Bell - Dream of Peace
Keith Greeninger - All Who Have
Olds '97s
Susan Werner
Monte Montgomery
The Jayhawks
M. Ward - Fisher of men
The Bird and the Bee - Diamond Dave
Erin McKeown
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a gravel Road
Troy Anastacio - Sleep Again, Shine, Sweet Dreams Melinda
Brandi Carlile
Ani Difranco
This is just a partial list.  Everyday when I listen to Fresh Tracks I hear something new and I say to myself, "Hey, who's that?!  They sound good!"  Then I look it up on the play list or if I happen to see Liz, Michael, or Tom I ask them.  Good music.  Good sounds. 
Thanks for all of the good music.  Fresh Tracks is always best when it's fresh.
Hal at KLCC


Wow! Where do I start?  Alright - my all-time favorite:
Monte Montgomery (When Will I)!
Here's some more:
Rodney Crowell
Chuck Prophet
Michael Frante
Assembly of Dust
The Decembrists
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Catie Curtis  
Jack Johnson
Alejandro Escovedo
I could go on...
Happy 20th Anniversary! I've enjoyed the last ten of those years.




Some of the new artists I've heard for the first time, Calexico, The Duhks and Michael Franti. Two out of the three I have purchased their CD and I will acquire the third.


One of the things I appreciate about KLCC Fresh Tracks is you don't play the same songs over and over and play more than one song off a CD. We never know what we're going to hear next. The commercial stations play the same songs over and over again in four hour blocks.


There are many artists I know about, but they don't get very much air play on commercial station, such as Toni Childs, Steve Winwood and Susan Tedeschi.


I listen to you every weekday at work in Boise, Idaho, I actually wish you'd start earlier than 10:00 my time.


Keep up the good work.


Thank you,




Happy 20th Birthday Fresh Tracks!

Boy oh boy, where to begin on who I have discovered listening to you!

I work at Deschutes Brewery in Bend and I am in the fortunate position that I get to listen to KLCC all day long in my office!  Music to make beer by, or is it Beer to make music by?  I have heard a ton of new musicians and bought a ton of new CD's that I otherwise would never have had the chance to discover.  I'm one of those people that listens to KLCC at least 40-50 hrs per week.  And of course I am a member.

Years ago I emailed Liz, how to spell Cheikh Lo?  Wound up buying a great CD with that info.

John Hammond
James McMurtry (who since has become on of my all time favorite musicians!)
Bruce Cockburn
Olu Dara
John Scofield
Joey DeFrancesco
John Prine (believe it or not)
Oliver Mtukudzi
Chris Smither

That's quite a list of musicians.  Thank you for keeping the tunes coming.  In a few months I'm beginning a multi-year "Around the World" bike tour.  I'm already anticipating my struggles with figuring out the streaming media thing.  I will miss Fresh Tracks!  But I know I will discover even more music on this tour, so it won't be that bad:)


Bend, OR


Afro-Celt Sound System
heryl Crow
The Subdudes
Jonatha Brooke
The taxi driver from New Orleans-his name escapes me right now [Note from Liz: Mem Shannon]
Sista Monica
The Wailin' Jennys

Many more, I'm sure. Keep up the great work. I listen to Fresh Tracks all day when I can and every chance I get.




Fresh Tracks is my favorite!   Been listening for many years.


Just quickly off the top of my head I can think of these:


Kim Pensyl

Bela Fleck

Johnny Clegg

Sheryl Crow

The Cat Empire


I know there have been many others. Keep the Fresh Tracks coming, it's my number one source of new (to me) music. That and my 19 year old son.  ;^)



Sisters, OR

(LCC alum)



Songs I heard on Fresh Tracks and liked enough to buy on iTunes!

Where You Been by Carrie Newcomer  
Flesh and Blood by Mary Black & Shane Howard 
Chattahoochee Boogaloo by Michelle Malone
Amelia by Bell X1 
Second Eye (featuring Keller Wiliams) by Assembly of Dust   
My Love by The Bird And The Bee





Over fifteen years ago, The Rooster turned us on to The Iguanas.

Before we went on a trip to New Orleans, I called the station and talked with The Rooster about what groups my wife and I should see at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  Well I tell ya, he made numerous recommendations for music groups and where to eat!!  He ended the conversation by saying "That town will really suck the money right out of your wallet."  As well!!!

p.s. He was not kiddin'.



Gilberto Gil
Ivan Lins
Milton Nascimento




When I heard the foot-tapping music and catchy lyrics of Orange Blossoms I had to know who this was. Turns out I have been missing lots of good music over the years from JJ Grey (and MoFro).

Thanks to Fresh Tracks this CD is in now my collection and this artist is one of my favorites.  



Where does one start?  In twenty years there has been so many.  Recent
stand-outs have been Melody Gardot, Shemekia Copeland and Fiamma Fumana
but I would have to say Erin McKeown via Voices on the Verge has been
my favorite discovery. Thanks!



Dear Liz and the KLCC Music Department,

I have discovered several artists listening to fresh tracks. Here are a few I can think of: Chuck Prophet, Joe Henry, Jonatha Brooke, Blame Sally, Ben Harper, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Neko Case.

I hope more listeners give you some feedback. Happy 20th Anniversary! You rock!!!!!




Francis Dunnery

Ronnie Earl

Zero 7





Michael Franti & Spearhead
Patty Larkin
The Subdudes
Youssou N'Dour
LeRoy Bell and his only friends
Ari Hest
Railroad Earth
Dave Matthews Band
The Neville Brothers
Tommy Castro
Jim White
Chuck Prophet
Stephen Bruton
Cassandra Wilson
Pat Metheny
Willy Porter
Los Lobos
Blame Sally
The Duhks
Tuck and Patti
Chris Smither

and many many many more!


- Liz Wise



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