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In Memory

Some of the talented and fascinating people who have passed through the doors of KLCC and left an indelible mark on staff and listeners...

Gavin "Rooster" Fox (1948-1999)
On September 5, 1999, our co-worker and good friend Rooster -- the renowned host of Blues Power, Tropical Beat and Fresh Tracks -- lost his struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He was 51 years old. The love and support he received from his many fans and listeners were tremendously comforting to him in his final months.

Carolyn Spector (1937-2001)
Carolyn Spector, KLCC Book Reviewer and long time friend, passed away on August 27, 2001, after a battle with colon cancer.

David Joyce (1946-2003)
On December 3, 2003, our good friend and former volunteer David Joyce lost his struggle with cancer. He was 57 years old. David co-hosted Visible City with Lotte Streisinger during the 1990's.

Peter Wotton (1933-1996)
Peter was the host of "Elderberry Wine," a commentary program offering news, views, and interviews of interest to those 55 or better. 


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