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October 16 - 22, 2006

KLCC News delves deeply into the 2006 Statewide Ballot Measures. Throughout the week of October 16-22, special reports will air at 6:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. during Morning Edition, and between 4:00-4:30 p.m. during Northwest Passage. The series concludes October 22 on Sunday at Noon, repeating all segments and offering an opportunity for listener call-in.

BALLOT MEASURE #39 - Monday 10/16/06

Report by KLCC's Nicole Matthys

Prohibits public body from condemning private real property if intends to convey to private party.

For more information:

Oregonians in Action
Oregon Chapter of the American Planners Association
Luckey's Bar


BALLOT MEASURE #42 - Wednesday 10/18/06

Report by KLCC's Ann Dornfeld

Prohibits insurance companies from using credit score or "credit worthiness" in calculating rates or premiums.

For more information:

Initiative Sponsor Bill Sizemore
Consumer Reports Auto Insurance Scoring Article
Consumers Union Score Wars Report
Oregonians Against Insurance Rate Increases
Texas Department of Insurance Credit Scoring Study

BALLOT MEASURE #43 - Thursday 10/19/06

Report by KLCC's Erin Adkins

Requires 48-hour notice to unemancipated minor's parent before providing abortion. Authorizes lawsuits, physician discipline.

For more information:

Protect Our Teen Daughters
No On 43
Oregon Center for Health Statistics
American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon

BALLOT MEASURE #46 & 47 - Friday 10/20/06

Report by KLCC's Angela Kellner

Measure 46 - Amends Constitution: Allows laws regulating election contributions and expenditures adoped by initiative or 3/4 of both legislative houses. Measure 46 must pass in order for Measure 47 to be enacted (if it too passes).

Measure 47 - Revises Campaign Finance Laws: Limits or prohibits certain contributions and expenditures; adds disclosure and new reporting requirements.

James Cheney

Eugene attorney James Chaney ran a low-budget campaign
for a seat on the Lane County Circuit Court in the May 2006 Primary.

Series concludes on Sunday at Noon 10/22/06

All reports air again, with listener call-in, hosted by Claude Offenbacher & Nicole Matthys.


Feedback on this series, and ideas for future Special Issues topics, are welcomed and encouraged. Call KLCC News at (541)463-6022 or e-mail KLCC.




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