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ODA Awards Its Specialty Crop Grant   
September 25, 2013
By Graham Sprague

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has recently awarded its specialty crop block grant funds, which top out at $1.5 million.

"Specialty crops are defined as commonly recognized Fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits."

Shannon Brubaker is a Program Manager with the ODA. She says this year's grant money is focused on a variety of projects, including international trade, new farmers, and food safety. The grant also goes to organic farmers. Brubaker says the fund is focused on product efficiency, not just how the food is produced. The ODA has guidelines for how the money is to be used.

"We do have reporting requirements, and in addition to that, the federal government has criteria, guidelines and structure that they need to follow for this funding."

Over the past six years, Oregon has received over $7 million in funding from this program, helping 134 projects. Twenty two projects will be receiving money this year.

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