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Q: How do I reach the Brewfest organizers?

A: Contact us before the Brewfest at 541-463-6000 or brewfest@klcc.org

During the Brewfest our entire staff is onsite and unable to check email or phone messages very often.  Best to check the FAQs for answers to your questions, or just find one of us on the floor!

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Q: When & where is the next KLCC Brewfest?

A: February 8 & 9, 2019!  

Lane Events Center, 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene OR 

Visit KLCC Brewfest for all the details!


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Q: How much does it cost?




1-Day Advance Ticket 
$15 includes souvenir glass, 2 complimentary beer tickets, and a separate entrance!  Admission good for one day only. Advance tickets are sold at klcc.org until 9 pm on the Thursday before the Brewfest.

2-Day Advance Ticket 
$22 includes souvenir glass, 2 complimentary beer tickets each night, and a separate entrance!  Admission good for both days of the Brewfest.  You will receive a bracelet to come and go from the event.  Advance tickets are sold at klcc.org until 9 pm on the Thursday before the Brewfest.

1-Day At the Door 
$20 includes souvenir glass and 2 complimentary beer tickets.  Admission good for one day only.

2-Day At the Door 
$25 includes souvenir glass and 2 complimentary beer tickets.  Admission good for both days of the Brewfest.  You will receive a bracelet to come and go from the event.  Bracelets are not transferable.

Designated Driver
$10 in advance or at the door.  Thanks for getting your friends home safely!

Beer Tickets
Additional beer tickets are $1 each, sold inside the event.  One beer ticket = half a glass = 3 oz taste. Beer tickets leftover from one day can be used the next day.

Payment Options
We take Visa and Mastercard.  ATMs available on site.  Cash is best inside the Fest! 


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Q: Can I bring my child to the event?

A: Sorry but no, our temporary liquor license does not allow for underage guests.  Everyone who enters the door must be at least 21 years old.  No minors, including children or babies.

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Q: Where do the proceeds go?

A: All proceeds benefit public radio station KLCC 89.7 FM.  This event is KLCC's largest fundraising event of the year. 

KLCC serves western and central Oregon with a blend of NPR News, local and regional news, and a variety of music not found elsewhere on the dial.  KLCC is listener-supported, and raises two thirds of its budget from the community. 

Support KLCC with every beer you taste!  Thanks for helping us keep the FUN in fundraising and the PUB in public radio! 


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Q: Why do some of the beers run out?

A: Our Brewfest emphasizes specialty and seasonal brews, and sometimes the breweries only have one keg of a brew available.  This means the variety is wonderful, but some brews may not last throughout the weekend, especially if it becomes the "talked about" brew that draws a large crowd.  The good news is there are lots of other brews to try.  The Brewfest usually offers about 200+ different brews!

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Q: What are the Homebrew Competition details?


Yes, there will be a Homebrew Competition before the KLCC Brewfest! 
KLCC Homebrew Competition Flyer 

KLCC Homebrew Competition Online Registration
All registration must be done online.

Beer collection dates: Jan 2-26, 2019.

Submit beers at:
Eugene - Home Fermenter
Eugene - Rising Moon Makers Store
Bend - The Brew Shop
Corvallis - Corvallis Homebrew Supply
Portland - F.H.Steinbart's
Salem - Ratchet Brewery

Homebrew winners will be announced at the Brewfest around 9:00 pm Saturday Feb 9 and will be posted on the Cascade Brewers Society website and KLCC website within a few days after the Fest.  Prizes and Awards will be given out at the Fest or mailed to winners not present.  All entrants will have access to their scoring sheets after the judging.

Good Luck Homebrewers!

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Q: What is involved in VOLUNTEERING?


REGISTER ONLINE - We are full!!  Thank you volunteers!!!!



A volunteer works a 3-4 hour shift and receives free admission to a different shift. Volunteers pour beer, work admissions, check coats, staff the Music Sale or Merchandise Booth, and other assorted duties.
Early shift volunteers (1-5 pm and 5-8 pm) may stay and enjoy the Festival during the later shifts.  Late shift volunteers (8:00-11 pm) may enjoy the Festival on the opposite night. 
Besides the free admission, early shift volunteers are given 2 complimentary beer tickets, and late shift volunteers are given 4 complimentary beer tickets.
Beer pouring volunteers -- both new and experienced -- must watch the 4 minute Brewfest Training Video and sign an OLCC brochure prior to the Brewfest.  Even if you have an OLCC Server's Permit, you need to view the video and sign the brochure. OLCC requires this training, and OLCC representatives attend the Brewfest to check on our compliance.  Thank you for your efforts to become properly trained.

Volunteers should arrive 20 minutes before their shift.

Note:  We schedule one volunteer per booth on the early shifts.  If you wish to work near a friend, please note that in your comments when you sign up.  We will try to place you at nearby booths.

Contact brewfest@klcc.org with questions.


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Q: What else is there to do besides sample beer?

A: Besides tasting 200 flavors of beer, there is live music or a DJ each night, a Music Sale featuring thousands of used records and CDs, brewery merchandise for sale, and beer related information. There is also the wildly popular Photo Booth! Brew Pics are taken from 7-10:30 pm.  Take a strip home, and visit KLCC's Facebook page after the Fest to view them all. 

And perhaps the best part of the Festival... socializing with several thousand fun loving craft beer enthusiasts! 

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Q: Can I buy tickets in advance?

A: Advance Tickets sold exclusively online at klcc.org

$15 Single Day Advance
$22 Two Day Advance

$20 Single Day at the Door
$25 Two Day at the Door

$10 Designated Drivers
(advance or at the door)

Separate entrance for advance ticket holders!! 

Advance ticket sales end at 9 pm on Thursday before the Brewfest. 

Tickets always available at the door!


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Q: Where and when can I drop off records and CDs for the Music Sale?

A: Drop off your records and CDs at KLCC, 136 W 8th Ave, Eugene any weekday, 10 am-4 pm, through 2/6/19.  There are metered parking spots in front of our building.  Be sure to get a donation receipt at the front counter.   

If you're on the Oregon Coast you can drop records and CDs at the Lane Community College Florence Center, 3149 Oak Street, Florence.

Thank you very much for your music donation!

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Q: Is the event ADA accessible?

A: Yes, the event is ADA accessible.

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Q: How can I find the beer or brewery I want?

A: There is an Event Guide listing all the Breweries and Brews at the Festival. Pick one up at admissions or at a beer ticket booth.  Booths are listed by name and booth number. Beers are also listed by beer style. The booths are identified by brewery banners, with booth numbers located on the yellow beer description signs at each booth.  

Helpful Tip:  Beer Description signs at each booth explain the flavor and style of the beers, including ingredients and alcohol content.

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Q: Is there food at the event? Can I bring my own?

A: Yes there is food for sale at the KLCC Brewfest.  All food is provided by Oakway Catering

Concessions Menu - available in the Lobby

Greek Grill Menu - available inside the Brewfest

Oakway Catering
Only food and beverage from Oakway Catering is allowed on site. 

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Q: Is smoking allowed?

A: Smoking and vaping are only allowed outside, 75 feet from the building.  Make sure your hand is stamped before you walk outside, and please return through the Re-Entry Doors, not the Main Entrance. 

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Q: Is there any wine or hard alcohol available at the event?

A: Nope.  This is essentially a beer event, though we now offer many ciders as well.  Soft drinks and coffee are available at concessions, but the alcohol at this event is mainly BEER... and some cider! 

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Q: Are there any gluten free beers?

A: There is usually a gluten free option at the Brewfest.  Gluten free brews are marked with a GF symbol in the Event Guide.

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Q: What are the People's Choice & Sponsor's Choice Awards?

A: Brewfest attendees are encouraged to vote for the People's Choice favorite brew at the Fest.  This year votes will again be counted by a Text To Vote system.  Look for Text to Vote instructions at the Brewfest and be sure to vote!

Winners are announced from the stage at 9 pm on Saturday.  Framed certificates are given to the top 3 beers and 1 cider to hang in their pubs.

Also, a panel of Dari Mart judges chooses a Sponsor's Choice beer which is offered at a special price at all Dari Mart stores for a month after the Brewfest.

Enjoy!  And vote!!

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Q: When do beer ticket sales cease and taps close?

A: We sell beer tickets until 10:45 pm each night and taps close at 10:50 p.m.  All tastings must be consumed by 11 p.m. when the event ends.

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Q: What if I need a ride home?

A: Please don't drink and drive!  Here are some alternatives to driving:

► Bring a Designated Driver.  Admission only $10 for these good friends!

► Take an Uber or Lyft.  They are back in town and eager to get you home safely!

► Oregon Taxi  541-434-8294

► LTD Bus Day Pass. Download and print the coupon here, or clip it from the Event Guide.  Ride for free from anywhere!


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Q: What is the proper ID to get in?

A: No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification in order to gain access to the Brewfest. Valid ID includes an Oregon Identification card, any state driver's license or ID card with photo, a passport, or a United States military identification card with photo. Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the Festival.

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Q: Is my ticket good for the whole festival?


We sell 1-day and 2-day admissions.  You can always buy a ticket at the door.  Any beer tickets you purchase are good both days!

Tickets on sale mid-December through Thursday, Feb 7 at 9 pm.


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Q: May I come and go from the Festival?

A: Yes! 

If you have a 1-day ticket you can get your hand stamped at the exit door so you can return later that day. Please use the Re-Entry Door when you return instead of the Main Entrance.  

If you have a 2-day ticket you will receive a bracelet when you arrive to come and go all weekend.  Bracelets are not transferable.


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Q: Can I ride the bus to the Festival?

A: Yes, ride free from anywhere!  Let LTD be your Designated Driver.  Download the LTD Day Pass or clip it from the Event Guide.

Buses run throughout the Festival.  Visit www.ltd.org to plan your trip or call 541-687-5555.

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Q: Are there tables and chairs? Coat check?

A: Yes, there are some tables and chairs with seating for about 150.  Occupancy is fluid and there are usually seats for those who want one.  Many people choose to wander the room instead.

For your convenience and comfort, we do provide Coat Check for $1 per coat.  Take off your coat and stay a while!

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Q: How do the beer tickets and tastings work?

A: Beer tickets are used to sample the beers at the Brewfest.  You will receive 2 complimentary beer tickets with your admission.  Additional beer tickets are sold at the Beer Ticket Booth for $1 each.  Most people buy a strip of 10 tickets at once.  

1 beer ticket  = $1 = 3 oz taste = half glass
2 beer tickets = $2 = 6 oz taste = full glass


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Q: What if I break my glass?

A: Come to admissions table and tell a staffer.  We will get you another glass.  (Glasses cost KLCC about $2 each -- your donation for a second glass would be gratefully accepted!)

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Q: What about Designated Drivers?

A: Designated Drivers get in for $10 admission.  DD's are given an identifying bracelet, and do not receive a beer glass. Designated Driver tickets are available now and also at the door.  DD tickets are the same price in advance or at the door. 


Enjoy the live music and ambience of the Festival, peruse the Music Sale, and best of all get your friends home safely!!  We encourage every group of friends to bring a Designated Driver!


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Q: Where is the Music Sale and what are the prices?

A: The Music Sale takes place inside the KLCC Brewfest so a ticket is required to get in.  You can sample beers and look through records and CDs all at the same time.  CD and LP prices start at $2 on Friday and may get reduced as the weekend goes on.  Doubles and special collections may be priced higher.  All music is sold as is, first come first served.  Happy shopping!

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Q: Where is the Festival located and is there parking?

A: In the Exhibit Hall at the Lane Events Center, 796 W 13th Ave, in Eugene (a.k.a. The Fairgrounds.)  Enter the parking lot from W 13th Ave (a one way street heading east.) There is plenty of parking available. Parking is FREE!

Other options:  

Bring a Designated Driver!  Reduced admission!

Take the bus from anywhere!  
Print free bus pass here or clip it from the Event Guide.

Take an Uber or Lyft!  Back in town and ready to drive you around.

Note:  Vehicles may be left in the parking lot overnight.  The gates will be locked after the Brewfest and opened the next morning.  Vehicles cannot be accessed or retrieved while gates are locked.

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Q: What is the entertainment schedule?

A: Friday Feb 8:
7-11 pm DJ Connah Jay 

Saturday Feb 9:
3-5 pm  DJ Connah Jay 
5-7 pm  Inner Limits Band
7-8 pm  DJ Connah Jay 
8-11 pm Fortune's Folly


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Q: What is the Collaboration Brew?

A: Special treats from Eugene's 20 local Brewers:

Collaboration Brew
This year's Collaboration theme is Vinyl Tap, featuring music-inspired beers created just for this Fest by our local Brewers!  Read all about it here!   Look for the Vinyl Tap icon at the booths serving these creations.  

Bonus Taps
And don't miss the Bonus Taps -- special pours rotating hourly from two locations inside the Fest!.  Meet the brewers while you sample their beers! 

Whether you're a fan of Mega Hits or Deep Cuts you're sure to be delighted by our talented local brewing community.



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